DeKalb County Schools Closed Friday

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.46.22 PMDeKalb County, GA, Feb. 13 -  The DeKalb County School District will be closed for Friday, Feb. 14, 2014.  All 12-month employees are to report at 10:00a.m., weather conditions permitting. All extra-curricular activities for Saturday,. Feb. 15, and Monday, Feb. 17, will follow regular schedules.

“Closing schools tomorrow will allow us to ensure the schools are safe and ready for students on Tuesday, Feb. 18,” said Superintendent Michael Thurmond. “Also, central office staff will continue the strategic planning work for addressing academic achievement in preparation for the upcoming CRCT and EOCT tests.”

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5 Responses to DeKalb County Schools Closed Friday

    • This is the result of our alarmist drive by media and the trend of some of us loving more government to dictate our lives from cradle to grave. Too bad some of us aren’t potty trained; this was a regular work week for many of us. I guess the common sense gene it a thing of the past.

      If Santa followed these guidelines in fulfilling his portion of the Christmas season tradition, there would be no Santa tradition.

      • It's a generationally learned behavior.

        My company doesn't take 'snow days' and over the years, there have been an increasing number of newbie employees who were astounded by that fact.

        Of course back when I was in Grades 1-12, many kids still walked to school (yes it was only uphill one way).

  1. Good thing Santa is not real. I know its an inconvenience to close schools when most of the snow melted. I know it tough to find a place for your kids when you have to work but schools cant really win. When they open people get mad when they close people get mad. I'd rather my kids stay away from school and be safe as a precaution then go to school and get hurt.

  2. I agree with Joe, and to add to his comment…If you could use your common sense gene and think of your child's school as what it is and why it is available to your child – a place where your child is taught and for your child to learn – not a daycare. Maybe, just maybe you will spend more time preparing for childcare during instances such as these.

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