Friends of Briarwood Park plans to get a head start on Spring, Work day Feb. 15

Briarwood Park

Briarwood Park

Brookhaven, GA – The Friends of Briarwood Park group is holding a work day to get a head start on Spring.

“Join us to work or just say hello Saturday morning, Feb. 15th at the Forest Patio,” says the group.

The park group asks volunteers to bring blowers, shovels, wheelbarrows, loppers, snippers, yard waste bags, trash bags, water and gloves.

The work day will consist of the following activities:

  • Move the soil from the parking lot to the Community Garden area
  • Pick up trash
  • Blow and clean the trails
  • Remove invasive Privet and English Ivy
  • Transplant donated landscape plants

Ray Holloway, Brookhaven Parks and Rec Director will be on hand to meet all of our great volunteers.

If weather permits, the plan is to cook hamburgers on the grill for lunch with ice cream for the kids.

Friends of Briarwood Park

5 Responses to Friends of Briarwood Park plans to get a head start on Spring, Work day Feb. 15

  1. Odd that citizen volunteers will be showing up to maintain Briarwood Park and meet the Brookhaven Parks Director. I wonder if he will be giving them direction. This makes me wonder if we could cut city expenses further by having more citizen volunteers participate in the operation of our city. You know, like maintaining roads and right of ways, secretarial and administrative positions at city hall, city court, and the police department. The potential for cost cutting is endless!

  2. Susan,

    Volunteering is a truly American virtue. Our commnunity's expectations of service and park pride are very high. All of our volunteers understand the reality that limited government should be met with a can-do attitude. If you'd like to support Briarwood Park we'd be delighted to have you join us. We begin at 9 am.

    Chad Boles


    Briarwood Park Conservancy

    • Chad, thank you for the invitation, but I will be declining. I do agree with you that volunteering for worthy causes is altruism at its finest. Personally, taking the time to improve the lives of others is immensely rewarding. Knowing that tutoring a student with poor language skills and watching their grades skyrocket with their new found ability to understand class material, well, I have helped to change a young life. Be it a young student or an elderly community member in need of assistance or any other volunteering that makes a direct difference in the lives of individuals, that is where my heart lies.

      I could see myself assisting government by sitting on a board, commission or the recently formed steering committee to guide Brookhaven’s future. But volunteering my labor, equipment and money for park improvements for something that my taxes should be paying for just does not compute with me.

  3. Susan. Sounds to me like a shovel, broom and some good ol' fresh air and honest labor could do you some good. Give it a try. And have a free burger and fellowship with your neighbors. Or do you actually live in the city? Sounds like you may be lacking some quality time with a pile of dirt and a leaf blower. C'mon. It'll be fun. The work Chad and company do at the park is commendable at the least. Thank you Chad and all the volunteers. Let's keep Brookhaven looking great. It's the best city in Georgia. And citizens like those on the various friends groups make it thatta way. Brookhaven the beautiful. I am so glad we aren't in DeKalb anymore.

    • I don’t think Susan gets it. Since Brookhaven became a city there has been overall a more united citizenry with a new propose and community spirit. Chad Boles and the Friends of Briarwood are but one example of this change in our community. Thank God they removed that tacky DeKalb sign in front of the park.

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