Bernard to challenge Jacobs for District 80 State Rep seat

Catherine Bernard announces campaign for State Rep District 80

Catherine Bernard announces campaign for State Rep District 80

BROOKHAVEN, Georgia – Ashford Park resident Catherine Bernard welcomed friends and supporters to her home on Saturday, where she formally announced her decision to run for state representative for House District 80.

Bernard, an Emory University graduate who now works as an attorney, discussed her experiences in the Georgia Republican Party and how it motivated her to get involved in politics.  “I know what it takes to stand up to the people who are causing the problems, and I’m going to do it,” Bernard said.  “There are structural problems with our system of government, and they’re not going to be addressed by the people who are just going along to get along.”

Bernard acknowledged that some might consider advocacy for freedom, limited government, and the Constitution to be extreme, but pointed out how these issues ultimately affect each and every citizen.  She shared how her experiences as a public defender had opened her eyes to the worst excesses of big government, and asked the crowd for support in the fight to make government more accountable and responsive to the will of the citizens.  Tell your friends, she said, “I know someone who believes in limited government, and is willing to fight for it.”

The candidate’s words resonated with those who attended the event.  Supporters took home literature to share with neighbors, ordered signs, and signed up to volunteer for the campaign.  Several mentioned how much they looked forward to participating in more campaign events in the months leading up to the May 20th Republican primary election.

Bernard told the packed house of friends and neighbors, “I promise you that I will always have the backbone to stand up for what is right.  I will always be accountable to the people in this room, the people in this district, and everyone who believes in the tenets of the Georgia and the United States Constitutions.”

As Georgia State Representative, Bernard will vote to reduce taxes and over-regulation, protect property rights, control spending and reduce Georgia’s dependency on federal funding, and maximize freedom and opportunity for all Georgians.  She pledges to hold regular town hall meetings throughout the house district to discuss legislative priorities, answer questions, and hear concerns. During the legislative session, she promises to post all votes publicly.

Bernard also serves as president of the North Dekalb Republican Women and membership chair of the Dekalb Young Republicans, and is active in community outreach throughout Dekalb County.  To learn more about Catherine Bernard, visit or contact her directly at

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