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    Community Matters

    Holy fit. This is great.

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    extreme jealousy!

    So close, yet so far, far away, over here in Chamblee. Might as well be on the dark side of the moon!
    Who can’t understand now Century Centers fight for a Brookhaven address? Companies, especially big Fortune 500’s and the growing tech industry will be very attracted to the Atlanta communities w/ Google Fiber. Savvy city leaders got on the ball and did what was necessary to achieve this prestige. Good work B’haven (& Smyrna) !

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    Yet another benefit of being incorporated. Having city staff that could engage in the ‘joint planning’ process with Google and represent us from the local level was absolutely key.

    Great news for Brookhaven.

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    This is obviously great for the area and I’m relieved that Brookhaven did not mess this up.

    Funny that Gebbia thinks that this somehow is the result of being “a smaller, accessible government.” Um, nope. The City of Atlanta is also getting Google Fiber.

    Also: the “internet of everything” (actually internet of things / IoT) is already “at the doorsteps” throughout Brookhaven; the need for greater throughput is not driven by smart thermostats but by media-heavy services like Netflix and Skype.

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    Google fiber will be good for the area, competition is welcome and will hopefully make cable services more competitive. But the arrival of Google fiber to our area has nothing to do with incorporation, it has everything to do with a government compliant and acquiescing to Google’s need to lessen its costs associated with installing infrastructure and providing service.

    Google is providing service selectively in regions that are most profitable. Key to their decision to enter an area is topography, shared infrastructure such as access to existing utility poles and cabling conduit owned by others and the permitting process. Government cannot do too much about topography but it can really bend the rules regarding shared infrastructure and the permitting process.

    An example of assisting with shared infrastructure would be the city passing an ordinance allowing me to park my automobile in your garage and not requiring me to have a tag on my automobile for use in the city. Since Google’s entry to our area will not have near the cost as that of existing communications companies, its pricing should be extremely competitive. If not? Well, you know …

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    The network design is projected to be completed by mid-2015. Any idea when the construction would be done?

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    enuff govt already

    Are they required to pay the franchise (tax) fee?

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    Eddie E.

    It must be too difficult to look at the map and honestly state ‘We are included in the Google Fiber rollout because WE SHARE A BORDER WITH THE CITY OF ATLANTA just like all the other little burgs”.

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    Late 2016/Early 2017 would be decent guess.

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    So Drew…honestly asking here…you don’t think the city of Atlanta as run under Mayor Reed isn’t more accessible than DeKalb County? I’d disagree. There is no way the mess that is DeKalb would be able to accomplish any of the work needed for this project in a year. IMO-It’s too bloated and lacks leadership.

    I do agree that these three shouldn’t pat themselves on the back so much..this has less to do with those 3 at the photo opp and more to do with our community deciding to incorporate. That’s really all I’m saying …whether you are pro-or-anti, this is a check mark in the ‘benefits of being a city’ category.

    Also, certainly kudos go to the city staff who actually performed and will perform the tasks requested by Google.

    Eddie- All of the places on the list have one thing in common…it isn’t a border with Atlanta (Smyrna, Avondale, College Park). It isn’t ITP. It isn’t demographics.

    Answer= They are all Incorporated. We would not have this opportunity if we were still in unincorporated DeKalb.

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    Yes. 5%.

    See the Decatur FAQ.

    Franchise Agreements- State Law & Local Ordinance
    If a company in Georgia is providing Internet AND Video (TV) services, they have the choice of applying for and negotiating a local franchise agreement which is spelled out in the City’s ordinance OR they can apply for a video service franchise directly with the State of Georgia.

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    Jordan Fox

    Well said, Saul. Thanks for your comment.

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    Eric Robert

    This is good news. And perhaps a benefit of incorporation. But I don’t think its worthy of backslapping or kudos. Parts of District 1 were the first to get a bellsouth service called Americast that competed against Comcast (unfortunately they strung a new cable line on the poles that to this day still stands until it falls down or sags from neglect).

    Even now many of us have a choice between UVerse from AT&T and Comcast, and that was done when we were in unincorporated DeKalb.

    The fact is 1. we are inside the perimeter. 2. We have a fairly decent density and thus potential customer base. 3. U-Verse and others have already laid fiber optics in much of Brookhaven. and 4 we have a compact and sensible (fairly rectangular) shape, so if they are going to do Buckhead it makes sense to continue north another 3 miles.

    2 big questions I have are:
    1. will they cover all of Brookhaven?
    2. Why did they decide not to go into Dunwoody?

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    I read, somewhere that the high speeds are only available to residential, not commercial, addresses. Google had some corporate speak about how people having high speed would benefit the corporations by….?

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    I’m not sure what the fuss is about. I have Comcast and pay about $35 for about advertised 20mb download speed (not often that fast, but close. For my needs, vanilla internet, Email, video and audio streaming and no gaming, the speed is just fine.

    I know that increased capacity will increase use and eventually I’ll need more speed; but, for the near term I can do without doubling my cost for speed I don’t need.

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    B'haven Birdie

    The customers pay the franchise fee on their internet/cable bill and the money goes to the City – supposedly to fix the roads and infrastructure damaged during installation in the right of way.

    More often, the franchise fee is used to balance the general budget of the city instead.

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    Notice no unincorporated areas are in the Google Fiber announcement.

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    Dave you might be the perfect customer for Google Fiber’s $3/month 5mb/s down product. For us, video streaming and other bandwidth intensive applications will be much better with GFiber’s 1000mb/s. Comcast also caps users to 300GB per month and charges a pretty hefty rate for anything over, which GFiber will not do.

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    Community Matters

    I actually prefer to get my fiber from Metamucil. It really works.

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    Eddie E.

    Yes, it will be more difficult to negotiate terms with entire counties. It is easier to impose terms on smaller governments.

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    Eddie E.

    Well, I guess we can hope Google’s initial directive ‘Dont Be Evil’ might help prevent what we have unfortunately come to expect from our current pathetic communications providers.

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    I know…but I’m sure incorporation had ‘nothing’ to do with it. 🙂

    Oh well.

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    enuff govt already

    IMO, I think this is all about ATL. I see the direct connection of the cities to ATL; A’dale thru Decatur onto ATL, Smyrna’s has recently annexed property down to ATL line,S-Springs C-Park & Hapeville. There were more incorporated metro areas not selected than selected. This is about ATL and it’s direct suburbs. ATL will dictate but I do think it is a good thing for the selected areas.

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    Are the ditches very big for the installation? Will we get a closer look at the stormwater drainage system? Uh oh. New Stormwater Systems will have to be addressed as trenchers disrupt crumbling infrastructure. How much would that cost? $20M? $30M?

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    Like Atlanta, Nashville, Portland, Kansas City? Oh well…you can lead a horse to water.

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    Of course it’s about Atlanta and geography…but the point is that Brookhaven wouldn’t have been up for consideration but for incorporation. It’s not some sort of “Look how awesome we are” promo like the politicos were claiming…it is just a simple “If/Then” reality of being in a city.

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    Maybe Mr. Fox is just mad his old city of Chamblee wasn’t cool enough to get Google fiber. Must be like high school all over again.

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    If you worked hard for incorporation it obviously is a time for backslapping and we are more awesome because of incorporation.;)

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