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    Sounds like P'tree, to accommodate heavier traffic, may eventually have to create (where none now exist) at least a center lane running inbound in the mornings and outbound in the evenings inside the Perimeter —splitting B'Haven from one side of P'tree to the other more than ever.

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    I suppose in the only locale where sidewalk actually exists on both sides of P'tree in B'Haven —south of Dresden along P'tree— we can always wave each other.

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    Great news for the area. I just hope its a walkable outdoor shopping/mall/event area with true sidewalks and boulevards much ,like the newer developments down in Florida.

    The last thing we need is another Best Buy/Marshalls/Olive Garden strip mall.

    Hopefully this causes Chamblee to clean up the drug infested area the back of the Porsche dealership as well.

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    You mean I can buy my drugs behind the Porsche Dealership???? Thanks, all this time I've been fighting traffic trying to get to Steve Reynolds Blvd near the mall to get them! Who do I ask for? Plus there's a good wing place next to H Mart for when I get the munchies!

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    That wing place is closed.

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    Rod Blagovich

    Old GM Plant will replace Toco Hills as the worst shopping mall in the metro area in 5 years. What real estate deal takes 2 years to complete? Expect a couple of indictments along the way.

    It would have been renovated long ago, but the EPA needs to get paaaayyyy—d.

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    Wing factory in Chamblee is good and they ain't bad at Bat n Ball

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    More like 8 years if you consider how long its been dormant. Agreed the EPA was the hold up, who knows what GM was leaking into the ground. The scrap metal sale will pay back most of the purchase cash. Hopefully it wont be another Toco Hills.

    Was really hoping the Falcons or Braves would go there. Maybe an Atlantic Station II without the gun battles.

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    Eddie E.

    Well, the getting paid part will kick into high gear when the dirt gets scratched.

    Under that building is probably the most contaminated soil in the southeast.

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    Boss Tweed

    The most contaminated soil in the SE is on the bottom of the river running next to the old Hercules Chemical Plant in Brunswick.

    A bulldozer, track hoe and dump truck train could clean up the GM Plant in a week, but regulators wouldn't dare waste this kind of opportunity.

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    "Under that building is probably the most contaminated soil in the southeast."

    🙂 Anything like the soil under this:… ???

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    Do you mean the back room where all of the top salesmen are doing blow?

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    Eddy, "Take a breath of AIR rather than whatever it is you have been breathing." —Eddie E.

    The above in regard to yet another new phenononum in town:

    'to boyerize': to criminalize an unwilling other

    'to be boyerized': to be involuntarily criminalized

    —from don Gabacho's (yet to be published) New United Americas Dictionary.

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    "Who do I ask for?"

    Shouldn't the boys-in-blue

    (in that neck-of-the-woods)

    have a clue?

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    "That wing place closed."

    Actually, it took flight.

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    Looking at that rendering, I must say those are hideous colors they've chosen for the buildings. *Bleh*

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    you're joking, right?! The colors in renderings generally depict different uses. 🙂

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    Eddie E.

    Are you aware of the components in the biocides used in central-source hydraulic tooling?

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