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    City of Brookhaven better hurry up and annex Executive Park and CHOA before City of Atlanta get their hands on them.

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    Brookhaven Bob

    If Druid Hills waits long enough, Brookhaven will swallow them up.

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    Eric Robert

    What is that Druid Hills neighborhood map at the top supposed to represent? Because that map doesn’t include Executive park.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    It’s the neighborhoods that make up the Druid Hills Civic association.

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    Eddie E.

    Wow only one representative can make this decision………
    I guess everyone is lucky the Ginralasimbly is devoid of those involved in real estate sales, brokerage, development and law…….
    And to think we could have easily annexed into Atlanta and been part of a REAL CITY.

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    Tom Doolittle

    Eddie–one representative can introduce the legislation. The legislation has to be voted on in session. The big thing is that the rep doesn’t have to be from the area in question.

    I’m guessing the biggest factor for finding a legislative sponsor is normally the receiving city initiates the idea–or at least there is clear evidence of agreement ahead of time. I doubt a neighborhood has ever gone the legislative route on its own. Then again, I’d be willing to bet there has never been a neighborhood intitiated attempt in as large an area as this or one so powerful–or one so coveted. We must remember Emory and CDC are in the mix.

    Of course, any neighborhood can do the 60% option without a legislative vote.

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    Eddie E.

    Notice my second sentence to determine where the legislators-for-profit are likely to be found.
    I don’t know how closely you watch the Ginralasimbly, but some of the worst legislation in the history of Georgia has occurred in the last dozen years.
    The efforts of those who have come of age with little recognition of Atlanta other than to speak in disdain help to demonstrate the depths to which this body can sink.

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    Tom Doolittle

    Just think what this brand of legislature can do with a super-majority. It’s like having the bomb. When there’s no counter balance, the only trust you can have that it won’t be over-leveraged is limited to faith that there is a God–or dumb luck.

    There’s a difference between using a super-majority to BUILD a constitution and one used to destroy it–or mock it at best. After last year’s session, one lawmaker was quoted lamenting that all they got done was local legislation (he was Republican too). Another crowed about having the ability to amend the constitution at will. We’ve already seen what they do with the power to put ballots together on what amounts to small potatoes–with 66%, they’ll just vote those amendments in session.

    (BTW–there is indeed a relationship to cityhood here)

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    Eric Robert

    Interesting, I never realized the Druid Hills neighborhood went all the way over to Briarcliff and Zonalite.


    Back in the day Emory students rented those apartments across Briarcliff road from Loehmens Plaza, And there used to be a freestanding building in the Sage Hill Parking Lot with a bar called PJ’s that we went to (drinking age was 18). So I’ve always thought of Emory and this part of Briarcliff as being outside of Druid Hills, though true Druid Hills was and is on the North Decatur side of the campus.

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    I am considering annexing the shed in my back yard. I will not need my own police force but will need Dekalb sanitation.

    Y’all gone city crazy.

    Here’s a thought: participate, vote and try and fix your current situation.

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    Tom Doolittle

    This is the full Druid Hills desired annexation area–it includes the entire Brookhaven anneaxtion map (both sides of NDH Rd all the way to Briarcliff). So even if Brookhaven allows Exec Park and CHOA, the rest of NDH Rd remains in play (Brook/Druid and Lavista Hills). Legislators have some serious tradeoffs to make between all of the maps.

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    This is war, I tell you. Do we have first-strike capability?

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    They take all that commercial to Atlanta and I’m taking my dollars elsewhere. I’m not paying ATL’s higher sales tax.

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    Brookhaven Bob

    Why doesn’t Brookhaven annex Druid Hills? There’s a lot of commercial property there that would bring more taxes into our city?

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    Eddie E

    Well, boo-hoo.
    I guess it’s a shame when a well laid plan can’t steal an area.

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    Lavista Larry

    City of Brookhaven has indicated an interest in annexing the Lavista Park neighborhood, just to the south of Executive Park and has also been invited to a Q&A meeting in about two weeks which will also include the North Druid Hills neighborhood (across from Briarcliff High School) as well as Merry Hills (which adjoins Toco Hills Shopping Center). This might be a very good marriage as it includes BOTH valuable commercial and residential areas as part of the dowry and may satisfy neighborhood angst about Executive Park and CHOA.

    Check out their website for more info:

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    Brookhaven Bob

    It might be more appropriate to ask the following question: Which areas in DeKalb county is Brookhaven NOT interested in annexing?

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    Why so rude, Eddie E.? Both Brookhaven and TIA+Atlanta are trying to steal it. No good reason from the public’s perspective for either one to get it. But Atlanta would mean an instant tax increase for many elderly people in the area on fixed incomes. That’s a big negative… and good reason to take my dollars elsewhere.

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    Lavista Larry

    Often overlooked in these cityhood discussions is the effect that it will have on senior citizen school tax exemptions. Many senior households that currently live in unincorporated DeKalb County may be shocked when they receive their new property tax bill if their area becomes part of the City of Atlanta rather than City of Brookhaven or City of Lavista Hills.

    From the Druid Hills Civic Association website:

    “Annexation to Atlanta will increase property taxes for seniors. An owner who qualifies for senior exemptions for a property valued at $500,000 will pay approximately $1,905 in property taxes in unincorporated DeKalb. The same property owner within the City of Atlanta will pay approximately $5,915 in property taxes. The figures above were provided by the DeKalb Tax Commissioner’s office which calculates tax bills. The figures assume millage rates and HOST credits as they currently exist.”

    Additionally, City of Atlanta Schools does not recognize property tax assessment “freezes” which may exacerbate the problem further for senior households.

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    Eddie E

    Services cost and the costs are shouldered by taxes………..
    ……or in some instances by stealing (excuse me, ‘annexing’) external properties and promising them long term low taxes too.

    Eventually, everyone has to pay up.

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    Eddie E

    That is the question.
    I would imagine the answer is shocking.

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    That extra penny Atlanta collects doesn’t go toward services, Eddie E. It goes toward fixing City of Atlanta’s water and sewer system. Hardly a service for the people of DeKalb County who will be paying it… even on food purchases.

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    Something I find very curious about all of this….is DeKalb county bankrupt? Has the corruption done it in?

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