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    Hogwash. Millar is just mad Davis is a better businessman.

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    Perhaps you have it Pablo, J. Max has an interest in the annexation? Tell us more.

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    Lane Barton

    Brookhaven will continue to thrive. No matter who tries to quash it if Lakeside was so good and wonderful there would be a city right now. Keep it going Brookhaven no matter who gets in the way.

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    Brookhaven Bob

    I was at the hearing and heard Fran Millar tell the Brookhaven Mayor to “cease all attempts to grab additional land for your city or the state legislature will have to slap you down.” If I were Max Davis, I would heed his warning.

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    Given Governor Deal’s otherwise inexplicable veto of the bills that would have ended the Brookhaven Century Center grab, I think Mayor Davis may have more juice than Senator Millar.

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    Thomas Porter

    J. Max Davis tried to play with the big boys but got a smack-down. Thought he was one of them, but was forced to face the truth.

    Appropriate and further evidence we need to mature a bit before we try for Redevelopment Powers.

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    What is also interesting is that people keep going to Mike Jacobs for help in forming cities that are not in his district. The process is that any cityhood move is initiated by the State Representative of the general area of the proposed city. I don’t think that he planned for this happening, and probably doesn’t want it. Let the people of that district handle their own affairs.

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    Funny how Doolittle can’t hide his anti-Brookhaven bias even remotely in this “article”. I left before the meeting was over but I was at the meeting for the exchanges he mentions. I and others present (including the mayor and council members ) got a different impression than Doolittle’s rah-rah, anti city viewpoint. Mary Margaret Oliver started off ungraciously and rudely attacking the mayor and the city when no citizens at the forum raised their hands to ask questions of the legislative panel. It was the only way she could fill in for the lack of interest the panel’s presentation generated among the people in attendance. She attempted to claim the city of Brookhaven’s annexation considerations were hurting other city hood efforts. She nearly killed Brookhaven’s incorporation referendum and did everything she could to stop it and she killed Lakeside earlier this year. I think the question the mayor asked of the legislators was to expose the doublespeak and phony indignation exhibited by Oliver about city hood. The only ones uncomfortable or “perplexed” were those legislators who clearly have not and do not support city hood efforts namely, Oliver and Henson. I understand why they didn’t want to answer the mayor as he was effectively calling some of them on the carpet for pretending they care about protecting any new city proposals. Their mission is to cover for the county and stop any new cities. I was proud of the mayor for standing up to those partisans who attacked the city. I was also proud of Rep. Jacobs for telling Rep. Henson then truth about her cliched “cherry picking have/have nots” party line.
    Doolittle, if you are going to act like you are a reporter you should probably disclose if you were actually at the meeting.

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    But it was okay for Jacobs, without the normal honorific, such as Mr. Doolittle, to talk over his colleague?

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    Thomas Porter

    Mayor: the days of the Brookhaven Yes or No camps are over. Let’s move forward (appropriately & intelligently).

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    Brookhaven Bob

    Thank you for your comments, Mayor Davis.

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    Joe S.

    Perhaps the video tell more than meets the eye.

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    Eddie E.

    Wow, if Senator Millar had spent a few days getting the opinions of people outside dunwoody 3 years ago, we might not be in this mess today.
    I can’t help but remember being in a meeting at the Doraville library with the Senator standing behind me as citizens asked questions. A lady spoke wondering why a new city was being instituted without clear, broad Citizen interest. Behind me, Senator Millar spoke to a cohort and said “She just doesn’t see that dunwoody train coming at her”.
    It appears today that the ‘dunwoody train’ might just have gone off the rails.

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    Eddie E.

    So let’s make sure the scorecard reads properly:
    Considering what is best for all involved = anti-brokehaven
    For Representative Oliver to REPRESENT her constituents =rude and ungracious
    Legislators not in the pocket of unseen developers = perplexed

    This would all be so much easier if the truth were presented transparently in advance.

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    Brookhaven Bob

    Transparency has not been observed in the JMD Administration. That has been a real disappointment for me and other commenters on this blog.

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    Thomas Porter

    I believe it is far more pervasive than the commenters only, I think MANY people who would never comment here feel the same way.

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    Mr. Davis heeds no one warning Brookhaven Bob.

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    Eric Robert

    “An agitated Millar reminded Davis that he stopped Dunwoody from taking its boundary inside I-285 to protect a future Brookhaven’s commercial revenue potential. “The same principle applies to the Executive Park area”, equating the arrangement to a move that might now be made “across I-85” by Brookhaven.”

    I have made this point several times relative to Brookhaven’s accepting the Century Center Annexation request and now this Executive Park annexation request.

    Bottom line Fran Millar’s statement is correct.

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    There is some truth to Millar’s and Eric’s point. There is a crucial difference as Dunwoody never received an application for annexation from Perimeter Summit or anybody south of 285. Ashford Park residents, who are impacted daily by policies and operations of the adjacent PDK and Plaza Fiesta, called for the Airport Fiesta parcel to be included in the Brookhaven map. Didn’t Millar give Chamblee what it wanted? It wasn’t until a year later that Chamblee decided to go for the bigger land grab and add Century Center and neighborhoods south and east of the airport. Has anybody shown that Exec.Park is the linchpin to viability for Lakeside as I don’t think it was in their study area was it? Maybe Brookhaven should do what is best for Brookhaven as it seems that is what other cities tend to do.

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    Thomas Porter

    Mayor: that would probably be a better argument if citizens didn’t have so much mistrust of our leaders. Fix that problem (truly fix, not just declare it’s fixed) and support would grow dramatically. For all issues, but start with the Pink Pony.

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    Brookhaven Bob

    Mayor Davis: Do you have any idea how much ill will you have created among your neighboring cities (both present and future) related to your incessant demands for annexing commercial property adjacent to your city? Do you care?

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    New Chamblee resident

    Carrie: I would like to correct one of your misstatements listed above. Chamblee did NOT initially approach DECA about annexation. In fact, it was the other way around. Max Davis came to our DECA meeting and told us that he only wanted to annex Century Center and NOT the surrounding residential areas. DECA approached Chamblee after that fateful meeting. In November 2012, 61% of the voters of the area in question voted for annexation into Chamblee. That vote percentage was far higher than that who voted for Brookhaven cityhood. Please get your facts straight. Thank you.

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    Carrie, as someone who lives next door to the Century Center property, and who was involved in the area’s annexation into Chamblee, I can tell you that Century Center, PDK, and Plaza Fiesta were always part of our maps. Going back to 2012, when C4ND and then Brookhaven Yes were drawing and adjusting their maps, the residents of this area told all involved that the maps either had to include all of the residential areas around those commercial parcels, or those commercial parcels had to be left out of the Brookhaven maps to allow our areas the funding needed to support their inclusion into another city. While it took several months, those maps were changed well in advance of the state legislature passing the Brookhaven cityhood maps for consideration in that year’s election cycle.

    When Lakeside was creating their city maps in early 2013, while our residents were working to have a new annexation bill moved through the legislature due to mistakes made by DeKalb County in the previous referendum, we met with Mary Kay Woodworth and Shultz asking them to change their maps and exclude the areas on this side of I-85 that were included at that time. They were at least honest and up front about their intentions, and told us their goal was to create a better tax base for their proposal. After discussing the concerns of both sides, they did change their maps and dropped the commercial area from I-85 to Clairmont Road, as well as other commercial parcels along the I-85 access road.

    In all of this, Chamblee never “went for the bigger land grab” – instead, the residents of the area drove the discussion and the map. Crazy idea, I know – having the citizens involved work for what they want and need.

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    Happy New Chamblee resident

    Carrie: Please be more careful with the facts related to the Century Center annexation by Chamblee. It’s obvious that you have a distinct bias in your postings on this subject. You probably owe the people of Chamblee an apology for your misstatements.

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    Eric Robert

    ” It wasn’t until a year later that Chamblee decided to go for the bigger land grab and add Century Center and neighborhoods south and east of the airport.”

    A year later than what? Century Center was drawn out before the Airport Plaza Fiesta parcel was because DECA and thus Century Center were going to go to Chamblee. Ask any Brookhaven Yes person.

    Drawing out those two nubs east of Clairmont and keeping Brookhaven on the West Side of Clairmont also makes sense from a simple boundary issue.

    People have a tough enough time knowing what city they are in now and thus who to call when there is a service or police request. Having Clairmont as Brookhaven’s eastern border from the Airport to I-85 makes the boundary easier for people, including dispatchers, to understand which jurisdiction they are in.

    So no I don’t agree we should merely do what is best for Brookhaven.

    I do agree that Lakeside and Briarcliff could happen without Executive Park, but then again, Brookhaven will be more than fine without jutting across 85.

    I’ve never agreed with those who question the financial viability of Brookhaven.

    Brookhaven is in probably the best location in Metro Atlanta, its revenues will only go up. The bigger issue is that the Brookhaven Government keeps it simple. That they don’t try get in the game of redevelopment or other areas. Brookhaven is the size Dunwoody but our borders are more geometric and thus more serviceable. If we focus on Police, Parks, zoning, and Roads and Drainage we should be able to keep the overhead low and keep our elected officials part time.

    As to Perimeter Summit not submitting an Annexation request that is because Dunwoody made it clear to Perimeter Summit that they wouldn’t accept it until after the City of Brookhaven was determined. Though even if Brookhaven failed I would have objected to Dunwoody jumping 285 without taking the surrounding neighborhoods because then we would have lost our voice in redevelopment proposals. The John Hancock proposal for instance is an immediate example of why that would be problematic.

    Anyway, Brookhaven should have probably signaled to Century Center and Executive park to wait on submitting an Annexation Request. But just because its been submitted doesn’t mean Brookhaven has to say Yes.

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    No, the people that insisted people to vote yes on the annexation owe the residents an apology. We are really screwed over in the Chamblee neighborhoods. 2 of Dekalbs lowest ranked schools, crime, gangs, no parks, no grocery stores, no builders coming in to remodel homes(because they couldn’t sell anything more than a cheap flip rental), no plans to get rid of the crap along Plaster Rd. (the only thing that could rescue these neighborhoods, and not one peep of concern for our homes and investments from elected officials. The ‘yes Chamblee’ group owes the homeowners a big apology!!

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    Happy New Chamblee resident

    I really feel sorry for you, Jealous. You sound like a bitter old lady. If you are unhappy in Chamblee, then why don’t you move? I have suggested this before.

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    It would have been beneficial to the Chamblee annexed neighborhoods to have waited patiently and really researched the options. I keep hearing the same few proclaiming Brookhaven would never have annexed us. That’s probably 1/2 true.
    1/2 of the neighborhoods, it wouldn’t have made sense, but Dresden Rd. would have been a natural boundary. Brookhaven would have had another large park AND been able to help initiate redevelopment of the troubled area. The fact that B’haven has clout and developers willing to invest , it wouldn’t have taken long for some developer to want the whole Clairmont/Buford Highway corner. That’s when discussions would have begun to include some of the neighborhoods. And now w/ the GM Plant gearing up, it would have also been more beneficial for the neighborhoods along Doraville’s boundaries, to be absorbed into that city. Century Center would have a better future w/ a Brookhaven address. Executive Park & Childern’s want a Brookhaven address, for the same reasons. Furture security. They should have that right.The neighborhoods in close proximity are already in discussions to annex into Atlanta.
    There are consequences to annexations, trust me.

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    enuff govt already

    The senator was knee deep in the new city legislation orgy. He voted to ease the annexation requirments. To cry now because one of the new cities isn’t behaving the way he wants it to is lame. Poorly written legislation has resulted in a balkanized north DeKalb full of neighbors and neighborhood angry and mistrustful of each other. …

    “People have a tough enough time knowing what city they are in now and thus who to call”…I think that was their aim. Divide, conquer and invest based on insider real estate info.

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    I expect my city officials to be smart, productive, efficient, honest, responsive, open, transparent and make decisions in the best interests of the taxpayers, none of which exists in Chamblee at this time. I do have to wonder why a city supporter is willing to stoop to such unsavory tactics, apparently just for kicks. It’s a sad reflection on a city that’s already having great difficulty attracting anything of quality.

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    Elle Woods

    That video is a must watch. Poor Carrie Max, it’s clear just how much the state goverment doesn’t respect him. As a side note, can someone please get that man a decent meetin’ folks suit?

  32. 32

    Elle Woods

    Another thing. I think it’s great that the City is providing services for the poor people. It’s very nice of them. Some of the poor people are even Facebook friends with the police. Precious.

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    Eric Robert

    I seriously doubt that Carrie is Max since Max knows about Century Center being drawn out of the Proposed Brookhaven City Boundaries well before the Plaza Fiesta/Airport section was in response to desires to keep it with the DECA area so that they could be annexed into Chamblee (or maybe it could have been another city).

    Also J. Max knows that the Dunwoody Mayor made it known that he would not consider annexation of the Perimeter CID area inside 285 unless the Brookhaven City vote was No.

    Personally It doesn’t matter what Carrie is since she/he provides a viewpoint that is held and thus should be considered. True its overly biased in favor of the current administration’s viewpoint, but then again there are some who are overly biased against the current administration’s viewpoint. Not to say that’s bad but there are a 1 or 2 negative posters that I think would be more effective if they weren’t so quick to throw out accusations or could move forward a bit.

  34. 34


    Fran wants what he wants when he wants it the way he wants it. That is all. He wanted Dunwoody to get what it wanted, but now that Brookhaven wants something, he thinks they should pull back the reins. He wants Lakeside to pick, piecemeal, its desired areas because it is the people’s “free will”, but he doesn’t want Executive Park owners to have free will. He thinks the Executive Park neighbors should have a say in what goes on around them, but he doesn’t think that Tucker or Idlewood or Stone Mountain should have a say in his Lakeside land grab. Grade A hypocrite and typical politician.

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    Dan Wright

    I am a member of Blueprint DeKalb Leadership ( that is trying to convince citizens and elected officials to adopt meaningful changes to bring the rule of law back to DeKalb govenment. After all, city or no city, everyone in DeKalb will still have many interactions with the county and school board. I agree that there are many things about DeKalb government that are unacceptable. However, the decision whether Brookhaven should annex the Executive Park district southeast of I-85 has other more important local issues.

    I personally spent hundreds and hundreds of hours over the last decade with my neighbors planning the future for the area. Our efforts included work with Executive Park commercial property owners, Children’s Healthcare reps, DeKalb county staff, elected officials, and other stakeholders to establish the North Druid Hills/ Briarcliff tax allocation district, conditions to zoning entitlement increases commercial property owners requested, the North Druid Hills Corridor LCI Study and many other area planning efforts. We worked together to negotiate and support eventual enactment of county ordinances to retain increased tax proceeds to fund needed area infrastructure, site plans with improved traffic infrastructure to relieve congestion, and zoning conditions to require connected, walkable greenspaces to integrate various land uses in positive ways that have been proven to increase commercial and residential property values elsewhere in the Atlanta region.

    Our efforts were motivated to reduce the impacts of increased commercial density and traffic to nearby neighborhoods and make this area a better place in the future. We never objected to more intense development but we believe we have the right to negotiate for conditions to reduce the negative impacts to our lives and property values. I own property adjoining the proposed Brookhaven Annexation and since 1989 I’ve been unable to sit on my patio without hearing car wrecks and injured people crying in the North Druid Hills – Briarcliff intersection. More development without realizing the vision guiding our activities would only make living conditions in this area worse.

    After the citizens of west DeKalb rose up against the Sembler project, I was elected President of Friends of Kittredge Park. We provided input and led development of a neighborhood approved master plan that led to a DeKalb county improvement project funded by park development bonds authorized for this park in the 1990’s. Each month for the past five years we’ve organized neighbors and volunteers to clean and renovate Kittredge Park. This overgrown greenspace was part of the intended “amenities package” for the Sembler development. Since then we’ve been able to transform it into a safe, enjoyable oasis that we plan be connected to the neighborhoods and the Briarcliff/North Druid Hills node commercial district that Brookhaven wants to annex.

    In general, I think it’s ludicrous to allow any city to annex commercial districts without also getting consent and annexing surrounding residential properties. Taking the commercial properties alone are simply stealing the lucrative tax digest they produce. Furthermore, in this case, its absurd for anyone to argue Brookhaven could provide services to this area better than DeKalb county since the only access would be the North Druid Hills bridge across I-85 (which is almost always very heavily congested). The residents of Executive Park Condominium Association and other residential developments along Briarcliff Rd. experience consistent DeKalb police response times of 3-4 minutes and rumors otherwise are not true. The zoning needs and parks in this area have been well supported by citizens and the county. I mention these services because they are the ones the city of Brookhaven provide and suggest they will improve after annexation.

    I believe that my neighbors and I have standing to speak and the right to expect representation on matters related to this area. It’s wrong to allow the commercial entities to make deals with Brookhaven to exchange property tax proceeds directly to the city for a free hand to develop this area, geographically isolated from the city, without involvement and representation from neighboring residential property owners to protect our interests.

    Nothing sinister here, just hard working citizens that demand to be involved in decisions about changes in our backyard. I’m pretty sure you’d expect the same right.

    Regards to all,
    Dan Wright

  36. 36

    Robert Smith

    Mr. Wright: There are many residents of Brookhaven who agree with your point of view. We support you in your fight.

  37. 37


    Dan, the mayor of Brookhaven has made it clear on more than one occasion: If you are not a citizen of the city, your opinion is not wanted or considered unless you are bringing some cash or lucrative taxable properties. Self interest rules here.

    Good luck with your points. They are all well thought out and logical, but you are dealing with greed and holier than thou elected officials in Brookhaven.

  38. 38

    D4 Innocent Bystander


    Bring all your thoughts, presentations and neighbors to Brookhaven City Hall. Sit through long faces staring back at you as you plead your case. Then be dissappointed when annexation occurs.

    The only way it doesn’t happen is with new leadership. That will come with a ballot box question in June 2015 to remove Mayor Davis or next November when all 4 of the existing reps are removed. Plan your strategy around those assumptions. Good luck.

  39. 39

    Dan Wright

    Thank you for your support, Mr. Smith. Unfortunately we must rely on the charity of others in the proposed Brookhaven leap across I-85. As you may know, the annexation laws, also used to create new cities, is inherently unfair because it denies any standing to those outside the boundary in question no matter how close or impacted they might be.

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