Poll: Should Brookhaven stay engaged in the Century Center annexation litigation?






Brookhaven, GA - With the successful Chamblee annexation vote that took place Tuesday, November 5th, many residents are asking whether or not Brookhaven will remain engaged in litigation concerning Century Center.

The City says they will maintain status quo for the time being and the Mayor and Council will decide next steps.

Earlier this week in a prepared statement, Mayor J Max Davis said, “I congratulate the new residents of the City of Chamblee who voted to municipalize. The City of Brookhaven is currently maintaining the status quo. The council and I will look at our options and decide what is best for the City of Brookhaven.”

The next City Council Work Session and Regular Council Meetings are coming up Tuesday, November 12th. This topic is likely to be discussed during one or both of these meetings.

Both meetings will be held at Brookhaven’s Municipal Court location at 2 Corporate Blvd., Suite 125. The Work Session will be at 4:30 and the Regular Council Meeting will follow at 7:00.

What’s your opinion on the subject? Should Brookhaven stay engaged in the Century Center annexation litigation or not? Let us know by participating in the Poll above.

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28 Responses to Poll: Should Brookhaven stay engaged in the Century Center annexation litigation?

  1. Hey there is pkenty of room in the 2014 budget to litigate these issues. oarks can wait a fee years

  2. New Chamblee residen

    I can tell you that the way that Brookhaven went about the incorporation of their city and their selfish preoccupation with annexing Century Center has created a lot of animosity and ill will among Chamblee residents. Is that what Brookhaven really wants?

  3. The mayor and council members should be asking themselves three questions:

    1. What will it cost our taxpayers to continue to fight this?

    2. What is the likelihood of victory?

    3. Is ignoring the will of the voters via legal maneuvering the right thing to do?

    The answer to two or all three of these questions should guide their decisions pretty clearly.

  4. The residents voted to join the City of Chamblee and that is what should take place. What about the rights of the property owners of Century Center ? They requested to join Brookhaven and their request shouldn't be denied. The mayor and council should appeal the decision. We should be observing everyone's legal rights and not be one sided on this issue. Brookhaven also needs to move forward with future annexation across I85 prior to becoming land locked by any future cities. We need more commercial property for future growth.

    • Mike, the issue is timing. The Brookhaven city council didn't vote until *after* the annexation bill had already been introduced into the state legislature. Brookhaven can't just swoop in and take land that is already in the process of being voted on. The state bill preempts any local Brookhaven legislation. This is what the lower court decided and will likely be what the state supreme court will also decide. All this continued legal action will do is waste the Brookhaven taxpayers money.

    • At last, posts providing evidence of the flawed 'Vincent Study'.

      People should never confuse 'feasible' with 'likely'.

      It's time for Brokehaven to accept the inevitable and necessary tax increases or admit the promised levels of service will never be possible without confiscating other unwilling areas.

  5. New Chamblee residen

    Is there no end to Brookhaven's greed? Brookhaven should not be permitted to cross I-85 and I believe that both Briarcliff and Lakeside would object to this proposition. These areas are within their areas as defined in their maps and Brookhaven has never included the in their maps. Hands off, Brookhaven!

  6. New Chamblee residen

    Brookhaven needs to adopt a more "neighbor friendly" attitude rather than threaten to annex commercial property to enhance it's revenue base. Please remember that real people reside in these nearby neighborhoods.

  7. New Chamblee residen

    Brookhaven: Please keep your cotton pickin' hands off Century Center!! The voters have already spoken. Please respect their wishes.

  8. Chamblee is home

    Brookhaven says they have enough tax revenue to provide the services for the city. Then why try to swipe Century Center when the people living around Century Center clearly voted to be a part of Chamblee? In a word….greed!

  9. Either way us in uncorp- DeKalb gets screwed!

  10. As a Chamblee resident I am joining with others who will boycott Brookhaven businesses until they drop the appeal. Chamblee police is amazing and their community outreach is second to none. You can't cherry pick what you want. A greedy waste of taxpayers dollars.

  11. drawn out litigation only benefits the litigators. give them a minute for their council to declare dropping the case as "what is best for the city". they can't be so desperate to really have this continue. no one wants to see Brookhaven drown in debt. boycotting anything only harms working class residents. Brookhaven residents must be tired of these shenanigans as well.

    • Yes. This is perhaps the most on target comment yet. Give them the time. Next Tuesday is a Council meeting. Wednesday of next week, if they didn't choose to drop this fiasco, it's time to call for a recall. I am a huge city supporter and myself along with my friends who were very strong supporters too are over this litigation crap. BUT, the officials should have the opportunity to meet and decide. Very good point. Thank you. And don't feel bad about being in Chamblee. Just as I don't feel bad about being in Brookhaven. I just feel bad that our friends and neighbors have been put through the ringer. No ones real fault. Just sucks.

      • Did you really think creating more government would be the answer to our area? And now you are advocating for a recall if our elected officials do not disengage from a legal issue that is clearly in violation of law and the state legislature? Just why are they wasting our tax money anyway?

        It is uneducated voters like you and your friends that have a ‘shoot from the hip mentality’ in the voter’s booth that get the rest of us into situations involving more government than we prefer to have. Please let this be a learning lesson for you and your friends. If it is broke, fix it. Just don’t bring more broken government on all of us.

        A wise imbecile once said “stupid is as stupid does”. Maybe as a favor to the rest of us you and your friends should mark Wednesdays as vote day instead of Tuesday on your calendars.

      • another Chamblee res

        I agree we need to wait on the city council before we escalate things. I also feel bad for the residents of Brookhaven because they are being blamed for the actions of a few greedy people. I want Brookhaven to succeed because I truly believe that would benefit everybody. I'm ready to move on and I'm sure many folks on all sides are ready for the same.

  12. enuff govt already

    Cities compete. Cities DON'T cooperate. We didn't need MORE govt. They are fighting to confiscate more of our money! The Chamblee councilman practically said it when he said the City of Chamblee can build their downtown now.

  13. Looking at the vote results, it seems obvious that people think Brookhaven should stand down. My thought is that you should publish the numbers of people in each category, no, yes, don't know, so that the folks that run Brookhaven know if the have an electoral problem or not.

    Brookhaven's leaders didn't much care about the poll done by the HOAs on the Pink Pony issues, then they had a "town meeting" and announced themselves "transparent" and told us that it was good to mix with "the people." Then they had a meeting and did nothing about it.

    The only way these folks are going to do anything is if they get afraid of the people that elected them and can vote them out. For the long term, maybe it's a good thing for them to continue their bullying ways with Century Center and then get told, in real terms at the ballot box, that their "my way or the highway, scorched earth government" isn't wanted.

  14. New Chamblee residen

    I'd like to point out that there is no single owner of Century Center; Highwood Properties is NOT the only business owner located in Century Center. Also, the owners of Highwood Properties are not residents of the area and were not eligible to vote in the recent election. The voters of the area have spoken loud and clear. Please respect their vote.

  15. The owners of Century Center have rights just like the residents around them. That's all I'm saying. We should be respecting their decision to join Brookhaven as the residents decided to join Chamblee. We might not agree on their decision but we also don't own the property. Respecting property rights is the issue.

  16. Mike G no one has a right to go into the city of their choice.

  17. Mike G, even if Century Center owners got a vote in this it would still only be one vote and they would be overruled. There are some people who wanted the Chamblee vote to fail so they could seek annexation into Brookhaven for their home/neighborhood. That's just not how it went down. Century Center may not have voted at the ballot box but they spent a LOT of money on the Chamblee No campaign effort. They were not 'silenced' in this process in any way, their vote just didn't get to trump the majority. I don't see how this is unfair, it's the way we've done voting for quite some time now.

  18. New Chamblee residen

    A significant amount of money was spent on attempting to convince the residents in the area that annexation to Chamblee would NOT be a good idea. Although there were several different groups sharing this agenda, we do know that many of the Chamblee No Robo phone calls originated from a group of political consultants called Rosetta Stone Communications. This is the same group that handled the political campaign of the current Mayor of Brookhaven. This fact inevitably leads one to question the motives of the current Brookhaven Mayor and his administration in trying to influence the outcome of the election as well as the misguided litigation to annex Century Center. We respectfully request that the Brookhaven city council put an end to this litigation at tomorrow's meeting. It's time to put this issue behind the city of Brookhaven and look forward to a more positive approach in future relations with the residents of Chamblee.

    • Prove it. Show us the definintive evidence. Otherwiseyou're making yourself, your new neighbors and your new city look like sore sports. Look, move on man. It's done. Let it go.

      • Living next to the area to be annexed into Chamblee I got the mailers and the robo calls. The pro-Chamblee people have a website that connected the dots. Mayor Davis has two distinct personas and if you have paid attention you have seen them. Did you read his recent comments in the Brookhaven Reporter? Many of us are shocked with his desperate behavior and the shame he has brought to Brookhaven. It will not be over until our city council says so tonight.

  19. New Chamblee residen

    Ted Bundy: I'll let it go once Brookhaven & Highwood Properties drop the litigation against Chamblee. BTW, we won the election, didn't we?

  20. New Chamblee residen

    Ted Bundy: Here is your proof: Look at the November 3 posting on the Citizens for Chamblee Facebook page. Here is the link:


    All we are asking Brookhaven to do is to drop the lawsuit. Once they do that, then Highwood will follow suit and we all can move on. These lawsuits are poisonous to relations between the two neighboring cities. If you still want to go to court, well there is always the Pink Pony litigation. That should keep Brookhaven's lawyers busy and well compensated. Just sayin……

  21. New Chamblee residen

    This is now a moot question as the Brookhaven city council just voted to stop the appeal of the Century Center annexation decision. I fully expect Highwood Properties to drop their lawsuit in the next few days. It looks as though cooler heads have prevailed.

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