City officially classifies certain roads as “passable”

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.12.50 AMBrookhaven, GA – The City of Brookhaven says, “Public Works crews have continued to address icy roads today by treating major thoroughfares and they will continue to pre-treat key areas to minimize the refreezing expected tonight as temperatures are forecasted to fall back into the teens and 20’s.”

Motorists venturing out on the roadways should still exercise extreme caution.

Mayor J Max Davis asks for citizens to stay safe and off the roads unless it’s an emergency.

The following roads are now cleared enough to be considered passable for emergency vehicles. Residents are still encouraged to avoid driving unless it is an emergency.

  • Buford Hwy.
  • Dresden Dr.
  • Ashford Dunwoody Rd.
  • Johnson Ferry Rd.
  • Peachtree Rd.
  • North Druid Hills Rd.
  • East Roxboro Rd.
  • Clairmont Rd.

While the city has been working diligently to clear all heavily traveled arteries, is likely that there may still be patches of black ice on major roads. Secondary roads in the city continue to be a challenge.

Motorists that have abandoned their cars on major roads are urged not to retrieve their vehicles until tomorrow, per the Georgia Department of Transportation.

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