Brookhaven Police Officers join North Metro SWAT Team

North Metro SWAT closes in on a house during a training exercise in Ashford Park

North Metro SWAT closes in on a house during a training exercise in Ashford Park

Brookhaven, GA Feb. 7, 2014 – Three Brookhaven Police Officers have been accepted to serve on the North Metro SWAT Team, a multi-jurisdictional critical incident response team that supports North Atlanta municipalities.

Brookhaven Officers Patrick DiCicco, William McDaniel and John Clifford were extended this opportunity after passing a series of strenuous physical fitness tests. Their invitation to join this team means they represent the top 10 percent of all officers from four jurisdictions: Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and Johns Creek.

North Metro SWAT Team tactical officers will study and train to handle critical incidents, including hostage situations, high-risk apprehensions and sniper situations.

“I am proud of our officers’ hard work during the selection process and will support their commitment to this team as they continue their tactical training with exceptional officers from our neighboring law enforcement agencies,” Brookhaven Police Chief Gary Yandura said.

The concept of a regional SWAT team for North Atlanta was first introduced after the incorporation of the Cities of Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Johns Creek.  Municipal law enforcement agencies in the new cities sought to provide better protection at a lower cost to taxpayers. In December 2009, the North Metro SWAT Team was established allowing the cities to share costs, manpower and resources.

The North Metro SWAT team tactical unit trains approximately 200 hours annually. Training consists of firearms qualifications, room clearing and search techniques, team movement, unarmed defensive tactics, use of chemical and less lethal munitions and Hostage Rescue. Team members are required to pass two physical fitness qualifications annually.

The team is organized similar to a traditional single agency SWAT team with a Team Commander, two Entry Team Leaders, a Perimeter Team leader and a Counter Sniper Team leader. The remaining team members fill a variety of assignments including entry team, counter snipers, perimeter, breaching and chemical munitions specialists.


4 Responses to Brookhaven Police Officers join North Metro SWAT Team

  1. enuff govt already

    We formed a police department because Brookhaven Yes said the DeKalb cops were called away from Brookhaven. Now at barely 6 months old we have Brookhaven cops off training and working in other cities in another county. The 3 Brookhaven officers assigned to Sandy Springs' SWAT means they will miss 72 days of patrol work days in Brookhaven for the year. Yet another downgrade of our police services by forming this city.

  2. Wait, I thought this was the North Metro Swat not the Sandy Springs Swat. Doesn't having 3 Brookhaven police on this Swat mean Brookhaven now has a Swat team on call 24/7? membership has its privileges. Did Dekalb Swat train exclusively in Brookhaven? Not sure if I see a difference if North metro trains in Sandy Springs or if Dekalb's trained in Panthersville. Sandy Springs is closer for our 3 guys.Why would we not want our officers to train for a Swat team we will be using? The team I think would be serving an area half the size and 1/3 the population of Dekalb. That would seem to be a pretty big benefit. I think enuff must be smokin' the stuff.

  3. To the person complaining: it’s a huge benefit for Brookhaven to have three swat officers who are highly trained and able to handle the most difficult situations. Brookhaven joined the north metro swat because it is way more convenient than having Dekalb responding to your swat calls. Now of you want to be mediocre go ahead and keep complaining.

    • Regarding the NM SWAT, How long does it take the entire team to assemble at the various areas they serve and is their equipment and resources on par with DeKalb’s? Are they a standalone SWAT group or will they still be dependent on other jurisdictions for assistance and equipment? Many officers in DeKalb are cross trained; maybe Brookhaven should do the same.

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