Bernard to challenge Jacobs for District 80 State Rep seat

Catherine Bernard announces campaign for State Rep District 80

Catherine Bernard announces campaign for State Rep District 80

BROOKHAVEN, Georgia – Ashford Park resident Catherine Bernard welcomed friends and supporters to her home on Saturday, where she formally announced her decision to run for state representative for House District 80.

Bernard, an Emory University graduate who now works as an attorney, discussed her experiences in the Georgia Republican Party and how it motivated her to get involved in politics.  “I know what it takes to stand up to the people who are causing the problems, and I’m going to do it,” Bernard said.  “There are structural problems with our system of government, and they’re not going to be addressed by the people who are just going along to get along.”

Bernard acknowledged that some might consider advocacy for freedom, limited government, and the Constitution to be extreme, but pointed out how these issues ultimately affect each and every citizen.  She shared how her experiences as a public defender had opened her eyes to the worst excesses of big government, and asked the crowd for support in the fight to make government more accountable and responsive to the will of the citizens.  Tell your friends, she said, “I know someone who believes in limited government, and is willing to fight for it.”

The candidate’s words resonated with those who attended the event.  Supporters took home literature to share with neighbors, ordered signs, and signed up to volunteer for the campaign.  Several mentioned how much they looked forward to participating in more campaign events in the months leading up to the May 20th Republican primary election.

Bernard told the packed house of friends and neighbors, “I promise you that I will always have the backbone to stand up for what is right.  I will always be accountable to the people in this room, the people in this district, and everyone who believes in the tenets of the Georgia and the United States Constitutions.”

As Georgia State Representative, Bernard will vote to reduce taxes and over-regulation, protect property rights, control spending and reduce Georgia’s dependency on federal funding, and maximize freedom and opportunity for all Georgians.  She pledges to hold regular town hall meetings throughout the house district to discuss legislative priorities, answer questions, and hear concerns. During the legislative session, she promises to post all votes publicly.

Bernard also serves as president of the North Dekalb Republican Women and membership chair of the Dekalb Young Republicans, and is active in community outreach throughout Dekalb County.  To learn more about Catherine Bernard, visit or contact her directly at

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31 Responses to Bernard to challenge Jacobs for District 80 State Rep seat

  1. Very happy to hear this news! We finally have a choice in the Republican primary.

  2. This is very exciting news! I particularly like her stance on limited government. Too bad she didn’t run for office two years ago.

    • She didn't run for office 2 years ago because she was living in Dublin, GA. Just moved to our community within the past year.

  3. good luck Catherine!

  4. Catherine is great. The residents of Brookhaven are lucky to have her.

  5. Exactly what Brookhaven needs!!!!! MORE Fiesty smart women. The guys have effed it up long enough!!!

  6. I was hoping she would run for Brookhaven Mayor and fix our city.
    Good luck.

  7. Now, if she thought that health care for everyone was important….

  8. Dave- I think Catherine would probably respond that precisely because healthcare is so important, our bloated, thieving, power-hungry government should not be trusted to be its provider. They're certainly doing wonders with the postal service, social security, medicare, medicaid, etc. etc. etc.

    • Bloated, thieving, power-hungry, didn't you mean to point out the real problem which is the INSURANCE INDUSTRY?

      • Actually Eddie, it would be both, but the insurance companies greed pales in comparison to that of the Government. and at least with the insurance industry, they actually have to balance "keeping clients" with profits, whereas the government has "captive clients" and the printing presses at the Treasury and if they lose our money, they just print more and devalue what we "the captive clients" managed to earn.

  9. If you want change in GA vote Democrat!

  10. Vote Democrat for change!

  11. Kelly, shall we agree to agree? Before ACA, millions uninsured and uninsurable as the result of profit hungry insurance companies trusted to provide health care. Corporations are doing wonders for all of us and of course need no regulation. Libertarianism for all!

    • The problem with your line of reason Dave, is that after the ACA millions of uninsured and uninsurable as the result of slipshod, bloated, inefficient, fiscally disconnected government running the healthcare system.

      • Explain for those of us who are quite familiar with the ACA and happy to see it being implemented just how the Government will be 'running the healthcare system'?

        Granted, they already oversee the medical payment system for Medicare and Medicaid and do so for approximately 1/5 of what the private insurers absorb, but let's not allow reality in the discussion.

  12. Kelly, I had a typo there, I meant to say agree to disagree.

  13. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who has the courage to make their position perfectly clear and then stand behind their convictions – privately and publicly. Catherine wrote a very courageous Letter to the Editor on this site, publicly challenging the decisions of Brookhaven’s elected officials. If that doesn’t take courage – I don’t know what does.

    Courage is perhaps the rarest of human virtues – yet it is the single most important, because it makes all others possible.

    Good luck Catherine! The community is lucky to have you.

  14. Ms Forbes,

    Can you tell us why you were such a staunch city yes person and now are going against the city's wishes? Didn't they tell you had to fall in and tow the line? You were part of what created this mess. Didn't you understand what you were advocating and voting for? Just curious. Not attacking. Just wondering how many of the yes folks are actually getting what they thought they would get.

    Thank you.

    • Actually Bobby . . .you were attacking. By all means, why not be specific on what Ms. Bernard said "yes" to that you take issue with. What "wishes" of the city are you alleging that she is going against that she was previously in support of? You seem suspiciously short on substance . . .almost like you're working for an opposing candidate actually.

  15. enuff govt already

    I'm always glad to see new faces in a political race. I believe long term incumbents tend to become too comfortable with their power instead of focusing on the will of the people.

  16. Mr. Q,

    I can understand your question and frustration. I have been very disheartened by the actions of city officials – which is why I’m kicking a few cans down the street right now.

    I still believe in the benefits of a small local government, however, I have learned some lessons through all of this which are presented at – a website I started in response to what has transpired over the past year.

    Currently, there is Petition up on the site which requests that Brookhaven city officials listen to and properly represent their constituents. Specifically, it requests that the City of Brookhaven reach a settlement agreement with the Pink Pony. If you are in agreement – please consider signing the Petition and spreading the word.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you for trying to clean up the mess you helped create. The unfortunate part is that this is a small government and I hope you're finding that its not so easy to wipe up after yourself. Perhaps maybe in the future you'll do your homework beforehand. Bet you thought it was always going to be just like they told you it would be didn't you. So did alot of people. What we have now is a small little DeKalb County Government, just as corrupt, just as dishonest and just as poor at representing their constituency. It just doesn't look the same if you know what I mean. Hope you're proud of yourself and those like you. Tilt your head back, take a good deep breath, and tell me what you smell. It's not the roses you were promised. It still stinks. Its government. Thanks alot.

  17. Brick Mantooth (Plai

    Yo Carter. Ease up bro. Forbes didn't create Brookhaven on her own. I think her drum has been put in the closet. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and sign her petition? I wish it were still in the Post. It would get more attention then. If it is indeed fixed then what is the deal with reposting it?

  18. First – just for clarification – I was not part of the YES Campaign. I listened to the arguments on both sides, and became a supporter primarily due to the roadblocks I faced (as a board member with the BPCA) when trying to get Dekalb County officials to more fairly represent the “will of the people” in Brookhaven. I felt that as a smaller community – each vote would count more – which it does.

    The thing is . . . “we the people” have a great deal of power at our disposal. The question is whether or not we take the steps necessary to harness and deploy it when necessary. If we want a government that is accountable and truly responsive – it’s important for residents to engage before an issue personally affects them. When it comes to creating a good government, inaction has a consequence – sooner or later.

    It is yet to be seen whether or not there are enough residents in Brookhaven that are committed to holding their elected officials accountable for representing them. I have primed the pump by creating Brookhaven Alerts, but I cannot keep pumping on my own. I don’t get paid a dime for doing any of this – it has actually cost me a lot of money, and I've reached my personal limit.

    I’m doing this because it was heartbreaking every time I showed up at some public meeting and heard people asking (begging) the city council to leave a business in good standing alone (Pink Pony), and then witness their pleas going completely ignored. It is not right. It is certainly not what I signed up for – however I am unwilling to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead, how about we unite, plan an organized response when the “will of people” gets ignored, mobilize and take action? It’s much easier to do that as a small community than as part of much larger Dekalb County.

    I welcome your thoughts and ideas which you can send to If enough people are interested in the mission of Brookhaven Alerts (to make the “will of the people” paramount in Brookhaven), then I’ll continue my efforts. If not – I’ll spend more time doing other things I’m passionate about, like cycling around our beautiful community – which I do love!

    My apologies for the lengthy post. I hope it clarifies my position, motivations and objectives.

    • Ummmm. Well. You should probably get some new bike shorts then. Brookhaven is all about the good ol' boy club. It's about "them" and their little city party. And most of the population ain't invited. Let us all know how getting Brookhaven to cater to the will of the people more than DeKalb County works out for you. Same issues, different faces. And please do enjoy the bike rides. Our area really is nice. Especially the further you go north which will outpace the rest of the city in improvements cuz thats where most of the promises were made that have to be paid back. Gotta keep the Jonses happy you know. Thanks but no thanks.

      • "And most of the population ain't invited." —Bobby Q.

        Lucky them.

        Jacobs and handlers must go.

        Hopefully Catherine can show them through the backdoor from which they emerged..

  19. One more thing – the Brookhaven Alerts website was developed and put up in less than a week. It needs work. Please be patient – it will get better over time. Thank you!

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