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    “Brookhaven will continue to be responsive and transparent to residents”, Since when has the government of Brookhaven been responsive and transparent? Is this a “new” program, or has this been outsourced as well?

    Can’t a whiteboard and grease pencil keep track of projects and their progress?

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    Brittany Mother

    That’s the second time I have seen the pothole picture on Johnson Ferry (see above). Has that pothole been fixed yet?

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    Community Matters

    Great job Brookhaven we never had any thing like this with Dekalb. Brookhaven has been doing a great job with cones were spent in pothole repair. Let’s get a new system up and running quickly.

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    Sorry, I have a hard time seeing how utilizing SCF doesn’t allow Brookhaven to adequately monitor and track complaint progress. Anonymous or not, if they are legitimate, address them. If not, log them as such. With the end of SCF, city wide transparency with these complaints and concerns ends. Now we will not be able to see just how well our city is performing based on what is being reported vs. resolutions. Thank you Marie.

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    Thomas Porter

    SCF worked brilliantly if you used your real name, it’s the anonymity that killed it.

    I would like to see a new system quickly.

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    Brittany Mother

    I wonder which vendor made or will make the most political contributions.

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    Eddie E

    I have a question that is really on topic although it might not seem so at first blush.
    What is the ‘warranty’ we have with the dedicated, for-profit professionals at RoadWorx?

    I’m just wondering because there is a pothole a block from me (one that was finally patched after numerous complaints in about October) that the repair is already crumbling.

    Does the city have to pay for repairing this again already? (Given that it will probably be mid-2016 before it is repaired again).

    What is the policy?

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