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    “"Frankly the rest of the state is tired of DeKalb County', he said referring to the amount of attention and energy the General Assembly has spent on cityhood matters."

    Many people in DeKalb County are tired of petulant Legislators and Governors.

    More importantly, the other shoe that could drop is the pending Court of Appeals decision on the Chamblee Annexation. If Highwoods wins and is annexed by Brookhaven, the "annexation" of only the residential areas needs to be revisited. The vote last year was in favor of a described area including Century Center and the neighborhoods. There was no vote on annexation of just the neighborhoods. Put differently, people voted to annex "C" which is comprised of "A" and "B." Chamblee had and has no legal authority to annex only "A."

    If Century Center goes to Brookhaven, the neighborhoods should revert to incorporated DeKalb governance and be in play in the oh so popular "which baby city is the coolest" contest.

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    And spellcheck apparently changed it both times. Unincorporated!

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    I don't envy the Cityhood folks. It's a good thing in the right application such as Sandy Springs. They know how to do it up Royal. The rest of these little ant colonies are shady.

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    The MAIN concern in my community (Laurel Ridge/Shamrock/N. DeKalb Mall area) is the increased crime. DeKalb County is too big for its leaders to care what's going on in my little corner of the world and people in my community are fed up with the crime. We no longer feel safe and that includes shopping at N. DeKalb Mall. Most of my neighbors and myself now shop at Perimeter Mall. We hear tale of new mall management and developers who are supposed to renovate N. DeKalb Mall. If and when that happens, hopefully the new management company will kick out the lower-end stores like Ross and Burlington that bring criminal elements into our community. Cityhood is looking better and better to the people in this area. Hopefully, with people who actually live in this community running the new city, they will have more say as to what types of businesses will be allowed in the mall and community. Sorry if this sound elitist, but I'm just saying out loud what the majority of people think.

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    There are a lot of lessons to be learned in Brookhaven. Police, home frigging run. Knocked this outta the park thanks to Gary Yandura and Ron Freeman.

    The rest is a litigious mess and quite embarrassing and will cost people their elected positions and jobs eventually.

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    But what will happen to our neighborhood values, if Druid Hills annexes and takes the high school with them and we are redistricted? Our neighborhood crime level is not as bad as other areas, and much of it would be stopped if people would lock their vehicles. I see NET team members of the police department at Shamrock and at the 285 interchange. The mall was just purchased and is working on redevelopment plans (movie theater upgrade, more restaurants, more stores, possibly Costco, possibly apartments for mixed use, and other stores), but it will take 2-3 years for that to happen and that is if nothing falls through. They are willing to show plans and listen to our community's ideas and have listened to me tell the survey results that the Laurel Ridge Civic Association had from it's survey. I also wonder how the areas that are not part of a city that could be around us and how they will affect our area. Will crime rise here and spill over to our neighborhood? There are many aspects that need to be looked at for people to make decisions.

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    No more new cities. It will not bring government closer to the people. It will push the already corrupt agendas of the developers, politicians, and the moral crusade even deeper into reaming the taxpayer. Think about it Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public, who represents you? It certainly isn't the politicians or the greedy developers…no one represents the people. The system needs to change but the avenues to achieve change are dead. Can't fight a rigged game by their pre-set rules. The outcome is always the same, the people lose. The strangle hold that ALEC has on this state is pathetic…we need to reject the system to change it. This does not mean do nothing. This simply means doing it differently. Ready to make substantial change check out Ubuntu USA and Michael Tellinger on Facebook. This system isn't fair to the people of this state let alone the people of this country.

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    enuff govt already

    Balkanization is not moving the metro area forward. Cities compete they don't cooperate. And I have to disagree on the police issue as our neighbor to the north said they expect another year of rising crime rates and I detect more criminal activity in B'haven. What I never see a politician (someone who is employed by govt) talk about is fewer governments as an answer. Our problem is govt and the only answer they put forth is more govt.

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    Keith Hanks

    This is a major historic event. Something few have personally encountered before in their lifetime or few will ever encounter again.

    There is a lot of analysis paralysis going on. What you don't see going on is people wanting to unmunicipalize DeKalb, and abolish all cities. This means something is good about these existing cities. New cities bring great opportunity. There will be growing pains, it's not a flip of a switch. Roll up your sleeves, become part of the solution and apply lessons learned from past cities. We can do this Middle DeKalb County! Don't be a product of your environment… Let your environment be a product of you.

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    Check the history books, we have been down the segregation road before and there are few who want to go back.

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    There will never be another Sandy Springs. And I wouldn’t want to deal with that traffic anyway. Keep your cities. We chose to live where we live because we want LESS government and LOWER taxes. Not more of both. Pllllluuueeeese!

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    "If Century Center goes to Brookhaven, the neighborhoods should revert to incorporated DeKalb governance and be in play in the oh so popular “which baby city is the coolest” contest."

    I agree and hope for a Brookhaven win in the Court of Appeals.

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    Don't think you can go back to unincorporated, which is probably why even SPELL CHECK wouldn't let you do it!

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    I'm going with the Oxford Dictionaries on the correct spelling, absent all caps.

    As to the substance, I guess it will be up to the courts.

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    By all means – we should let spell check make our important decisions, not to mention, say what we do not want to say. It knows better than we ignorant mortals.

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    Yeah, anarchy. That's the answer!

    I don't see any solutions being put forth here. Are you happy with the status quo?

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    "Taking" the schools is not an easy process. It takes years to get it approved, and then it's a 5 year transition period after it gets approved. From what I understand the Briarcliff cityhood movement isn't really addressing schools. Has anyone heard otherwise? The Lakeside cityhood movement appears poised to establish it's own school system since the proposed boundaries are mostly following those of the school systems that feed LHS, but Druid Hills would not be affected by that either.

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    I agree that ALEC is a terrible organization and our legislators have pretty much turned over the legislative process to them so that large corporations are dictating public policy in favor of profit motivated companies rather than the citizens, but I don't see what that has to do with the cityhood movements? I think that the more local the elected officials are, the more responsive they are to their constituents. Cityhood is not about more big government, it is about smaller, more locally run government. The issues that concern people in the Emory area are very different from those in Lithonia.

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    And then when you have a city you'll be the first one saying the needs of Lakeside District 1 are different than the needs of Lakeside district 2.


    Bottom line.

    No matter how small you slice the pie, there will always be those who think their wants and needs are more important that the wants and needs of someone else.

    If this is your reason for cityhood, you should do some more thinking and come up with a better reason.

    Your Lithonia / Emory area example is flimsy. Plus, you better hope you have several people in your city that want to step up in succession for probably the next 16 to 20 years. As you slice the pie smaller and smaller you have less of a pool of qualified candidates to pull from.

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    Ditto, Patathomas.

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