Sizeable Ashford Dunwoody Rd. development to be considered

Proposed development could bring 500 multi-family units, 250,000 square feet of office space, and three parking decks to Ashford Dunwoody Rd.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 5.37.05 PMBrookhaven, GA – John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Inc. seeks Special Land Use Permits (SLUP) for a development on Ashford Dunwoody Rd. at Lake Hearn Dr. to develop a mixed use development consisting of 500 multi-family units (563,578 SF), 250,000 square feet of office space, and three parking decks.

Special land use permits to exceed the height of all buildings/structures over 5 stories and 70 feet, and for development of high-rise apartments in the O-I zoning district, have also been requested. Community Development recommends Approval with Conditions.

From the Report: The subject property is located on the west side of Ashford Dunwoody Road and is bounded by Lake Hearn Drive and Interstate 285 to the north, Parkside Place to the west and Perimeter Summit Parkway to the south. The subject property contains 18.33 acres and currently existing on the site is a 5-story office building with associated surface parking. The site was originally rezoned to O-I Conditional pursuant to CZ-78079.

Through the years there have been several alterations to the plans and conditions applicable to the subject property, with the latest alteration occurring in 1997. Currently, the subject property is entitled to as approved by DeKalb County for 715,000 square feet of total net usable office space, inclusive of an existing office building at 215,000 square feet of net usable area and an additional 500,000 square feet distributed amongst two office buildings, with one of the buildings extending to 18 stories in height and having an associated 8-level parking deck.

With this latest request for rezoning, the applicant seeks to rezone from O-I Conditional (Office-Institution District) to O-I to change conditions and implement a mixed use project that would consist of 500 multi-family units spread over two 5-story high-rise complexes, 250,000 square feet of additional office space contained in a single 10-story office building, in addition to an existing 277,206 square-foot office building.

Two special land use permits have been requested by the applicant as part of the rezoning request to exceed the building height maximum of 5 stories or 70 feet and to accommodate the proposed high-rise apartments within the O-I zoning district. The Department would note that the subject property was reviewed by the Atlanta Regional Commission in 1991 as a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) for development of three office buildings and two associated parking decks, and was found to be consistent with the Perimeter Center Livable Centers Initiative plan and determined to be of appropriate use. As of November 25, 2013, based on the most recent request for a mixed-use development as submitted, the Atlanta Regional Commission determined that a new DRI review was not warranted.

More in the full Staff Report below:

Brookhaven’s Planning Commission will hold a Work Session Meeting January 6th at 11:30 AM at City Hall located at 200 Ashford Center North, Suite 150, Dunwoody, GA 30338 to go over items that will be discussed during the Regular Meeting.

Another Work Session Scheduled for January 8th at 6:00 PM at Brookhaven’s Municipal Court located at 2 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 125 , Brookhaven, GA 30329. A Regular Planning Commission will follow at 7:00 p.m. at the same location.

The complete agenda is here.

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56 Responses to Sizeable Ashford Dunwoody Rd. development to be considered

  1. And you thought YMCA soccer traffic, a Marist football game, etc., was bad. You thought widening Ashford Dunwoody from 2 to 4 lanes was off the table? Nope. It's still on the table. From 285 to Peachtree Ind. Just ask the ARC. And a roundabout at Johnson Ferry and Ashford Dunwoody imminent. 1000% going to happen. Once Brookhaven actually owns the parks they will sell off that little sliver of park and make it so. Just watch. It will be slow but it will happen. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And just after we rebuilt our neighborhood sign again after someone hit it. This is dooms day. Dooms day. I used to be in the glee club. I have no more glee. I'm very sad at what our little town is becoming. I won't let my kids walk to school anymore as it is. Terror.

    • Greg, in order for Brookhaven to become the jewel of the south we all need to make sacrifices.

    • Mr. Young,

      I am not sure where you are getting your information – widening Ashford-Dunwoody, selling parkland, etc.- but none of that has been put on any agenda or table at the city. From the histrionics in your comments I am not sure if you are serious or just trying to pull everyone's leg. In case you are serious please understand that when someone submits an application it is nothing more than that. It doesn't become a pending project or shovel ready by virtue of having been submitted to the city. As the article shows the project will be considered by the Planning Commission and they will either recommend approval/denial to the City Council. The Council will consider whether to approve or reject the proposal after hearing from the citizens, staff, and the applicant.

  2. Please help me understand why your children can't walk to school anymore. We have sidewalks, crossing guards, and traffic that crawls bumper to bumper.

  3. They will be subjected to extremely high volumes of carbon monoxide higher than code red levels from the traffic along with loud music from cars and the potential for severe traffic injuries looms big. They will be in a dangerous environment plus crossing the street is already big trouble. Not to mention all of the smokers. I've had to walk my kids to school everyday and I've been accosted via car horns for crossing the street because I'm a slow walker. I have a bad leg from an old tennis injury in college. Look. It's fine that they want to dramatically increase density in our area. But it must be done in a smart way. Why not an underground option with a monorail system to local mass transit? What's wrong with that. I mean seriously. And it would be much cheaper.

  4. Sir. That's just plain silly. Haha. Happy new year though. Oh brother. Too funny. It will be interesting when they think they will widen AD and JF. Been tried before. Good luck with your underground monorail. Whew!

  5. I'm offended. Just wait. You'll see.

    • Sorry Greg but an Underground monorail would cost big time $$$$. The city has nothing to fund that.

      Would it be nice? Yes, but not realistic.

  6. Sorry. Didn't mean to offend you. It's just that your assertions seem far fetched. That's all. But you could be right although I don't know how. Stranger things….ya know? Anyway let's stay positive for now. It's good for our little city to grow our tax base. Especially since the Pink Pony will be gone and Century Center is apparently off the table. We'll need it. Relax Greg. It will be ok.

  7. I hear you. I moved into a bucolic community and it has changed to an urban environment. But this proposal is mixed use., meaning at least a few of the residents might walk or bicycle to work. Mass transit is a wonderful dream, but at least this development is an LCI if not perfect.

  8. Who would have thought that we would have roundabouts in Brookhaven. I can’t wait until they are proposed for the North Druid and Dresden intersections with Peachtree. That’ll be like a day at the fair driving bumper cars, just not as expensive.

  9. Thank you Mr Mayor. I heard this some time ago that widening is imminent for Ashford Dunwoody including a roundabout. If I'm wrong I apologize and stand corrected. Thank you all for doing such a great job. Happy New Year everyone.

  10. Our comprehensive plan launches in just a few weeks. Plans for transportation, parks, and Buford Highway improvement launch at the same time. The meetings are open to all citizens and their input will help shape what kind of city you will see over the next 20 years.

    Please join in so your voice and vision are a part of planning Brookhaven's future.

    • Thanks Mayor and Greg.

      Greg, first of all, you seem a bit crazy. No offense.

      Mayor Davis, I was tracking with you…then I downloaded the Agenda from the City site. Much to my surprise the information about widening Ashford-Dunwoody is in the agenda for the January 8 Planning Commission agenda on or around pages 55. Here is the link should you care to review it.

      The widening of Ashford-Dunwoody and Johnson Ferry are mentioned in ARC reports dating from the early 1990’s. The document states that preliminary engineering for both projects were in process. The Ashford-Dunwoody project is clear, but the extent of the Johnson Ferry widening is ambiguous. Not mentioned is the extension of Perimeter Center Parkway referenced in the Johnson Ferry widening. Is Perimeter Center Parkway to be extended to Johnson Ferry?

      These are two of several projects that were slated for the area in the early 1990’s and many of these projects as detailed have been completed. Also of interest is the traffic study and projection for Ashford-Dunwoody in 2010. It will be interesting to see what traffic volume is today on this stretch of road.

      Before you discount concerns about the widening of Ashford Dunwoody and Johnson Ferry from these aged documents, you may want to consult with area residents regarding the original plan for widening Ashford-Dunwoody north of W. Nancy Creek when the Nancy Creek Bridge was replaced. Then there is Georgia 400. Planning and land acquisition began in the early 1950’s, north of I-285 was complete in the early 1970’s and inside the perimeter was completed in the early 1990’s. The widening of Ashford-Dunwoody and Johnson Ferry is coming. The question is just what impact will it have on our neighborhoods.

      I also found Mr. Dillard’s (who is the attorney who represented the builder in the zoning debacle in Ashford Park as well as the landmark decision to allow a property with 22 – yes 22 – staff conditions for the North Druid Hills property redevelopment of the church that myself and my neighbors vehemently opposed) campaign disclosure statement of interest.

      Apparently some people have no qualms about who they accept contributions from and its appearance whilst performing their elected duties. It's on Page 45 of the agenda on your City Website in the Planning Commission agenda. Here is the link should you care to review it.

      These are documents your staff has gathered for support of a project that you and your appointed (by YOU) boards will use to decide whether or not to approve or not approve a project. Perhaps ALL of those who make decisions for our area should review ALL of the documents placed before them and understand FULLY what they are looking at. And until they do they should deem themselves unprepared and uneducated enough to make any decisions on ANY topic.

      We've had enough toe stubbing because we have been operating at breakneck speed.

      Love the City, but let's "get it started right" shall we? Thanks.

      • The battle against rampant development inside I-285 was lost in the 1980s, when the courts ruled against DeKalb County and permitted Ashford Green to be built. The twenty year old studies detail a lot of projects, some were funded and built, some were never funded, some were never built. Roads in the city might be widened in the future, but not based on a twenty year old plan. Roads will be improved if the new transportation plan, the elected officials, and the citizens agree it's in their best interest. Be reasonable.

        • You may be right, but the seed for road widening has been planted. I see strong, regional pressure being placed on our elected officials to make the roads in that area more passable during peak times of congestion. Try to get a fire truck or ambulance through those roads during an emergency. I doubt Brookhaven has a seasoned individual with traffic and highway experience on staff. The first thing their paid consultants will do is to dust off the plans for past proposals during their planning process. I hope they lose that plan for the two roundabouts.

    • Douglas Trammell

      Holy broccoli, Mayor Davis! What in the wide, wide world of government is going on with all of this delay in getting the Peachtree Road and N. Druid Hills and Dresden intersections timed for reasonable traffic flow during peak hours? I heard when the traffic light upgrades were made a couple of years ago along Peachtree in Brookhaven that timing of the lights was delayed so the new city could oversee its implementation. You guys have been a city now for a year and all of us lined up in a dysfunctional traffic signal system on Peachtree are suffering and wondering why all the delay. Now we have to wait several months for an additional study for you guys to bless? How sweet it would be to have some traffic relief next month! It is very hard to be happy, happy, happy in Brookhaven with all of these continuing traffic delays Mayor Davis!

      • Douglas, I think the traffic delays you are experiencing are part of the Brookhaven Office of Tourism’s “Stay and See Brookhaven” program. Once our mayor figures out what he and his city council are going to do with the Pink Pony hopefully, they will address your mundane concerns.

  11. One thing that jumps out is the ban of signage from the buildings facing residents south of the site, that condition should be changed to include no signage facing the east since there is R-100 directly to the east.

    I would like to see a pedestrian bike connection to the east side of the MARTA medical center station. The Med Center Station is closer than the MARTA Dunwoody station to this site, especially when accounting for grade changes. The key to this Bike/Ped connection be access to the station from the east side rather than the current situation of requiring people to walk all the way to Peachtree Dunwoody and then back to the station. It may not seem like a long distance but it does make a difference. Unfortunately this is probably a bigger project than this particular development supports but perhaps some type of fee or reserve should be assessed to help pay for this linkage.

    Also some provision covering a shuttle service to either station for the residential and commercial units should be put in. They could join in with the Perimeter Summit shuttle and perhaps or hopefully increase its frequency.

    I'm also curious if some type of retail activity could be worked into the ground floor of the apartment or commercial building.

    The Roundabout appears to be inside the site so that's not a big deal. And by the way the one on Old Johnson Ferry works well and I've heard nothing but good things about the one on North Decatur Road near Emory.

    I do oppose widening Ashford Dunwoody to 4 lanes, but in the grand scheme of things this is a not the major contributor to that pressure.

    The new entrance on Parkside Place is a good idea.

    Their may need to be some phasing of the development, I do think swaping out some office space for residential on the site is not a bad idea, though from a tax point of view the office space I believe is more lucrative, so we probably want to make sure they don't build the two residential towers and leave a surface parking lot somewhere that has a place holder for the additional office tower.

    The corner at Ashford Dunwoody and Perimeter Summit also needs to have a good sized landscaped buffer to protect the R-100 houses across Ashford Dunwoody and the houses on Dunwoody Lane.

  12. Mr.Howell,

    I appreciate your research but your conclusion goes a little off the rails when you state "These documents are gathered by your staff for support of a project…" ARC agendas and 20 year old studies do not control the goals or agenda for our city. Our traffic and development agenda will ultimately be guided by what the citizens of Brookhaven desire. Our staff does not gather documents or information in order to support a project.

    Fiirst year challenges notwithstanding, experiences with prior government(s) shouldn't color your view about the manner in which our city leaders, boards, and staff operate or will operate in the future

  13. Hi Mr. Mayor,

    Thank you for your reply. I didn't mean the word support to mean in support of pushing a project along to a decison. I meant support to mean part of the packet of support information. I guess I chose my words improperly. Sorry about that.

  14. The city knows what they are going to do with the Pink Pony for the most part anyway. Quite honestly so does the Pink Pony. I think they are all going to finally sit down and come to a collective decision that's good for all. Thats fellowship and brotherhood.

    • Greg, do you think that ‘collective decision’ you speak of will happen any time soon? Brookhaven enacted an ordinance and legal action that has a course to follow. The last thing these elected officials want to acknowledge is that they made a serious mistake at taxpayer expense by enacting a sexually oriented business ordinance. Unfortunately, if their roll of the dice with the legal advice they received prior to enacting this ordnance is inaccurate it will be at taxpayer expense, not theirs. One only has to wonder what could have been done alternatively with the final legal expenditures for this Brookhaven folly.

      Sandy Springs has had their case with adult entertainment continue for what? Six or seven years now? I don’t think sandy Springs has shared what their actual costs are pursuing their shutting down of adult oriented businesses, does anyone know? I do know that Scott Bergthold is living large in Chattanooga and Bill Riley has a very nice sea going vessel docked in Thunderbolt, Georgia that he regularly enjoys. Both gentlemen are thankful to all of the citizens of the cities they have represented for allowing them to enjoy the lifestyles they and their families are accustomed to.

  15. The information in this article is wrong! Upon leaving work early to get here by 6 for the "6pm work session on the 8th" I found out that some time ago Brookhaven stopped doing Work Sessions before the meetings on Monday! Not to mention this matter has apparently been deferred !

  16. Hi. Here is the link on the City's website …..… ….we referred to when posting the article that included the 6 p.m. Work Session. After the article was written the City cancelled the Work Session on the 8th as we pointed out in a later article here.

    As to deferrals: Deferrals are not decided by the Planning Commission. They cannot defer items. They can only recommend the City Council defer the item once it gets to them. Also, the Planning Commission can reco' that the City Council defer the item back to the Planning Commission.

    This item is still on the agenda found here… . …. on the City's Site.

    AND…sitting here in the actual meeting the item is being heard right now. You are correct that the applicant seeks to defer. But to reiterate, the Planning Commission cannot defer.

    • Thanks, When I asked the planning director for Brookhaven about the 6 pm time i thought he told me that they don't do work sessions on Wednesdays anymore. My apologies for making it sound like it was your fault. As I didn't know when the work session was cancelled or how it was announced. I didn't see it's cancellation on either website, though I see you did put it here – my fault for missing it. Though per your link it appears Brookhaven still listed it? Anyway its frustrating for them to cancel things after posting the original announcement, since the agenda and packet was there. But again I stand corrected the BPost did list it.

      As to the deferral, yep, had there been notice earlier to Brookhaven by the developer they could have taken it off the agenda but they had to move forward with it. And yes at the Developers request they recommended "full cycle" deferral so it will go back to them again. In this case its best they went forward since people, including myself, were there. Though it all seemed a bit premature in light of the deferral.

      Also thought the idea of removing the traffic light from Ashford Dunwoody didn't make sense – though the other thoughts were fine. That light doesn't back things up and you Perimeter Summit already backs up making a left so you don't to add even more by forcing everything to exit through Perimeter Summit.

  17. Two observations here: One is I agree its already not safe for kids to walk on Ashford Dunwoody to Montgomery. The sidewalk is to thin, signs obstruct crossings and cars don't stop when required. I live within a five minute walk of the school yet still have to drive my kids in as its simply to dagerous to let them walk. If you stand on the pavement for 5 minutes you will see a couple of cars run the red lights heading south where Ashford Dunwoody cross's Nancy Creek. So far all I have seen our new police force do is sit in Murphy Candler Park and talk with thier friends. It would seem simple for them to sit and watch this happening and start issuing tickets for reckless driving.

    Regarding the widening of the road. When this battle was fought before we were told this was not going to be on any agenda again. Are we now saying that it is? I thought the whole idea of the city of Brookhaven was to look at for locals in matters such as being able to safely walk places not to assist people who live outside of Brookhaven to speed quicker down our streets.

    • Reviewing the dated information in the agenda for this project shows that this property was a work in progress based on potential future demand. Along with it is early planning for greater traffic access in the way of area road widening. In my opinion, widening Ashford-Dunwoody may make traffic flow better but it will ruin property values for properties on that road and lessen the appeal of adjacent properties. One would be insane to allow their precious elementary school age children to walk to school regardless of their living on the east or west side of Ashford-Dunwoody as busy as it would become with such improvements.

      In the past, I know strong neighborhood approval or disapproval would sometimes influence county planning, zoning and neighborhood altering decisions. Now that we are a city to some degree this may change. As city leaders, be they elected or career city planning specialist, the focus may result in decisions that ultimately support the city and government financial requirements at the expense of affected neighborhoods. The irony? These residents were overwhelmingly in support of Brookhaven the city. Let’s hope future government approved development is not at the sacrifice of this beautiful and desirable area.

      My experience with the stationary police officers you have observed is that they may be discussing business or updating records on their onboard computers. I have heard that Mayor Davis has asked Chief Yandura to concentrate his staff along Buford Highway. You can always voice your concerns on Monday’s in person if you feel your area requires more attention.

      • Improving the sidewalk would make it safe to walk along Ashford Dunwoody. Perhaps a better crossing area could be done. Is there not a crossing guard for the school?

        The proposal would reduce the negative traffic impacts over what the property is currently zoned for.

    • Widening of Ashford Dunwoody is not on any agenda. The right hand turn lane will be continued north of perimeter summit (not south). I suppose they may end up putting a left hand turn lane in though I haven't seen that discussed. yet.

      • Eric, sorry I gave the impression that road widening was actively being discussed. To my knowledge it isn’t. I was speaking generically about what could come our way. At some point you cannot keep putting ten pounds of corn in a five pound bag without planners wanting to make improvements.

        • Thorndike, Imy apologies I wasn't trying to say you gave that impression I was responding to your and Janice's posts and just wanted to make sure people don't think its being actively discussed right now.

  18. It is odd this discussion is occurring now rather than two years ago.

    Concerns about increased traffic around Montgomery School are somewhat ironic, given that without the overwhelming 'yes' vote in the Montgomery Precinct there may not be any worry of ever concentrating development.

    I have to ask, just what did you expect?

  19. The Ashford Green development would move forward if it were in unincorporated DeKalb County or in the City of Brookhaven. The site has had authority to build an 18 story building and 500,000 square feet of office space since 1991.

    Maybe your argument is that John Hancock wouldn't be moving forward with the project if it were still in unincorporated DeKalb because the county government is such a mess. And that it is moving forward with this project because Brookhaven is well run.

    • I have no argument either way. I am simply pointing out from observing the metro Atlanta area through the years that neighborhoods can have a major impact on development that could negatively impact them with strong, organized opposition. Planned developments, unlike utilities with the power of eminent domain, must go through a process and this is where neighborhoods can have input. You’ll note that the latest plans for this property have changed quite a bit from the original making it much more acceptable than a project on a hill with a 18 story building.

    • Reasonable, Brookhaven is well run? While I appreciate your support for Brookhaven, you should be more objective with your assessment of our city's success and impact on others.

      For example, there are half a dozen or so houses in Ashford Park that were permitted in the City of Brookhaven that all of a sudden have been tagged with stop work orders. The community development department of Brookhaven continues to operate and employees and contractors in this department continue to draw their paychecks. On the other hand, several builders who wish this Brookhaven department would have had employees and contractors that were more thorough respective of the permitting process when their permits were issued. Sometimes cities consciously drive businesses out of business with ordinances; sometimes cities drive businesses out of businesses through their incompetence in governing.

      On the other hand, if you told me our city appears to be extremely proficient in spending our dollars on legal issues I would have to agree with you.

      • The Ashford Park issues should not have happened as they did. It is reasonable to expect the City to handle these items in a more balanced manner.

        • 'Balanced'?

          Can I get a list of the LAWS that will be 'balanced' as well as a list of the LAWS that will be FOLLOWED?

        • Reasonable, I agree with you. The Ashford Park issues should not have happened. They happened because the development department is not supervised very well and the previous contractor in that department was substandard. Brookhaven is not well run. How much more time is reasonable for these outstanding issues to be resolved?

    • Voters in the cityhood referendum mistakenly assumed the "well run" (now that is a laugh) city would keep the development at bay, whether it had been approved or not as opposed to the "such a mess" County that had kept it at bay for years.

      The folly I find in this discussion as the invention of a handmaiden government for the developers was predicted and is coming to pass.

      The delicious irony that it is happening in the lap of the precinct which was instrumental for cityhood and which was the only precinct that voted overwhelmingly for it is hard not to notice.

  20. Please. Whatever happens don't let our community development department make set back decisions or stream buffer decisions on the project. It's not our strong suit.

    • If there is a stream on this property it was paved over when the current building was built. Right now the property is basically a building surrounded by asphalt surface parking spaces. So it doesn't appear that Stream Buffers are an issue here. 75 feet should be the minimum.

      There is landscaping on the borders of the property and I do think a concern should be maintaining an living buffer on the South/East corner of the property to buffer the transition between single family residential and the CID area.

  21. enuff govt already

    "The site has had authority to build an 18 story building and 500,000 square feet of office space since 1991" from the county. But the city is being asked to approve 1000 apts & condos. Which will have a bigger impact on the immediate area?. My experience is small and financially hungry gov'ts are more easily swayed by developers. My guess is a "compromise" will be reached with new apts and condos being built. Maybe the developer will throw in some sidewalks and a mini park in exchange for approval. The "city" is going to change the nature and character of the area. And Janice I do miss that motorcycle cop who used to work the speeders in the school zone. That was one of the services we lost with incorporation.

    • Your experience with some governments is reasonable, so it's good thing that Brookhaven is "neither small nor financially hungry." Compromise is good, and the developer is working with the community to reach an accord.

  22. enuff govt already


    I believe it is reasonable to assume that the city is about MORE development and FASTER development. Say goodbye to the old Brookhaven and hello to a city of 100K or more (in a few short yrs) in our 12 sq miles :)

    • EGA and Eddie, this project would have less traffic impacts on traffic than if the 18 story office tower were built pursuant to the DeKalb approval. Which actually isn't even DeKalb's doing since originally the property was slated for lower density POST Apartments that DeKalb turned down but then the GA Supreme Court turned down that Denial.

      EGA its 500 apartments and condos not 1000. All 1 and 2 bedroom, no 3 bedrooms. And these 500 units are in exchange for the approved office space. Thus the reason Building the original proposal would have a greater negative effect on traffic.

      Yes this adds more children to the schools, but DeKalb recently closed Nancy Creek and put Kittredge there so if they need capacity they can revisit that decision.

      Putting residential, office and retail together is the way our urban centers should develop for environmental and traffic reasons.

      • Agreed, if there is adequate egress onto adequately sized thoroughfares, otherwise, it just compounds the problem.

        Also, it helps if the office jobs are coordinated to the residences to eliminate the need for commuting.

        Wouldn't this all make more sense if it were adjacent to the Perimeter Mall MARTA station or is real liveable development an illusion that is simply not sufficiently profitable?

        • That empty spot across from the Dunwoody MARTA station has had a more dense mixed use approved for years. Like this property there are no firm plans to build anything yet. This property doesn't appear to be close to construction even if the SLUPs are approved.

          But I agree it would be nice to be closer to a MARTA station, though its not far and the shuttles are doing a decent job of providing access. What needs to happen is a back entrance to the MARTA Medical Center station, this will greatly improve bike and pedestrian access from this lot and the Perimeter Summit Towers. That can happen when MARTA develops its property that is next to the station Brynwyck and Perimeter Summit.

          Also most people living there probably won't work right there, but hopefully many of them will work in the Perimeter Center, thus making taking a bike, walking or taking a shuttle more viable. Even without that, they either will travel at off peak times or going in the off peak direction to jobs elsewhere.

          Bottom line the Perimeter Center has an inbalance of office space to residential units. And the 10 story office tower will probably have more commuters than the 500 residential units.

          • While you probably don't know just how much I agree with the concept of 'mixed-use' development, I just don't understand why we continue to pretend that the developer driven idea of mixed use (hey, I'll build some high density housing that has no relation to the office space and get a tax break) will work if we just let the developers get what they want.

            On the other hand, the notion of providing transport to the Medical Center Station makes sense, of course it would make even more sense to build a substantial number of 'workforce housing' units adjacent to the same station with the appropriate number of overpriced yuppie units around them.

            But that would defeat the unstated purpose of financial stratification now wouldn't it?

          • Eddie, yep, I agree with everything you said in the Jan 10 post.

            And true this mixed use proposal is not the model I would get excited about, just that its better than just building office. Some in Dunwoody are pushing for no apartments no matter what the price point. Which probably leads to just office/commercial/retail which will make it even harder to find affordable housing near the jobs or MARTA stations.

  23. Maybe the Pink Pony could donate to the Brookhaven legal defense fund like they donated $5000.00 to the AED fund. The city might need it when the citizens rise up and protest irresponsible zoning practices with a class action lawsuit. There are cases throughout the city and Ashford Park in particular where the zoning deficiencies are so blatantly wrong they warrant a suit. But never fear. The city will save face by granting a variance to allow spot zoning to avoid litigation. Just ask the folks who live on Ashford Rd about "buck tooth zoning" as Councilman Bates Mattison so eloquently describes it. The rules are bent to save one property without making the same rules apply to all. What's even more fantastic is that the people who are bending these rules don't live here, never have and likely never will. We will be living with their "save face zoning" for years and years to come. All the while they will be cozy in their planned McMansion communities. Does that sound "Reasonable?" Maybe you would think so if it were at lot next door to you? Would that be more "Reasonable?" Or perhaps you go to sell your home only to find it's not actually zoned as it was for 50 years because the city has a faulty map? Does that seem "Reasonable?" The rules in Brookhaven do not apply to all those in Brookhaven. All you have to do is submit a plan, do what you want, get a stop work order, threaten to sue, make community development look inadequate and bam! Spot zoning is yours! What a farce.

  24. As to the replies to my previous post: I do not really have a problem with the proposed development alhtough it would be nice if people could actually walk safely from this development to Perimeter Mall. I just don't see why part of these developments can't include improving pedestrian/bicycle infrastructure.

    What I do have a problem with is widening roads or similar to allow even more people from out of the area to endanger our lifes by driving at crazy speeds thru the adjoining neighborhoods.

    As a follow on to my post on the 7th everyday since this week I have observed cars speeding massively down Ashford Dunwoody and running the Nancy Creek red lights. Any road widening or simlilar so called "traffic improvements" will just create a dangerous neighborhoods to live in and take our kids to school in.

    As for the police sitting in the park "doing business" please……….. Why not sit at the layby in Nancy Creek just of the intersection and "do business" while observing the road? As another poster said things were better on Ashford Dunwoody under Dekalb as at least they policed the street on occasion.

    • I think all parts of the Ashford Green development will include 'walkable' features. PCID has been committed to that idea for years.

      You should call and speak with Chief Yandura about your observations at Ashford Dunwoody and Nancy Creek.

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