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    Of course he would say that, he wants to keep the tax money his government wastes

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    Dang it! Brookhaven style.

    If we only knew then what we know now.

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    Tom Doolittle

    Its reasonable to hope for another one year delay on cityhood and annexation boundary issues for comprehensive planning. (That is NOT legislation for a moratorium BTW which brings up many many other issues). It simply means the House Committees don’t act in an atmosphere of sheer confusion without PLANNING).

    Planning would provide the county govt to enter the process as a partner rather than competitor. This is critical so that the idea that we are still citizens of DeKalb and subject to DeKalb’s performance is CODIFIED and made clear to all. (Betsy’s comment in the above article suggests we are NOT clear about that).

    The chairman of the special HGAC subcommittee on “solving Tucker/LaVista” has already said all cityhood rules reviewed for changes to avoid jurisdisctional fights that will persist as cityhood goes into other counties (read: Republican counties).

    The first priority would be to find a way to end the cityhood and annexation “contest” with a county map of jurisdictions. It would be a map of “allowable” annexations–planned for the future that would be used to form a NEW CITY for the remainder. Naturally, it would make the new cities smaller (appropriately so).

    Note that if this had been done as soon as City of Lakeside was initially proposed in December of 2013 rather than allowing legislation that emphasized cityhood-only we’d have a new DeKalb map by now.

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    Tom Doolittle

    The first thing to realize tho:
    Consider what the implications to YOU of remaining as citizens of this county. You don’t have an option–the county government remains under all scenarios–and no one is proposing otherwise. So if you plan on just paying your county tax bill every year and spending all of your real attention on your little place in the sun, cityhood will have become a terrible mistake. All of the things you complain about in terms of what the newspapers give us on a daily basis–corruption and waste, investigations–WILL ALL CONTINUE. You cannot escape the “Bad DeKalb Brand” by living in a new city.

    That said…you also consider the benefits of living in a new city or being annexed for “closer to the people” services. Those are clear.

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    Tom Foolery

    Well that’s pretty interesting Tom. But you know the Brookhaven isn’t in DeKalb County anymore for services and neither is Dunwoody. So if LaVista Hills becomes a City they/we will be out too.

    Thanks but no thanks.

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    LaVista Hills hillbilly

    im tired of this battle. I am slain. Let’s do whatever and get over urbane politicians and move on.

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    I Want LaVista Hills

    Anyone else notice the most outspoken Cityhood “no’s,” “delays” and “mortitorium” voices are all held by menopausal woman?

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    I Want LaVista Hills

    ICEO Lee May is much better at giving speeches than Stan Watson was attending the operational task force meetings.

    Btw not a SINGLE proponent or organizer of a proposed city was on this 20 person operational task force panel.

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    TF, you don’t read or comprehend very well do you. You obviously don’t know what county you reside in. You are not alone; a lot of people around here have that same problem.

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    On the 17 member Task Force were Fran Millar and Mike Jacobs, sponsors of Lakeside, and Billy Mitchell, sponsor of Tucker. Mary Kay Woodworth (Lakeside), Allen Venet (Briarcliff) and Frank Auman (Tucker) were citizen representatives on the annexation & municipalitization subcommittee. There was no citizen representative of unincorporated DeKalb on that subcommittee, menopausal or otherwise.

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    Tom Doolittle

    Can someone besides me please reply to “Tom Foolery” regarding the assertion that Brookhaven and Dunwoody not receiving ANY services from the DeKalb County government now?

    Also, once you respond regarding the services your “not receiving”, please answer who’s bonds are going to be used to build the infrastructure along Druid Hills Road that will be required to ameliorate the development there–even tho it will be within the Brookhaven city limits?

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    Eric Robert

    Yea, Seriously Tom, Brookhaven and Dunwoody are cities inside DeKalb County. Brookhaven and Dunwoody provide limited services, they don’t do garbage, they don’t do the water and sewer for your home, they don’t run the State or Superior Court, they don’t have a jail, they don’t have a jail, they don’t have a library system, they don’t have a public health system, they don’t have an animal control system.

    Most of your property taxes still go to DeKalb. Brookhaven and Dunwoody residents are in DeKalb and should care about DeKalb because it effects our services, tax rates and property values.

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    Bob Swaysman

    So true. If you don’t believe, check the “Dekalb Strong” page on Facebook. It’s a virtual coffee klatch of old ladies. And they don’t believe in facts, they just gossip. Why are all the city opposition groups so weak?

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    Bob Swaysman

    There’s room for city AND county goverment. Each has a role to play and the compliment each other. The sooner we all realize this, the better off we’ll all be.

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    If that’s all you have to add to this conversation, please spare the rest of us from further comment.

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    Paris Green

    Mary Kay Woodworth and Fran Millar were both on the Task Force.

    I am not sure they showed up that much, though.

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