City issues Winter Storm and Road Conditions Update

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.12.50 AMBrookhaven, GA – The City of Brookhaven has issued the following information update:

The City of Brookhaven has been working around the clock to ensure the safety of residents and motorists. Some icy areas have already been salted, but generally, road conditions are still very dangerous.  Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis is asking that all citizens stay off the roads unless it is an emergency.

Brookhaven Public Works crews will continue to salt roads today, with major thoroughfares like Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Dresden Dr., Buford Hwy and Peachtree Rd. to be given priority. The city is working with the Georgia Department of Transportation to obtain more salt mix and treat the state-designated roadways (Buford Hwy and Peachtree Rd.),  as they are spread thin with their crews and materials.

Brookhaven City Hall and Municipal Court remain closed today with the exception of an emergency crew command post for the public works department at city hall.

The Brookhaven Police Department has been working nonstop with the public works team to identify top priority roads for treatment. In the past 24 hours, officers have helped about 600 stranded motorists, assisted in moving abandoned vehicles aside to allow room for salt trucks and officially closed North Cliff Valley Rd.

Again, Mayor Davis is asking all citizens to stay safe and stay off the roads as we work to clear the roadways in our city.

Please monitor city website and connect with us on social media for updates for the remainder of the week.

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2 Responses to City issues Winter Storm and Road Conditions Update

  1. Since the Governor is on the overall hook for the storm and Mayor Reed is responsible for all that has befallen the City of Atlanta, shouldn't we be blaming Mayor Davis for the part of the storm that had the temerity to fall in the boundaries of Brookhaven?

    What did Mayor Davis know, and when did he know it?

  2. Its one thing to not properly salt and sand local streets but its an entirely different situation for the State Government to ignore the weather forecast issued at 5 am Tuesday morning and not have the Salt/sand spreader trucks running up and down the interstates before the first snowflake fell. I mean its not like it was a guess at 10 am you just needed to look west.

    Its sad people had to spend 24 hours in the cars or on sleep on the floor of a grocery store over only 2 inches that we had adequate time to prepare for.

    Thank goodness we live ITP and didn't need the interstates. Thank goodness for the MARTA trains.

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