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    Thomas Porter

    Wow… this is great… it must represent the citizens… the Mayor and City Manager say so… I’m excited… I guess?!?

    Is the citizenry engaged because they say we are? Can any person actually state what the plan actually is that was just approved? Anyone?

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    Stan S

    A lot of people shaped and had input into the development of the Comprehensive Plan 2034. Here is a link to the plan

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    It’s a bit disturbing that the cover of the Comprehensive Plan shows a big apartment building with a front parking lot.

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    2 realtors on the committee, really?

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    jealous, not so much

    The cover is Town Brookhaven, a great example of mixed use that is working. The apartments in pic are on top of a parking deck, one of several parking decks in that development. There is on-street parking for resturants and shops.
    The Publix layout could have been planned better w/ store brought up towards the road w/ maybe tables and a greenspace fronting the entrance to Town, and a parking lot behind the store w/ a rear entrance & covered walkway to the parking deck, otherwise good job Brookhaven!
    What Atlanta is missing, that works in Denver is light rail & trolleys that connect to heavy rail stations, makes living w/out a car actually doable!
    A city w/out a plan is Chamblee, a city overrun w/ poverty, vacancies and no idea how to dig its’ way out.

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    Eddie E.

    Of course.
    How can people decide what is best for them without guidance from those who will profit?

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    Stan S

    The two realtors on the steering committee both work AND live in the community. Both were important contributors to the vision established in the Comprehensive Plan.

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