VIDEO: 2/23 Budget Workshop and 2/25 Work Session Budget discussions. Watch the video’s. Draw your own conclusions.

2.23 City Budget Workshop

2.23 City Budget Workshop

As Brookhaven Mayor, J Max Davis and the City of Brookhaven City Council work through the Draft Budget with Staff, there are alot of questions and clarifications that still need attention – before any Final Budget is up for approval – and the Mayor and Council have asked for that from Staff.

To clarify – the Budget that was released in January is only a DRAFT Budget – NOT the Final Budget.

On February 23rd at Brookhaven City Hall, Mayor Davis, Council and Staff went over the draft with a fine toothed comb. Following the Budget Workshop on the 23rd, was a City Council Work Session two days later (2/25) at Brookhaven City Hall.

There are alot of deliberations taking place surrounding the millage rate, taxes and service levels – some are becoming “spirited” – and with many other budgetary and framework topics.

Top of mind for many Brookhaven residents is whether or not our taxes will stay where they are – or better yet, be lower – with enhanced service delivery levels. It is the job of the Mayor and Council to work together with Staff to frame out a budget to make that happen for the citizens.

Watch the conversations regarding the millage rate and taxes AS THEY HAPPENED in the 2 video’s below. The links will take you to the spot in each video where this discussion takes place so you don’t have to scroll through the entire timeline to find the dialog.

2.23 City Budget Work Session

2.23 City Budget Work Session

2.25 City Council Work Session

2.25 City Council Work Session

The Brookhaven Post has been video taping every Council Meeting and Work Session and posting them on-line. So, if you want to know what happened, who said what, and “how the deal actually went down”, simply visit our YouTube Channel (here) and see for yourself and draw your own conclusions. If you are unable to draw a conclusion, then perhaps you have the material for a question to the Mayor and Council for clarification.

Additionally, The Brookhaven Post will be providing a LIVE STREAM of the Meetings and Work Sessions – Bandwidth Permitting. If you would like to be notified, follow us on Twitter or Facebook where we will post links to the next LIVE FEED.

We will attempt to LIVE STREAM the 2/26 Council Meting and Public Hearing taking place tonight if there is an internet connection that can handle the broadcast.

Thank you for your continued support of The Brookhaven Post.

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