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    Alternative headline: Brookhaven nixes really useful system that makes them accountable and has them working really hard

    There are some alternatives to See-Click-Fix but this is the market leader. Don’t know the cost but I bet its less than suing the Pink Pony.

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    Brookhaven was ignoring See-Click-Fix anyways. It took them 17 months to fix a pothole I reported through this tool and any time I checked on the status it was due to being a “low priority.” I also reported a traffic light timing problem for the intersection of Dresden and Apple Valley Rd and it took around 8-10 months to get that fixed.

    I agree with Toff…it’s doubtful they want to use any online-based system that would require them to be held accountable. It’s very easy to lose a report called into their office…so much for using new technology.

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    I’m an avid cyclist, so I get a close look at potholes. And when I’m on my bike, I feel the effect of potholes more than when in my car. I’ve reported over 100 potholes, traffic signals, overgrown bushes, etc. problems using See-Click-Fix over the last 3 years. Brookhaven has been much more responsive in making repairs, averaging 2 to 6 weeks, than Dekalb County, which averages 2 to 6 months (or never). Probably they are moving to a more efficient or cost effective solution. Hurray for City of Brookhaven Public Works!

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    On the drawing board, it was a great idea, but See Click Fix slowly devolved into just another online way of sniping at your neighbors. Whatever value it might have had at the beginning was negated by the constant back and forth between individuals sparring over neighborhood matters.

    In more than a few cases, people would post a “problem” that was a matter of personal taste. If someone didn’t like the fact that you had a carport and parked a car in it for months at a time, then the whole world heard about it. Because it was posted online, someone from the City had to go out and investigate. Meanwhile, both parties involved with the bogus posting remained irritated.

    I personally used See Click Fix on several occasions, and in all cases, it eventually worked. Sometimes it may not have been fast, but some matters need to be put into the context of necessity versus cost.

    There surely must be an alternative that is more effective, like a moderated system. Yes, there is the risk of someone being cut off short, but some form of editorial control is helpful.

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    Eddie E.

    Short version “see-click-ignore made it hard to avoid the costs of repairs, so Brokehaven will be moving to a new system ‘Ignore-Ignore-Ignore’ to allow repair costs to be minimized.

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    Eric Robert

    I am disappointed that they stopped using the system. Yes sometimes the comments went off tangent. But frankly some people do report silly stuff that should come under the scrutiny of the community.

    On the other hand, somethings the Brookhaven refused to budge on, like the stupid timing of the traffic light at Ashford Dunwoody and West Nancy Creek because some Perimeter CID “expert” set the timing. They don’t need a turn lane there but they need a light with a left hand turn signal to give West Nancy Creek its own seperate allotment of time for each direction. It was nice to allow everyone to add their voice.

    Personally I think someone in Brookhaven didn’t like that.

    I am disappointed.

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    Douglas Trammell

    Here is the problem with See-Click Fix. It put the city of Brookhaven and its city manager in the spotlight of being open, transparent, and responsible. It was not liked by the city manager because of this transparency and citizen scrutiny issue. It makes the city live up to its obligations in a public forum where all can observe the performance of the city. It makes citizens aware of the city’s shortcomings. The inability of city management to reasonably respond to postings on See-Click Fix puts our city in a negative light to observing citizens, an embarrassment city management desperately wants to avoid. See-Click-Fix created too much work for a budget stressed city. Slow response times by a time restrained staff became embarrassing. It was inevitable that See-Click-Fix would be eliminated. Our city manager didn’t like See-Click-Fix and a compliant city council agrees. So let it be considered by city council, so let it be eliminated.

    As with anything new, with See-Click-Fix there is a shakeout time frame where citizens are educated about codes and other mundane, silly complaints that are clearly personal in nature as the reporting system evolves within our city. Let’s face it, regardless of the reporting system utilized, stupid will continue. However, in a public forum, the ignorant and elitist alike can be educated and in some instances shamed with their ignorance to the education of others (if anyone in Brookhaven actually pays attention). In a more direct, private reporting system these time wasting reports will continue without the ability of citizen’s city wide to monitor and evaluate the progress and efficiency of our city’s response to various code related issues resulting in the uneducated wasting city time. That’s OK, at least citizens will not know what is actually going on in the city.

    The difference is in a public forum, with attentive city responses, those citizens blurring their personal vendettas with their interpretation of city code will be neutralized. Thus, all observant citizens participating in this public forum will soon come to understand reality vs. their personal delusions. With daylight, and transparency, See-Click-Fix could make Brookhaven more efficient, transparent, and educate citizens as to legitimate uses of See-Click-Fix. In a direct, private reporting system, openness and transparency of Brookhaven disappears regarding public works, code and park complaints and resolutions. Citizens bask in the public representation of their city based on city say so regardless of city performance. Because they simply have no clue as to what is actually going on.

    So we now see the evolution of Brookhaven away from the open and transparent government that we voted for and evolving into the convoluted government that we left for the services Brookhaven provides.

    As screwed up as our Brookhaven government is, at least we are not as screwed up as DeKalb. Yet.

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