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    Good News

    Now maybe Jealous In Chamblee will be happy.

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    Eddie E.

    I miss the International Farmer’s Market.
    But now we have a walmart and soon we will have a money pit.

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    Looks like a fine development, hopefully something like this will happen at Brookhaven station too

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    Eddie, the City Farmer’s Market being built at Chamblee Tucker and Buford Highway looks very promising.

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    jealous, not so much

    This looks like a pretty typical Atlanta mixed use project. Its not a Glenwood Village or Serenbe, but will likely be successful, due to location.
    The Austin comparison tho’ , I don’t get at all. Austin is cool because of its artists, the music scene and young entrepreneurial spirit. East Atlanta, Kirkwood ,Oakhurst, the Westside , King Plow & Castlebury fit that bill better. The O4W, Decatur & Inman Park, runners up.
    If anywhere in Chamblee COULD begin to pick up on an Austin(South Congress) , Denver(Colifax) or even Dallas (Greenville Ave). vibe ,.. Buford Highway seems a much more likely candidate.
    Too bad the mayor and council(w/ the help of stakeholders), don’t have the vision to market the Plaster Road/Dresden/Buford Highway area and partner a re/development that could well ignite a true renaissance throughout the whole corridor that unlike the exclusive project being proposed, would include new housing options, retail, commercial, existing neighborhoods, businesses, a major corridor and a large park. Oh well,..guess the ‘good’ part of Chamblee is happy about this, but if anyone in the annexed neighborhoods think this will have any impact on the issues we’re facing, I’d like to hear their logic.
    The Olmstead, sitting up on Peachtree won’t change the fact we have too many low income apartments, crime, regular gunfire, worst ranked schools, liquor stores, massage parlors, gangs, an airport and strip clubs surrounding us on all sides. And to top it off,we have a city that has no interest in protecting any of the annexed neighborhoods future!

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    Bill Jenkins


    This 100% affirms you cannot be made happy. You asked for development, you got it.

    To the Post: Please block this person.


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    jealous, not so much

    What are you talking about, I asked for development? Who did I ask,
    What I have hoped for and expected w/ a Chamblee annexation would be development that will effect ‘OUR’ part of town,.. you know, the DECA part.

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    Bill Jenkins

    Oh Jealous, go create a TAD and hush. Great job Chamblee. GREAT GREAT GREAT. Best place to live!!!!!

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    Eddie E.

    Then move, or quit whining.
    It is truly childish.

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    jealous, not so much

    This would be a fine project, if Chamblee wasn’t completely ignoring the neighborhoods that need revitalization the most. Unfortunately, the city will now be so busy patting themselves on the backs for the next few years, there’s even less of a chance any thought will be given along Buford Highway. I haven’t heard either of you give a good reason why strip clubs, bars, gangs and gunfire are acceptable for the annexed homeowners. It sure wouldn’t be acceptable to the homeowners along the peachtree Blvd. corridor.

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    DeKalb District 1 Resident

    This is a great use of the property and helps complete another piece of the puzzle to this excellent location that has great potential. Granted its not a huge grid network of streets, but the grid does exist.

    The great thing about living in this property would be that if you wanted to it would be easy to leave your car parked the entire week and still get to work, the store or dining without ever needing to use a gallon of gas.

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    So tiring chasing down misinformation and myths … regarding “the worst schools” comment above, here are the latest Georgia Dept of Ed performance rankings of our area’s schools. Facts are terribly things to waste. That is all.

    GA Dept of Ed 2013 College & Career Readiness Index
    Dunwoody 79.1
    Chamblee Charter 78.6
    North Springs Charter 75.6
    **Cross Keys 72.8
    Ridgeview Charter 71.7
    North Atlanta 70.6
    Druid Hills 68.3
    Lakeside 65.5

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    Frank M.

    I am very pleased to see this announcement. Well done Chamblee. I also like DeKalb District 1 Resident and Kim’s comments.

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    jealous, not so much

    Kim, it’s funny how you left out the schools that are effecting the Chamblee annexed neighborhood house values the most. We cannot attract young , educated or higher income folks w/ these failing stats-(from zillow)-
    Dresden Elementary-(3 out of 10)
    -52% limited english proficiency
    -89% hispanic
    -97% economically disadvantaged
    Montclair Elementary-(2 out of 10)
    43% limited english proficiency
    -87% hispanic
    -94% economically disadvantaged
    Sequoah Middle -(3 of 10)
    – 93% economically disadvantaged
    -92% subsidized lunches
    -73 % hispanic
    THIS is why our home values are low in Chamblee’s annexed neighborhoods and noone’s willing to address it!

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    Jealous, why did you buy there? That area hasn’t changed in many years. Did you buy your home without seeing it first? Move.

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    I sympathize with Jealous, anything on, around or west of Peachtree is “good” and anything east is “not so good”. I don’t blame Chamblee for this. It takes private investment to get these developments going and that is evidenced by the Olmsted and whats going on at the old Gatsby’s site and the pending re-development of Chamblee Plaza by Trinity. Its going to take someone with deep pockets to want to tackle a Clairmont or Buford Hwy redevelopment and yes likely a TAD.
    As far as the Olmsted is concerned I believe this is probably the most notable development in recent city history. For a non-GA firm to come in an spend this amount of money and this type of project tells us all that the often overlooked Chamblee is now firmly on the map.
    When all three of the sites I mentioned are done it will be transformative for the landscape and the city. I firmly believe this will spark the redevelopment of a lot of Broad street and Antiques row.
    The “winners” in this will be the residents to the West in the Harts Mill, Sexton Woods and Huntley Hills neighborhoods. Look at the real estate being remodeled and the tear-down/new homes going up in the $7/800s. Also, businesses such as Vintage Pizza, Southbound will be eagerly awaiting the influx of business.
    The other thing Chamblee has going for it is Brookhaven! Look at the borders, Blackburn park being spruced up, Town Brookhaven a mile away, Georgetown being improved etc.
    People moving in will now give Chamblee a serious look, taxes are lower and I would argue services are as good if not better. Police force is excellent just like Brookhaven.

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    Jack Smith

    Unfortunately the Gatsby redevelopment and the Farmer’s Market redevelopment is going to blow up our 9 out of 10 rated Montgomery Elementary School which is already well over capacity. Between the two developments an additional 800 apartments will be funneling kids into Montgomery. Since Dekalb isn’t building new schools there are only so many levers the school board can pull: (1) redistrict (2) more trailers (3) re-open Nancy Creek Elementary which will result in a redistricting. If the Brookhaven apartment development goes through that will add another 500 units on Ashford Dunwoody Rd which also will feed into Montgomery.

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    Jack – I hear what you are saying but I think its going to have minimal impact on the Elementary school. The “new” apartments based on what I see at the Heights are starting at $1500 for a 1 bed and $1800 for a 2-bed. The Olmsted and gatsbys will be similar or higher. I think the percentage of families will be small. I had a friend (single guy) just move in and he told me there are NO kids in the Heights.
    I also think Montgomery has some space to the rear where they can build out additional capacity without going to long-term trailers.
    However, given all of the development in the area then there is no doubt that Montgomery will be impacted, just not as severely as everyone thinks.
    The growth is coming from the turnover in housing in Sexton Woods and similar neighborhoods. The 50’s housing stock is aging out and young families are moving in.

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    Jealous: I did not leave those schools out at all. All those you mention are directly responsible for the HIGH ranking of Cross Keys in College and Career readiness. The fact that the school are characterized by low income and immigrant populations does not take away from the facts of their performance.

    You have changed the subject because you cannot refute the facts above. You said we have “the worst” schools. Now you are saying we have the least white and least wealthy schools. Which is your beef?

    Cross Keys schools produce results on par and above the other school districts you seem to want to prefer. If you are ranking schools based on poverty and minority, you are right – none are more poor or more “non-white” than Cross Keys.

    Cross Keys (Oakcliff ES, Cary Reynolds ES, Dresden ES, Montclair ES, Woodward ES, Sequoyah MS, and Cross HS) out performs Charter Schools in our area and the lofty Lakeside and Druid Hills cluster high schools.

    So pick your complaint. If it’s social status of students, you win. If it’s academic performance, your off base and I can’t follow your motivation.

    For those that want to use social media sites and Realtors as the source of your public education information, I cannot help you.

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    Jack Smith

    If 10% of 800 apartment units have one elementary aged child that is 80 additional children that Montgomery must absorb or 4 additional classes. I personally watched the school bus drop quite a few children off at the Heights complex. If all the complexes are completed we are talking about 1300 units which does not include the Heights additional 500 units.

    I would suggest waiting for the school bus and seeing the kids dropped off in person. It is a good sell to say these complexes will not impact the school systems based on size and configuration of the units as well as cost but the reality is quite different from promises. The leasing agents might want to discourage parents with children from renting but they cannot refuse to rent to people based on race, sex, age or children. In addition these complexes like the Heights have to set aside a number of units at subsidized prices per the agreement with Dekalb Housing Authority. If I were a renter in one of these other low rated Dekalb school districts I would definitely want to move my children to Montgomery by leasing an apartment in one of these new complexes. A secondary factor is the stress placed on our existing apartment complex like the large one across from Lowe’s. As newer and more expensive complexes enter the area the older one’s have to complete on price and offerings. In doing so people with children may find those complexes have larger units and are more affordable. The net result is a greater impact on the schools.

    Admittedly the apartment complexes are not the only factor as the demographics change in our area and new town houses and infill are added. They all add to the cumulative effect of blowing up Montgomery’s population which is expected with any large growth bump. The apartment complexes just have the ability make the impact much faster. This year Montgomery had 7 kindergarten classes but only 4 5th grade classes. The impact is already being felt. Ask any parent at the school.

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    Jack – I cant dispute your numbers. There are net inflows and outflows. My kids class size actually went down this year. Bottom line is enrollment is going up not down. It will be interesting to see how Dekalb deals with it. The good thing about Montgomery there is a great PTA and parent involvement so hopefully we can deal with it.
    We ain’t stopping the apartments or town houses thats for sure!

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    You are correct that enrollment is likely to go up in Region 1 (Dunwoody, Chamblee, Brookhaven, Doraville) in coming years, not down. The over-crowding is already at breaking point in many of our Elementary schools and that “bulge” is only going to grow and then over-run both Chamblee MS/HS and Sequoyah MS/Cross Keys HS. DCSD has deferred decision-making on known capacity demands for purely political reasons. The capital mis-management by DCSD, in my opinion, is a civil offense at best and criminal at worst.

    Montgomery and Ashford Park have been hosting trailers due to over-crowding for a while. So, too, Montclair and Woodward who have over 1,000 students each in buildings designed for 600-700.

    Chickens are now coming home to roost and there’s no will or $$$ to be found for public school construction. The next round of construction won’t start prior to 2017 and starting might mean 2019+ to completion. Those of us with kids currently in the pipeline can just suck it up.

  23. 23
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    Eric Robert

    We have extra school in North Brookhaven, its Nancy Creek that is currently occupied by Kittredge.

    This is an excellent development for the future of the region. We need to put density near the rail stations and downtowns or town centers (like Chamblee’s) to encourage further growth in the metro Atlanta to happen in a sustainable fashion.

    The solution to fixing Montgomery’s over crowding is redistricting, not trying to stop positive growth. They never should have shut Nancy Creek down in the first place.

  25. 25


    Re-purposing Nancy Creek was simply a convenience to the soon-to-be-indicted Dr. Crawford Lewis, Superintendent, and his co-indictee, Ms. Patricia Pope, COO DeKalb Schools. Dr. Lewis’ “master plan” was to sell the bulk of Briarcliff HS and Kitteridge ES properties to Sembler for $63M and somehow squeeze a High School of Arts in there. The move of High Achievers from Kitteridge ES to Nancy Creek ES was step one. They failed to complete their plan. Another example of the egregious decision-making of the past 20-30 years in DeKalb Schools that characterize our administrations.

    In a similar fashion, they moved the DeKalb School of Technology-North from its dedicated campus in Dunwoody so they could sell that property. They shoved the programs into Cross Keys HS as a convenience and then immediately set about undermining them with staffing and funding cuts. The majority of the renovation dollars spend at Cross Keys HS were to accommodate this move leaving Brookhaven’s high school at the bottom of the capital expenditure list in the County with no new instructional space/amenities, no auditorium, or any of the basics of a modern high school.

    In spite of being the caboose in DeKalb politics and a hundred other obstacles, the kids of Cross Keys continue to achieve. The fact that many still do not respect them or give them due credit is why I’m so strident in my support of them.

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    jealous, not so much

    Kim, its not fair to mislead people about the quality of schools effecting Chamblee neighborhoods. School Digger is a legit site that ranks schools across the country on CRCT scores, language arts and math as well as an overview of schools performance in general.
    Out of 1172 Georgia Elementary schools, the 2013-14 rankings for Dresden Ele. is 925 and Montclair Ele., 1067.
    Ranking DO effect our home values and quality of life, and is the primary factor in real estate value.
    Many homeowners use real estate websites such as Zillow, that are a pretty good guide in general.
    Just as a comparison, Huntley Hills is @ 531 & Ashford Park, 450.
    And Oak Grove ranks 88.3 % BETTER than all others in Georgia.(Montclair-91% WORSE than others).
    Of the top 20, Suwanee holds 4 positions and Cumming has 3.
    This stretch of Dekalb is indeed lagging way behind in education!
    Kim the elementary schools in Chamblee’s annexed neighborhoods are some of Georgia’s worst schools, due to the large amount of low income apartments along Buford Highway.
    Unfortunately , the lack of vision and interest for redevelopment along Buford Highway,
    Brookhaven & Chamblee will own those poor rankings for the foreseeable future.
    Nothing to be proud of.

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    Eddie E.

    Just a couple of questions.
    Did you research ANYTHING before moving here?
    Did you move here because you wanted to or because of some ridiculous assumption of rapid, massive property value increase?
    Aside from the occupation by the city of Brokehaven, and replacement of existing homes with ridiculously oversized and underutilized homes, things are pretty much the way they have been for the last couple of decades.

  28. 28


    Well, this hasn’t been pretty, but:

    “Socratic method (also known as method of elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate), named after the classical Greek philosopher Socrates, is a form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. It is a dialectical method, often involving a discussion in which the defense of one point of view is questioned; one participant may lead another to contradict himself in some way, thus strengthening the inquirer’s own point.”

    That said, it should be noted that Ashford Park School improved initially as a result of the closing of one apartment complex (Peachtree Gardens), but longer term has been improving because of parental and community involvement. So, too, Cross Keys (Brookhaven’s own high school) is improving because of the efforts of community individuals. We’ve got a long way to go, but things have started.

    We should be thankful for concerned community residents, their work benefits us all. You can talk about it or you can do something about it.

  29. 29

    Eric Robert

    The reason people who never had kids or don’t have kids in the Public School system pay School taxes is because it is in society’s and our economy’s interest to educate our youth so that they will become contributing members of our economy.

    How can it be an acceptable premise to deal with children coming from a poor economic situation or a diverse background by eliminating their housing in the hopes that they move somewhere else and become someone else’s problem?

    The fact is, capitalism thrives from a growth in our working age population. Besides off-shoring or competing with other countries abusing their workers to churn out products cheaper, The challenge the U.S. economic system faces is not too much population growth but too little. The ratio of our working age population to our retired population as declined thus creating a drag on our economy and government budgets.

    It should be one of our primary missions to educate all of the children in DeKalb so that they will become productive members of the community. That is why I have no complaints about paying school taxes on my home.

    What a stark contrast we face here. On one hand we have Kim who not only pays his share of taxes but also spends countless hours and energy on improving educational opportunities for our future workforce that we all need. Versus someone who is whole focus is trying to drive up the value of her “investment” putting her short term interests before everyone else’s.

    Our country is great because of people like Kim, thankfully this is still enough to overcome the negative impacts of those (whether it be Crawford, Pope, or a poster here) who are fixated on their narrow financial gain.

  30. 30

    Eddie E.

    Ashford Park Elementary School was improving consistently (by my personal experience) long before Peachtree Gardens was closed).
    For any school to perform at its peak or improve requires constant input from as many parents as possible (along with adequate funding for small class sizes).

    What works in education is fairly well established and proven. Let’s not delude ourselves to the contrary.

  31. 31


    There’s always the call to throw more money at the problem, but I don’t think that it works after a while. If more money was the solution, we’d be rife with Rhodes scholars. Better to have a good principal who has parental and teacher support. It really is for the kids; they’ll be taking care of us when we’re old and decrepit.

    Just after Peachtree Gardens closed, there was real concern that Ashford Park school itself might have to close because of the drop in enrollment. Fortunately, all the 30-somethings in our neighborhood got busy and we now have a passel of school-age kids. Talk about doing something at home that requires no special training or tools.

    In any case, there’s also DeKalb PATH Academy, which is largely off the local radar. Probably just as well, lest one of the rabid locals throw a hissy.

  32. 32

    Eddie E.

    I hear you, don’t let fact interfere with your well trodden opinion.

  33. 33


    Facts are so boring.

  34. 34


    Jealous, you are only reinforcing my points. Your great insight and that of SchoolDigger is that wealthy children often test higher than poor children. Brilliant! You probably also are impressed that children who start training for the SAT in the seventh grade and have private tutoring in test preparation perform higher on the SAT than our “CK” kids on average who take it one and only one time on average as a rising Junior.

    You’re probably more impressed with schools that show higher participation rates in Advance Placement testing. Don’t bother with the fact that our families cannot afford the HUNDREDS of dollars this requires in testing feeds. Again, brilliant!

    No matter how many times you try to change the topic from ACTUAL performance to some kind of social observation, I will be here to redirect you. If SchoolDigger is such a great indicator of actual _school quality_, how is it that the State of Georgia rates the quality of Cross Keys HS’ graduates “College & Career Readiness” ahead of Lakeside HS’ (Oak Grove ES feeds) and Druid Hills HS’ (Fernbank ES feeds) and near par with the UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME Chamblee HS (Ashford Park ES, Montgomery ES, Huntley Hills ES) with all those amazing High Achievers Magnet programs drawing top performing students from all over the region?

    Simple answer: work. Hard work. Our teachers area as good as any and better than most in the region because they are dedicated and motivated. Our students are as good as in the region because they are hardworking and aspirational. They don’t quit.

    They don’t quit when neighbors insult them. They don’t quit when neighbors work against them. They don’t quit when Realtors pass off the myths of SchoolDigger as a measure of “school quality” and they don’t quit when everything around them tells them to give up.

    They have taught me well. I won’t give up either so go ahead and take another shot at disparaging the successes of these kids and their teachers in face of every possible opposition, including yours.

    The comforting thing is that EVERYONE who has a clue about actual school performance and student outcomes KNOWS that Cross Keys’ school are among the best in the region. So go ahead and keep dumping on them. Those of us who actually spend time in our public schools know your position and find it well-founded in rumor, secondary associations, and myths.

  35. 35

    jealous, not so much

    This article is about Chamblee breaking ground on a mixed use project.
    As a Chamblee resident, I am quite pleased to see something,..anything come to the city.
    But on the other hand, as a resident of the ‘other’ Chamblee south(and east) of PDK, I have to voice my concern for OUR neighborhoods that are being completely ignored and left out of any talk of redevelopment or revitalization by the city. And not just ignored, but intentionally DEvalued and DEstabilized. This new mixed use up on Peachtree will certainly have a good impact on the mayors and council peoples neighborhoods surrounding Peachtree/Harts Mill/Clairmont, but will add no value or effect to the neighborhoods south of Buford Highway.
    Coming from Cobb County and Smyrna, into this Dekalb pit of corruption,..I am just astounded by the lack of concern for this community and America as a whole by just about everyone out here. i see it didn’t get like this overnight, but w/out immediate and proactive attention from city and county officials, the crime and poverty will indeed entrench and spread.
    The group that encouraged an annexation vote should be held accountable. What was their agenda? If not to protect the integrity of our homes and neighborhoods, then what truly was their agenda? It is impossible on it’s face to protect the multitudes of illegal workers being housed along Buford Highway in its aging apartment stock and at the same time protect our homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. It’s like putting a square peg in a round hole, does not fit!!
    Since we were annexed 1 year ago,..there has been no change to our area. There is zero interest from the city to discuss or acknowledge our problems. The civic organization seems just as derelict to address the issues.
    I did not move here to watch our neighborhood slowly descend into the condition other immigrant/refugee areas of Chamblee have been allowed to become. I speak specifically of the old Chamblee along Chamblee Dunwoody corridor from the downtown Chamblee to Buford Highway and the few neighborhoods across Buford Highway from the CDC. Many homes there have sold for the 50,000-60,000 range. Most are just run down crowded boarding houses. The Chamblee official will not acknowledge these areas. In their minds,..they just don’t exist.
    I say, mayor Clarkson, I was embarrassed for you at the groundbreaking. Instead of speaking of vision for your city AS A WHOLE,..your only interest seemed to be having a beer following the ceremony.
    As long as ANY part of your city is SICK, your city is SICK.
    And I can assure you Chamblee is not well.
    I fear the direction our annexed areas are headed. Boarding houses are visible up and down Shallowford, Chamblee Tucker, Dresden , Plaster and are now encroaching Dering Circle and Clairmont Terrace.
    After the meth lab was busted next door to me in Smyrna, the commitment to fight FOR Americans and against this invasion was on. Fortunately the Cobb Commissioners and the cities of Smyrna, Marietta and Kennesaw began to pay attention. Cobb County had and still has a terrific Sheriff,..Neil Warren. He will tell you straight up his view on illegal immigration. He understands the criminal aspect AND the harm it’s doing to the lower income American workers(in which class I fall into as in the construction industry).
    Has the Dekalb County sheriff, Sheriff Jeff Mann even acknowledged why so many young black men cannot find jobs and why so many of Dekalbs black neighborhoods are in extreme poverty? Who are being hired to do lower skilled and trade labor in Dekalb?
    Who stands a chance, when people that have come from impoverished countries will work for just about any amount over what they were accustomed to, which could have been $5.00 per DAY!!
    So I think it is a disgrace to expect homeowners that love this country and don’t support unlawful behavior, to be forced to move from an American city, as I do feel I’m being given no other option. I think these lower class annexed neighborhoods and residents are being exploited and abused.
    Reading comments about how I’m being greedy, because I want my neighborhood to be successful and safe, really has me saddened.
    So help me understand that it’s the folks that live in neighborhoods where 700,000 to 1 million dollar homes are common, as they use the illegal labor to build their homes, clean their laundry and landscape their yards,yet, the apartments their help live in are out of sight, out of mind, … now they’re NOT the greedy ones?? They’re of course just taking care of their homes and investments.
    But if we , in our modest little 200,000 homes think we might deserve decent schools for our children, clean grocery stores, sidewalks and streetscapes and maybe a crackdown on constant gunfire, streetgangs, litter, late night clubs, massage parlors, strip clubs and just trashy businesses everywhere,…if we can’t just accept those living conditions,..then WE are the problem.
    I have found Dekalb County and Chamblee in particular to be an absolute disgrace!!
    I look forward to moving back to Cobb!!

  36. 36


    Now that I’ve had an hour at Upward Basketball with those awful kids I have calmed down and re-read your post and I think I found a solution…

    We simply need to relocate all the kids from Buford Hwy to Lake Oconee. You see, based on your logic they will be better served at the #1 ranked elementary school based on CRCT: Lake Oconee Academy. Or, maybe we can take up a collection and have Lake Oconee Elementary faculty moved to the Montclair property???

    Again, you are reinforcing my rebuttal: You want different kids in your schools not better schools.

    The very compelling data you share correlates nearly 100% with the rate of English language learners in the schools. So your point is that English speakers perform better on English Language Arts tests than non-English speakers??? Golly, I never thought about that.

    Puh-lease …

    As far as being proud of our schools… I am very proud of them because I see the day-to-day reality and success in the schools notwithstanding the judgment of those that stand far back and criticize that which they do not understand. I see the quality of the young people and their families. I see the development of young people striving to educate themselves with the support of superior teachers. I see the accomplishments that would make any school proud. I also see the hatred directed at them and the refusal to acknowledge the accomplishments.

    I am never going to convince you of opening your mind and do not try here. I only want those thoughtful readers who may wade through all this drivel to have the chance to consider reality as an option.

  37. 37


    PATH Academy may be the best middle school in DeKalb County. It is fed primarily by Cross Keys elementary schools feeds Cross Keys High School. I would love to hear Jealous’ theory as to how this is so given it is full of those awful “Buford Hwy kids” from the “worst” schools in the area.

  38. 38


    Home values have many variables that drive them and public school district is one of them. The best data indicates that this effect is in the range of 2.5 – 4.5 percent traceable to local schools. So, can we agree that schools matter and they you greatly exaggerate their impact on your home value?

    I have lived in a comparable neighborhood adjoining Buford Hwy (housing stock est 1953 of 2-3 bedroom, 1 or 1 and 1/2 baths) since WAAAY before the incorporation movement in our area. And you know what? My home value has been fairly stable and maintained value better than surrounding areas through the years. I live in a school district that rates EVEN LOWER on CRCT than the ones you dump on above.

    How do you explain this? And, please, be precise in your analysis. I have two armpits and an opinion like you. What I’m looking for is empirical observations.

  39. 39

    Frank M.


    You are such a community treasure…thank you for everything you do.


  40. 40

    Frank M.


    You are such a treasure to our community…thank you for everything you do.

  41. 41


    And when is that happening, exactly?

  42. 42

    Bill Lowe

    I am one of the people who helped to organize and promote the annexation into Chamblee. I accept full responsibility for the annexation. I can most certainly say that the difference between a year ago and today is noticeable….both in the cleanliness of the annexation area and in the Code Enforcement and Police presence.

    Some quick and dirty examples for the ignorant: Code enforcement is actually being enforced now and the police are being proactive in making their rounds and being visible in the community. Early on in the annexation, Stormwater crews began clearing the drains and curbs of many streets in the annexation area. This has never been done. I saw 4 foot piles of dirt and trash every 200 feet down one side of Shallowford road. Enough crap that required many dump trucks to remove. Streetsweepers made their first pass down all of the roads in the annexation area within the first few months. DeKalb County had never considered doing such a thing….I doubt the County even owns a streetsweeper or has ever cleaned the gutters—unless they were repaving. In which case, they probably just covered it up with asphalt.

    The City is not responsible for redeveloping or developing anything except its own image and perception by others. With this new significant project coming out of the ground, Chamblee is making great strides in their own Development and Redevelopment.

    I have lived in DeKalb County for over 43 years and in two houses within 3 miles of each other. I have a fair understanding of the difference in this area between 30 years ago, a year ago, and today. We are better off today than we were a year ago, but not better off than 30 years ago. To get back to how things were 30 years ago is going to take a lot more than a year. It is going to take several years and lots of perception changes for Jealousesque types of change to occur in the area. And in some of those wish list items, they may never occur….or if they do not for many, many, years. Too many years for some. There is always a certain level of risk in every investment. Developers know this and will not pull the trigger until it is safe for them to do so. Smart cookies they are.

  43. 43

    Eddie E.

    Thanks Bill!
    The unfortunate reality is that so few of those wishing to sweep away everyone that does not comply with their ‘vision’ lack the perspective of difference between TODAY and 30 years ago (heck, many don’t even realize that Chamblee’s primary source of revenue was as a speed trap for employees leaving General Motors).
    Patience is a virtue that may have skipped an entire generation.

  44. 44


    I don’t want be seen to be siding with Jealous; but, I don’t see many Chamblee police along Clairmont or Buford in the newly annexed area. I actually see more Brookhaven cars, especially at the QT on Buford – it almost seems to be a mini precinct station.

  45. 45


    Bill the same can be said of Brookhaven. For we are better off then that we were when he ONLY had county government to speak for us..

  46. 46

    enuff govt already

    The city of shambles earned its reputation.These new apts near the MARTA station are designed for life long apt dwellers. The big stormwater clean up and code enforcement sweep was a one and done show for the new areas. DECA was promised the clubs would be annilated but instead the hours were expanded. The police would be more but instead of 3 shifts the citizens get 2 shifts. The lawlessness has grown whether it’s the return of gang activity or the seven cars stolen in one night in DECA. I was recently on Shallowford Road near St Pius and since the city annexed the area it has been overrun by loiterers. I used to think of sending my kids to St Pius but no more. Every gateway to the city is covered up with loitering. Sanitation is a neat arrangement; the city pays the county to pick up in most areas of the city. Same with road repair as the city contracts with the county. The city was ill prepared to annex the area. The city could change its destiny tomorrow by dropping the areas east of the MARTA tracks. The city’s financial health would improve and maybe they could return the millage to 4%. The crime rate attributed to the city would be cut by 75%. The education level attributed the city would be on par with D’woody or B’hvn. The income level attributed the city would jump dramatically. What’s east of the MARTA tracks that attracts biz? a new dog pound? a county dump? garbage truck depot? Unless your retired your taxes went up; no thanks.

  47. 47


    This looks great and thumbs up for this initiative, one thing i would like to add, i do not see sidewalk / bike lane on either Peachtree Street nor Peachtree road, please do not make this mistake, a lot of ppl live in this area and would love to walk / bike…

  48. 48

    extreme jealousy!

    Gene, a lot of things look great on paper & artist renderings…but when I look at the corner where the Olmstead ‘groundbreaking’ took place, I see no sign of earthmovers doing actual ‘groundbreaking’. I think Chamblee might consider renaming these press releases as ‘paperbreaking’.
    After all the years of Chamblee Plaza’s hoopla and the grandiose plans by the city to make Broad Street a ‘gateway’ to their mysteriously empty downtown, it has quietly retreated with no name change,(the Blee, yuck!!), no facade update, nothing other than leasing out the shopping center as it has existed 40 years.
    The Parkview Village has made no news since it’s ‘groundbreaking’ a year ago. Maybe the ‘groundbreaking’ there was posthole digging to place the signs in front of the vacant warehouse.
    And now more pretty drawings and I imagine a giant sign will be placed in front of the newly announced Whole Foods (hopeful) location.
    Look, all I know is, as a Chamblee homeowner & taxpayer, this city seems absolutely derelict in doing it’s job. In the annexed neighborhoods, we are seeing a drop in house values. How could this be, w/ everywhere in boomtown around us?
    Until they come to grasp the notion that you can’t run your economy on illegal immigration, I’m afraid Chamblee will see many more ‘paperbreakings’.

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