Brookhaven Chamber to host Roots-n-Brews Music Festival at Brookhaven Park

Roots-N-Brews Flyer. Click to Enlarge

Roots-N-Brews Flyer. Click to Enlarge

Brookhaven, GA, October 5 - The Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce, along with the Brookhaven Office of Tourism, will be holding their first annual Roots-n-Brews Music Festival in Brookhaven Park, October 5th, with proceeds to benefit Brookhaven’s Parks.

Roots-n-Brews is billed to be a full-day music festival featuring artists from all over the Southeast, complementary tastings from Brookhaven’s finest restaurants, a kid zone, and vendors from around the state, is projected to be the largest music festival in the Northern Arc of Atlanta.

Parking is behind Brookhaven Marta Station.


Tickets are $40 advance purchase and $50 at the gate.

Band Schedule:
11 am – DJ Sam Gordy
12 pm – Freddy’s Finest
1:15 pm – Jennifer Daniels
2:30 pm – The Roosevelts
3:45 pm – Georgia Crackers
5:15 pm – The Regulars Band
6:45 pm – Caroline Aiken

Food Trucks
Brookhaven Restaurants
Local Brookhaven Vendors

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28 Responses to Brookhaven Chamber to host Roots-n-Brews Music Festival at Brookhaven Park

  1. That is so odd that this event is raising funds for parks and parking will be on park grounds. Everyone knows there is limited parking at this park so you know parking will be on the grass! I would have thought that parking would be limited to food trucks, and other necessary vehicles supporting the event. An agreement should have been made with MARTA to allow parking at their Brookhaven back lot and walk to the park with Brookhaven officers at Dresden and Osborne for pedestrian safety. What happened to a pedestrian friendly, walkable Brookhaven? I see Oglethorpe students using that stretch of sidewalk every day!

    With tickets being $40 advance and $50 at the gate good luck. I can take the cost for two (sorry hubby) and apply it towards a day spa visit or if he is lucky a romantic dinner at Haven!

  2. 50 bucks to sit in a field of dog poo, I'd need more than two beers to allow that to happen!

    • Brenda Sue, this event is raising funds for Brookhaven parks. Simmer down there little lady it is for a very good cause. Wear some rubber boots and bring some plastic to put under your blanket and enjoy yourself. Just pretend you are in that cow pasture at Woodstock!

      • I agree with Brenda Sue. $50 is too much. I can't afford it. And why is the Chamber raising money for the Parks? Our City tax dollars pay for the Parks.

  3. Yeah Sam, The chamber is a crock…who the f!@# planned this thing? The beerfest is $45 and there is far more to do and good charitable causes there.Tommy, might want to chill out old man, smoke some of that Woodstock stuff you're growing in you backyard and give Brenda Sue a break!

    • The Chamber of Compromise! Selling out to land the Convention and Visitors (tourism) contract from the City. The City must really need money to fund the Parks.

      Ashford Park School has a fundraiser that still needs community support.

  4. What a sad bunch of saps. If you don't want to go -our can't, don't. No one needs to hear your opinion or complaints. It sounds like a nice event if you can afford it.

  5. Briarwood Bulldog

    I've spoken to some concerned neighbors and citizens about this event. Is the City donating tax dollars to an event that is providing alcohol? If so, the friends and residents I know are against it.

    Also, why is the Chamber and City holding an event that competes with local restaurants and bars?

    • Briarwood,
      Well, this is the city who's major 'park event' so far is the weekly 'Roach Coach Rodeo'.

    • I asked city officials about some of the details of the Roots & Brews Festival and they told me that they have no involvement in this event and I needed to direct my inquiries to the Brookhaven Chamber. I found their response very odd considering that the City of Brookhaven is contributing over $12,000 of taxpayer dollars to support this event. This makes me wonder just how much additional tax dollars are being spent on events, causes and purchases not relevant to the operation of Brookhaven.

  6. The website for this event has a lot of information except I can't find out where they want people to park.

  7. And children under 16 are free. Funny I think of High Schoolers as teenagers, that's a generous age for free admittance.

  8. There's a blog entry on that site that says this:

    " Parking

    Parking is free and available on the park grounds."

  9. There is free parking at the Marta station which is within walking distance. There will also be shuttles. There is NOT parking at the park.

    • It is two days before the festival and we are addressing this issue again (see above). I have not scowered the Roots & Brews site to see if it has been updated, but this link is still present stating “Parking is free and available on the park grounds”.

      Come on people, get it together and have a little professionalism about yourselves for the basics.

    • I guess that the $12,000 plus dollars that the City of Brookhaven has contributed to this event is going towards the shuttle cost?

      • Dean,

        The City is contributing $12,000 + to this event to benefit Parks. Wait a second. Why doesn't thew City just keep their $12,000 + money and use it for the Parks. Ummmm I'm not sure about this but it sure seems odd.

  10. The City of Brookhaven is not contributing funds.. It is the Brookhaven Office of Tourism, using funds allocated to promote Brookhaven tourism. The Office receives its funding from taxes levied on guests (not the residents or businesses of Brookhaven) staying in Brookhaven hotels and motels. By Georgia state law these earmarked funds can only be used for attracting tourism and extended stays in our hotels and motels.

    It is the hope and desire of the Chamber of Commerce, the Festival's organize, and the Brookhaven Office of Tourism, the Festival's primary supporter, that:

    1. This inaugural event will become an annual one because of its quality of entertainment and beautiful setting
    2. This event will draw visitors from outside the Brookhaven area as promoted by the Office of Tourism
    3. This event will benefit our local businesses with increased spending from visitors
    4. This event will showcase one of our most beautiful but unknown park located in the heart of our city.
    5. This event will be a successful fundraiser for all our parks, over and above the city's taxpayers contribution through grants awarded by the Brookhaven Chamber Foundation
    6. This event will highlight the livability index of our city, a key measure for businesses and people to consider Brookhaven as their home. This speaks directly to Economic Development for our City.

    • I think the logic of wanting to attract tourists makes sense. And should be applied to the numerous venues on Buford Highway that end up drawing people from Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina who will stay overnight in the Doubletree, Red Roof, Hampton and Microtel Hotels that are in the Buford Highway Corridor.

      Likewise building a quality mixed use pedestrian friendly development at the Brookhaven MARTA station including the Harris Teeter lot could attract people to spend the day walking around the development and even down to the restaurants on Dresden. MARTA's direct access to the airport and the major tourist destinations could lead to a great spot for tourists to stay since they wouldn't even have to rent a car. So perhaps another hotel will also be built in the Brookhaven MARTA station area.

      What I don't agree with is that we the taxpayers are not contributing. The City Government and the taxes collected are ours. Whether we pay it directly or indirectly by hosting these hotels in our city doesn't change that these are revenues to support the operation of our City.

      Yes these hotel fees are earmarked and have spending restrictions. But the list of projects that could be funded under these restrictions include many things. These funds could be used to build other things that would attract tourists and extend their stays, like streetscapes, sidewalks, maybe one day a street car, free wifi, a new park near our hotels on Buford Highway with some running and stretching facilities for that the guests could use.

      This notion that the city is not paying is the same idea the City of Atlanta used to defend its decision to give Arthur Blank 500 million to build a new dome. Yes it comes from the hotel tax, and yes it has an earmark/restrictions, but the earmark has latitude in how the funds can be spent.

      Again as to the $12,000 I think it may be a good investment. Just make sure you don't use the funds to advertise on billboards. And please keep the advertising to a minimum in general. Don't be enticed by the offerings from these folks trying to sell ad space or advertising production services, advertising in print to attract tourists for Brookhaven doesn't really make sense.

      Though again i can see that if this event is successful, creating an annual event in a neglected or unknown park could do more than advertising to attract tourists to Brookhaven and to make them aware of us.

    • Mr. Freeman, this money is still tax money, is it not? Why does Brookhaven need an office of tourism? Just what is so important in Brookhaven that we need to spend tax money to support this expanding branch of government? Will you be promoting Lips? The Pink Pony? I think the city has better uses for tax money than having an office of tourism or spending it on a festival that should support itself. We all know there is a city now, stop wasting money trying to let us know about it. Next you guys will want Brookhaven to have an aquarium!

  11. ^ sorry, by print or media advertising I mean the general tourism type where they will take out ads saying things like "visit Brookhaven" The Roots and Brews would need some type of advertising, especially in the early years.

  12. Did anyone attend? Thoughts?

    • Put it this way, it will be the most remembered least talked about event ever. Turnout was slim to none. In fact, Sweetwater brewery stopped giving away the two free beers you got with a ticket purchase due to lack of attendance. This event is a huge black eye for the city. Huge.

      • Any numbers back yet?

        So they refused you beer even if they had a wrist band?

        Guessing the city lost money on this one?

      • Ernest, I had an enjoyable time. Nice and quiet, almost like I was sitting in my own living room with a few close friends drinking a few brews and listening to some great tunes only it was all live outdoors on a lazy Fall Saturday. I am looking forward to next year!

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