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    You have to be kidding! Right now you can't go down Dresden drive because of the traffic overload that has been created by the large apartment complexes and other development. Don't get me wrong -SMART well landscaped development is a win for the area. Tearing out all the old growth and putting apartments / condo's hotels in an area with too much traffic congestion is irresponsible. So everyone is going to take MARTA.. to where? I worked at the concorse and in order to get from Brookhaven to Medical center I had to go to Lindberg and change trains or take a bus that sat in the same traffic I did in my car but stopped a billion times. MARTA is only functional for baseball (not for long) Football and the Airport.

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    Ida Beth

    I’m all for shiny
    new buildings and businesses but what about the traffic?

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    Laura Ross

    So much for driving on Dresden and North Druid Hills.

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    Kathy Veitch

    Density density density….I think that this proposal reflects the density in the planners heads! Just how much more developer/political/governmental crud are we going to have shoved down our throats??? I live here! I would like to continue to LIVE here, NOT simply survive here, trying to get things done all the while working around the 7a-10a, 12n-2p, 4p-7p, 9p-11p rush hour traffic JAMS on Dresden!!!!!!
    Marie Garrett should be REQUIRED TO LIVE ON DRESDEN!!!!!! THE MAYOR TOO! These high priced, highly payed political consorts who are up for whatever overdevelopment any developer/ political hack comes up with need to go!

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    Over It

    For once I’d like to see our Brookhaven leaders remove themselves from the back pockets of developers.

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