Sidewalk crew gets a helping hand from Mayor Davis

  • Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis helps crews spread concrete.
  • Mayor Davis and Public Works Director Richard Meehan visit the site.
  • Partially completed sidewalk.
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City of Brookhaven Sidewalk Improvement Map. Click to download PDF.

City of Brookhaven Sidewalk Improvement Map. Click to download PDF.

Brookhaven, GA, Feb. 7 – With Brookhaven’s temporary City Hall in Dunwoody closed for the day due to construction by a next door tenant, Mayor J Max Davis found a great way to stay busy as he pitched in on a sidewalk project along Ashford Dunwoody Rd.

The new 570 ft. sidewalk will stretch from Stratfield Drive to Humility Lane and connect to the existing sidewalk along the west side of the street.

In November, Brookhaven City Council approved an amended 2013 budget with $400,000 to build new sidewalks. Working with the public works director, each council member and the mayor selected locations in each district ensuring sidewalk improvements will be made throughout the entire city.

An additional $500,000 is allocated for sidewalk construction in this year’s 2014 budget, totaling close to $1 million in pedestrian improvements in Brookhaven’s first two years.


37 Responses to Sidewalk crew gets a helping hand from Mayor Davis

  1. Go Mayor Davis! It is so nice to see him so involved in our city!

  2. How nice of Mayor Davis to put a sidewalk running from his neighborhood to the area where his family attends church and his children attend school.

  3. If you look closely you will see a man that always has his eye open for a photo shoot. You never wear your Sunday walking shoes when you pour and place concrete for sidewalks. Unless you are a politician looking for a photo . . . Well, you know.

  4. I didn't know Mayor Davis lived in Canbridge Park or on Ashford Dunwoody. I thought he lived in Brittany. I guess it would be helpful if the city would put a 500 yard "no sidewalk " buffer any place he and his family may frequent . I know his kids play sports at Murphey Candler so that buffer would protect that park area from having any new sidewalks. The city could also pass a "no photo/ no volunteer work allowed" buffer so politicians wouldn't be able to help out planting bulbs or with clean ups at parks. That way citizens wouldn't have to see any of our city "leaders" encourage community service or publicize projects that improve the community. It would also help keep people from knowing where some of their tax dollars are being wasted.

  5. Eddie,
    How long did it take Dekalb county to build this sidewalk? Dekalb leaders seem to have a nose for the kind of cameras that take those depressing, expressionless pictures where they make people turn to the right and have those numbers at the bottom.

    • So when do the myriad of necessary road repair projects occur?

      I'm glad that the 'founders district' is absorbing taxpayer revenue from around the City to attend to their pet projects, however this action is 'improvement' while the necessary repairs languish.

      Blaming the County for everything past, current and future is so passe'.

      • Wasn't there a sidewalk project in each district? That is what the map shows.

        • Yes, every city district got a sidewalk installation. The way it was presented it was milked for everything it was worth. Question is will there be major road improvements anytime soon? That is what I would like to see tackled ASAP. If so, does anyone know what roads or intersections being considered? I know there is supposed to be a traffic study but some of our traffic issues are no brainers and should be addressed immediately. Blaming DeKalb is getting real old but soon blaming Brookhaven could become vogue.

          Frankly, my dear, I’ll thank you to stop talking. I am ready for some action.

          • Thanks for amplifying my point!

            While sidewalks are a burning issue for some, road maintenance is a necessity for everyone who drives.

            As I rumble over the deteriorating washboards, I wonder when the 'privatized paving miracle' is set to begin?

  6. Regarding this sidewalk project, it looks like culvert work is being done as well. There has always been some puddling at the low point on the curve just past and across the street (heading toward JF) when it rains. Often motorists pull into the other lane to avoid it. Hopefully this will be resolved as part of this work too.

    As always, THANK YOU for your continued support of the Brookhaven Post! You may or may not know that Google News is now indexing our site.

    Check it out. Go here and type in Brookhaven or Brookhaven GA

  7. The sidewalk is a nice addition and hopefully the puddling in the curve will be solved too. Thankfully there is not a Brookhaven Public Works sign with Mayor Davis’ name or picture conspicuously posted. Eddie does make a relevant point. There are a couple of blocks of road on Dresden as you approach Kaleidoscope and Haven that has been in horrible condition for some time now. Then there is that awful suicide lane. Looks like this would have been on the short list for repair since it affects many more people on a daily basis.

  8. When do the yellow bricks get delivered?

  9. I can't wait to start blaming Brookhaven. I know they said there wouldn't be any paving in year 1 but they did budget quite a bit for year two. I think concrete can be poured in relatively cold weather but I seem to recall that asphalt has to be laid down hot and it has been very hot these first 5 weeks of 2014. When mayor and council order that the paving budget be gutted to pay for personal pet projects that only benefit their immediate surroundings or use the money to give themselves big pay raises , please let's all plan ahead to hit the streets and the blogs. We will let them know we knew this city would never work and the lack of paving this year is just another confirmation of what we have been saying for 2 years now.

    With the sparse and scarce police coverage and now with 3 officers joining some Swat team things will only get far worse.

    I guarantee if they do pave there will be cameras trying to document the paving- with city "leaders" trying to let the citizens know that their tax dollars aren't being wasted on such theatrical things as asphalt on the street. We will know better and can point out how promised sidewalks are now being ignored. Keep up the pressure and don't get distracted by all this show, smoke and mirrors. Gosh I long for the days when we didn't have to worry about Dekalb trying to snow us over with fake photo ops and "one Dekalb" signs.

  10. Carrie,

    Please don't be so angry. It's unbecoming. We expect to get what we pay for. We expect to get what we were promised. We expect to have professionals lead us. Up to this point it's just been one giant PR campaign and litigious fiasco paying back the favors owed to the district 1 constituents. Answer me this Carrie, when has Brookhaven done anything for district four? If you see a roach, step on it.

  11. Carrie,
    Do we still have a Police Department or was that just a temporary outsource?

  12. Amen Ace and Eddie! Hey that sounds like a good name for a cop show "Ace & Eddie coming up after the game".

    It is obvious we don't have a real, professional, Police Department as crime has only gotten worse and I have only seen the police in pictures as a part of press releases and news stories. I wonder how long the city can keep up the charade of having "59 officers"? What they call a "precinct" on Buford Highway down in district 4 is a joke! I know they have sidewalks in district 4 on their phony map and I guarantee they will find some excuse to re-allocate that money to district 1 sidewalks. Gebbia is just a patsy for the mayor.

    We need to rise up!

  13. I was for the city but people like Eddie, Ace, Thorndike and Brittany Mother etc. have shown me how the city is just a charade. I mean I thought I saw tripled police converage, a millage rate cut, sidewalk construction , a million dollar reserve fund in the first year, parks improving, but they have informed me otherwise. These things obviously didn't happen because these posters don't see them or talk about them and if they say these things are mirages or phony then I just take their word for it. I mean, they are mirages aren't they? Can we just turn back the clock so I don't have to struggle with what I actually see and what Eddie and the gang are telling me can't be true? I miss Dekalb because I know I didn't get much and paid a little more but at least I knew what I wasn't seeing. my head hurts.

    • Carrie,

      I am glad you can see sidewalks, I don't want to pay for them. I want the roads fixed.

      Talk about what you wish, make stuff up, that won't change the small, moderate and large disasters that are happening around us every day, each one sucking irreplaceable funds out of our treasury. Just think, half a million dollars will go down the drain and the Pink Pony will open at 1100 am every day.

      I realize that much of this was to fund the wants of District 1 while the rest of the area is allowed to fend for itself.

      Don't worry, life tends to have some balancing effects over time. You might even learn to open your eyes.

  14. Eddie,

    Friend, I think you are mistaken. I believe the roads won't be fixed. How can they as you and I both know there won't be enough money to pay for them. We are fast on the way to becoming the "brokehaven" you have long predicted. I don't recall though really ever hearing you say a year ago that you wished Dekalb county would fix the roads. I mean did the lie that is Brookhaven cause the roads to deteriorate this quickly in one year? – Could be. Things get really fuzzy in a year but now I seem to remember that the roads in Brookhaven (unincorporated) were in great shape before this sham of a city was foisted on us. Weren't they? That silly laser truck that the city hired (probably driven by some cronie on the take from the mayor) drove around just after the city started and said that the roads the county had maintained for the prior decades were in pretty bad shape. Hah! Whatever! You and I know that data was manipulated to make the county look bad. Since you weren't griping about the roads a year ago of course they had been professionally and regularly maintained by our county government. I just want the roads repaired too, maybe we can just un- incorporate and go back to the old reliable county road paving and maintenance program. Let's be vigilant and get ready to start dissolving this disaster of a city!

    • Carrie,

      What WAS predicted TWO YEARS AGO is a 'city' put in place by a contrived election process to marshal the resources of the area to benefit of the neighborhoods most interested in inventing a city. In my area, there was no enormous outcry for sidewalks. It really wasn't an issue so celebrating a token sidewalk project is a bit of a head-scratcher.

      What were issues were an adequately sized Police force, adequate revenue to maintain or improve existing public service levels, enforcement of zoning and environmental regulations and equal distribution of municipal resources. Those remain issues of concern.

      Of course we do have the roach-coach rodeo at the parks and we have dumped plenty into putting a long term, revenue generating business out of business, so I don't know what the goals of this manufactured municipality are any more….aside from attempting to carve up the other side of I-85.

      Yep, this transparent local control thingy is truly a weird beast.

  15. When I was young we didn't have smooth as silk roads, you slowed down. You kids today I swear!

    Seriously though, pot holes should be filled but isn't that what the see click fix is for? The hard freezes and excessive rain that then freezes have done a job on the roads and I imagine filling pot holes is difficult at best in this cold winter .

    Myself, I find uneven pavement a good way to slow traffic down. As long as it doesn't damage my tire or rim I'm ok with it. Now those metal plates, that's another story.

    I want sidewalks, and I can't think of any roads in Brookhaven I would support widening.

  16. Hello. Guess y'all ought to get used to the fact we in fact do have a city. Whether or not you were for it or against it is now irrelevant. Continual whining or gloating will only precipitate a community divided. How bout we just hold those who are in charge accountable for bringing us the promises to a reality and embracing the hand we have been dealt. Without a community focus on a singular effort of success we all stand to lose. Let's get over the childish dialog and get on with it. These sidewalks have long been needed. Personally I have had to run out into the street going from sidewalk to sidewalk. This will make a safer trek for those who frequent the area. Thank you all for your past, present and future contributions to our community, whether or not you can bring yourself to call it a city. It is still our community first and foremost. There are a lot more citizens than elected officials. We have the power due to our sheer numbers to make the community what we want it to be. Might be a good time to get engaged, active and get started being involved. If you want change, work for it. Of course this is just my opinion for what it's worth. Thanks.

  17. Right on Eddie! That 1000 foot sidewalk the city built down your way in district 2 a couple of months ago was another token. Evn if the city builds all the sidewalks on that phony map they will still all be tokens together.

    Even though the pony lost the lawsuit they filed against the city I still cant believe they lostI could it be that Dekalb Superior court judge is that wrong? If that ordinance the city passed is legal then unfortunately it guarantees no new strip clubs will be coming to Brookhaven. I am still puzzled as to why the city spent less than 50 k on it when we know they were supposed to waste a million dollars on it. 50 is close to a million though. Also the pony said they pay 500,000.00 a year in taxes but the matronly, career public accountant who works for the city says they pay 27,000.00. Not a big difference here either buI believe the strip club industry any day over that city "accountant".

    Funny how the Pink Pony is still operating. Do you think the city is really going to shut them down?

    • This is neither a County or State issue.

      The next step up in the Courts is where the real expenditures begin.

      Would you be willing to close a long term profitable business over a newbie ordinance?

  18. Eddie, Unfortunately for our side there is only one more step , arguing once for a couple hours before the State Supreme court. I wish there were going to be substainally more fees but there aren't . We are going to have to shift gears on this one as the money end isn't panning out. As long as the city keeps letting the pony operate even when they could have shut them down already it kind of makes it hard to attack from that angle too. We need to start pointing out that this moralist, right wing zealot ordinance is keeping out new and even better strip clubs. We should have the right to patronize strip clubs at more venues in Brookhaven and no Bible beating mayor and council should be decreeing that 4 or 5 more clubs around town is bad for Brookhaven.

    • Let’s talk about that ordinance designed specifically for the Pink Pony for a moment.

      Looking at the elected officials and various appointed citizens it is clear Brookhaven is controlled by the Citizens for North DeKalb and Brookhaven Yes. I do not recall the Pink Pony being one of their issues of concern for creating a city. I was really caught off guard when I heard that an ordinance was passed to alter the business of the pink Pony. Why? This has been tried for decades in the Atlanta area and rarely with success, just look at Sandy Springs and the result of the Atlanta action on Cheshire Bridge Road. So, why are we doing this and just who does it ultimately benefit?

      This is what is really troublesome about the Pink Pony issue. Our elected officials created an ordinance that effectively shut the Pink Pony down on the 2nd of January. The Pink Pony is still open. If our city can pick and choose just what ordinances they enforce can I as a citizen selectively choose just what laws and ordinances I elect to obey? The leaders of Brookhaven are setting a very dangerous precedent.

    • Your take on the Pink Pony issue is a little baffling (more strip clubs?) but hey, who am I to pass on your interests.

      Anyway, I don't know why the State Supreme Court would be the final authority on a Federal Civil Rights issue, but what do I know?

      On the issue of moralism, we should not forget that our neighbor to the Northeast was under a deep moral sway a couple of decades ago that primarily impinged growth, so you may be on to something.

  19. Right on Ed! I wish that ordinance was designed specifically and only for the Pink Pony so we would have the right to have a few more non- pink pony strip clubs in Brookhaven. Unfortunately that holier than thou ordinance keeps out any new bigger and better clubs we could all be enjoying now. I mean Dekalb County was smart enough to not enforce their ordinance and lawlessness reigned supreme and still does because they have 7 or 8 clubs operating all over the county with a similar ordinance in place. We need to secretly start emailing and calling the county about this exact point you raise. At least the strip clubs actually pay Dekalb 100k each to pick and choose which laws they get to follow. We just need to say Brookhaven is setting the precedent and quietly give the county a pass so as to keep up the pressure on Crookhaven.

  20. Now now Carrie, do not upset our district 1 overlords. Fall in line

  21. Yes we need more strip clubs! At least one in every district. Unfortunately the issues raised in the lawsuit the pony lost covered the same issues for Federal and state so they don't get to go to Federal now. So the litigation expenses are all but over sadly. Wish they had been as high as we and the pony predicted because the spectre of years of litigation and a million dollars in fees was a good propaganda tool even if it was never true.

    Anyway, seems like the city is on top of the ice situation as I have gotten a half a dozen emails from the city over the past 2 days about city warming station locations, phone numbers for utilities, what roads are being currently treated, command posts. Just more grandstanding and cheerleading if you ask me. We need to start asking why they aren't treating these token sidewalks to strike back at them for all the work we know they are really not doing anyway.

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