ZBA to meet for Work Session and Regular Meeting Wednesday

20140206-174703.jpgBROOKHAVEN, GA, Feb. 19 – The City of Brookhaven’s Zoning Board of Appeals will meet Wednesday, February 19th, for a Work Session and Regular Meeting.

The Work Session will begin at 5:30 PM and the Regular Meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

Both meetings will be held at Brookhaven’s Municipal Court location at 2 Corporate Square, Suite 125, Brookhaven.

On the Agenda:  


  • ZBA13-43: Patsios Homes, LLC – Variance to Reduce Front Yard Setback and 75 Foot Stream Buffer. Property Location: 2381 Drew Valley Rd., Brookhaven, GA


  • ZBA14-01: Eugene Aultman – Waive Lot Merger Requirement. Property Location: 2492 Ellijay Drive NE, Brookhaven, GA
  • ZBA14-02: Michael Field – Waive Lot Merger Requirement, Increase Lot Coverage on Lot 2, and Reduce the Front Yard Setback Along Sunland Drive for Lot 1. Property Location: 2603 Apple Valley Road
  • ZBA14-03: Anthony Jenkins – Reduce Rear Yard Setback, Reduce Swimming Pool Setback, Increase Lot Coverage, and Allow a Retaining Wall of Up to 8 Feet in Height in the Front Yard. Property Location: 3193 Madison Avenue
  • ZBA14-04: Dunlavy Law Group, LLC – Appeal an Administrative Decision to Remove Stop Work Order. Property Location: 2802 Ashford Road

The Full Agenda Packet can be found here.

One Response to ZBA to meet for Work Session and Regular Meeting Wednesday

  1. Wow! The Dunlavy attorney pointed out what some would consider as very deceptive behavior on our city! Clearly Bill Riley really messed this one up and the city is just covering their tails instead of protecting the citizens!

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