1. 1

    Shawn M. Keefe

    Great night for DeKalb County and a great victory for a small-government, fiscal conservative who understands a budget. Way to go, Nancy!

  2. 2

    Tom Reilly

    NANCY JESTER ROCKS!!–Tom Reilly P. S. I wish Holmes Pyles the very best.–TR

  3. 3


    I think those were Elaine Boyer’s qualifications too

  4. 4

    Eric Robert

    You are not really Tom Reilly are you? I can’t picture Tom using the word ROCKS

  5. 5

    Eric Robert

    Nancy Jester’s district will also cover parts of the new cities. Hopefully she can talk some sense into Brookhaven and get them to drop the Childrens Healthcare annexation.

    Shame on #ChildrensHealthcare

  6. 6

    Eddie E.

    I’m glad I didn’t have a mouthful of water when I read ‘hopefully she can talk some sense into Brokehaven’……..
    Where would she get it from?

  7. 7

    Gary Marks

    She also represents Smoke rise.

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