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    Nightclubs need “zones”. Like quarantines. Gotta have ’em tho. Brookhaven can make the “other” side of I-85 a quarantine zone. Annex and impact neighborhoods that can have no say in the matter.

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    Only if the landowners on the “other” side agree. And I’m sure they have other plans for their property.

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    Eddie E

    Do the Citizens of Doraville realize how much that parasitic infection ‘bergtholditis’ plans to suck from their treasury?

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    Frank M.

    Oh oh…Christian dominionism in play again in Doraville. Check out this guy’s background and hopefully the good folks of Doraville will not allow him to drain their operating expenses and budget. And I say this regardless of how anyone might feel about establishments like the Oasis.

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    jealous, not so much

    Any way you spin it, Brookhaven came out smelling like a rose! A pink rose!
    Savvy attorneys and leadership!! Doraville can only hope for the same sorta deal!

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    Eddie E

    A new year……..
    Filled with more delusional blather…..

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    jealous, not so much

    If truth is blather, Eddie, then I’m full of blather!
    The dancers’ is still a’dancin’, the club is still in operation(apparently making whoop loads of money), the cities cost to patrol the area is covered and it didn’t cost the taxpayers a single dime! Everyone wins. What don’t you get, Eddie?

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    Eddie E.

    How does ‘everyone win’ when Taxpayer Funds are siphoned off to an out-of-state predator exacting a form of extortion on the City of Doraville?

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