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    Cindy W.

    Brookhaven is making plans for redevelopment all the way from Druid Hills, up to Peachtree, including the Marta TOD. We know Sandy Springs and Dunwoody are building highrise office towers to accommodate the big name relocations such as State Farm & Mercedes. Now watch deep pockets swoop in to Doraville to become part of the GM renaissance.
    Chamblee’s councilman shrugged off Marta’s Chamblee TOD snub this week as no big deal.
    It’s a big deal, Mr. Hogan that Chamblee, being a prime ITP location has not implemented any plans, nor vision , nor has any will to grow & prosper and has become nothing more than a poverty stricken refuge for all the illegal laborers that are building wealth in all the cities that surround Chamblee.

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    This is a great thing for the region. Wish the Falcons could have moved here but oh well. There will be nay Sayers but all in all progress needs to be made or stagnation becomes the norm. This site held many memories for those who made their livings there. Me being one of them. When it closed it was big hit to me and my family but we made it through. Well done Doraville. Like Chamblee it looks like now is our time to begin to shine once again.

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    Eddie E

    Then Chamblee should capitalize on incarcerating those who hire those laborers.

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    This rhetoric sounds familiar. New year, new name?

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    As a “Car Guy” and former Project Manager for big box developers my heart his with you on this one, but watch your wallet…this is another Cobb County Braves Stadium deal in the works without the Braves….no anchor tenant, no tenants at all, no private permanent financing in place, no participation by MARTA,GDOT,DeKalb County,or DCSS….Smoke and mirrors all the way on this one!

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    Well done Doraville. Chamblee has many sites, although not as large, that could be redeveloped but nothing has progressed apart from the Olmsted. When Chamblee got rid of the geriatric council they had in place I had high hopes it would be a city finally ‘on the move’.
    Seems like the current mayor and his team want to keep status quo. The spotlight is on Chamblee. Doraville, Brookhaven and Sandy Springs all leaping forward while we chug along like a broken down old diesel engine.

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    Lap it up rubes

    Throw all these Jackholio’s in jail for looting the public coffers

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