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    extreme jealousy!

    This would be fantastic, but… and there is a but.
    The only ‘complaint’ that I have is EVERYTHING is being stacked on top of each other up on Peachtree, yet Buford Highway is wise open and in serious need for a large redevelopment such as this!
    The divide between the wealthy areas and the run down slums becomes more pronounced if this continues. The Parkside Village, Olmstead, the B’haven Marta, the B’haven development across from Marta, the Brookleigh, Dresden & now this development all w/in walking distance of each other?? Chamblee…(& Brookhaven), it’s a development like this that needs to jumpstart BuFord Highway revitalization!!
    Spread the love!!

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    Mike W

    Whole Foods would be awesome … as would wiping out that blight of closed and ugly buildings and building something new.

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    Jack Smith

    I would love to see it. The Oxford Chemicals site is a former super-fund site along with the neighboring GE site (PCB pollution). Hopefully any additional cleanup will not derail the effort.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    A little birdie told us a Zoe’s Kitchen is being discussed as well for this development.

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    Some of us have been asking for a whole foods and a roof top Taco spot for about 5 years…:)

    Great news for our area.

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    Eddie E.

    There is still the Chlodane plume that stretched under the railroad to consider.

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    WAH- I believe Pure is putting a Taco with roof top just down the street at Brookleigh.

    This development looks exactly the same as the Blee, will this derail the Blee or will Chamblee do both?

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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    Ah, refreshing news. Free markets at work. No TAD required…and none of those government, central planning comprimises that way down profit for the sake of the “public good”.

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    …and in fact even a TAD wouldn’t help solve Jealous’ request for someone to redevelop on Buford. The market has to find it, when the market finds spots for new residential–or something like PDK/CDC or the city infrastructure (park?) drives activity to the area.

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    Speaking of progress, what if anything will ever go into the former Harris Teeter store at P’tree and N. Druid Hills? Over the holidays it appeared that workers were in there renovating or updating the interior. This is a big retail space and has sat recant for 5+ years. The city needs that space to be used for commerce and producing tax revenue.

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    This is only great news.

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    John D

    Though this development might be an improvement over what is currently there, the land use plan is very inefficient. The buildings are extremely withdrawn from the street, just like the Lowe’s across the street – will be two giant surface parking lots facing each other on Peachtree Blvd. Why aren’t the parking areas all concentrated in the rear of the lot which abuts train tracks, and the buildings brought out to the street where you can enter directly from the walking trails/bus stop? You could add a sheltered area on the street that has a dual function as a transit station and outdoor seating for the Whole Foods cafe. It’s unlikely anyone will use the narrow walking trails sandwiched between a 6 lane road and a giant parking lot. The Johnson Ferry intersection is underutilized and adds to the conundrum. Would be better for the city and future development if the parking was stacked in a deck with the potential for integrated housing units with defined spatial nodes, but its obvious here they are trying to spend minimum $ for maximum profit, and 1-floor construction is cheapest. There is enough land here to create a whole neighborhood! Recreates the destructive suburban typology from which the rest of ATL is moving away. Also, do you think a large organic/health grocer would be ok with a farmers market on their lot which might draw business away? Or is it just a imagery gimmick to pass it through planning commission community meetings? If the development functions as it does in the renderings, I’ll eat my pants.

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    Hopefully they will plan one of the pocket parks around that BEAUTIFUL old tree on the Oxford property. And regarding the parking lot – much safer to have parking that is visible vs parking garages that are hidden behind building where crimes tend to happen. Watch the local news…. Every day stories about parking garages that are having issues with vehicles are being broken in to gated an not.

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    Agreed Johm D–more old school suburban strip–maybe we’ll agree with Jealous–if Chamblee approves, its hopeless

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    I agree with John too. At least put buildings all around the exterior so that one can’t see the parking lot from the streets. This site is so close to a MARTA station, some denser development wouldn’t hurt. I’m going to miss taking the relatively calm Peachtree Road too.

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    Wesley Mouch

    Jealous is right in their assessment. I propose a new government directive in these hard times.

    The equal development law.

    For every development that occurs in a nice part of town, an identical development must be constructed in the bad part of town. Tenants for these properties must be provided at both locations whether or not they are actually conducting business or if there is sufficient income living within the area to support such a new development. This will provide the look and feel of success in two places rather than just one. It also doubles the amount of jobs that are needed. Think of the many ways this can impact the growth of our country. Developers need to get over this idea of working for their own benefit and profit and instead embrace the good of the nation and of those that are less fortunate.

    If a city approves construction of these, but the developer only wishes to build the one that will be profitable, then the city will have the right to seize the assets of the company to liquidate in order to provide similar developments in the crappy part of town. The right to determine where you will and will not make money shall not be given to specific individuals and businesses, but to all citizens who strive for a better nation.

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    Please, Please, Please let this dream come true! Couldn’t happen soon enough in my opinion.

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    Robert Nelson

    Wesley Mouch, you would make Karl Marx proud. Government seizure of assets because someone is trying to develop a profitable Centre that won’t fail? Are you kidding me? ? ?

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    Brilliant Mr. Mouch! Are you married?

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    Jack Smith

    Kroger is rumored to be sitting on the property (they acquired it via the Harris Teeter acquisition) to prevent a competing store from going in.

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    Eric Robert

    Run down slums? Please. Just because a Whole Foods probably would not do well on Buford Highway doesn’t mean its a problem. There are a whole lot of interesting retail and eating spots on Buford Highway that Peachtree doesn’t have.

    People who don’t make a ton of money need a place to live also.

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    Eric Robert

    I agree its an old school plan. Surface lots are a very inefficient use of property. Its basically a glorified strip mall. I wonder if the fact it was a superfund site prevents it from having a residential component.

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    Eric Robert

    Robert its called sarcasm.

  24. 24

    Eddie E

    Very well done sarcasm.

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    extreme jealousy!

    No , its called ignorance disguised by smarmy sarcasm.
    I simply said Chamblee & Brookhaven should both take a more aggressive role in jump starting some redevelopment activity down along Buford Highway and the crazies come out screaming government takeover crap!
    Gez, no wonder things are in this condition round here.
    Back in Cobb both Smyrna & Marietta took steps to bring prosperity to some of its struggling parts of town. It can and SHOULD be done, either by bonds, partnerships and …my favorite (because it works)…TADS!
    Cobb is blowing Dekalb into the dirt. Dekalbs infrastructure is in dire state of disrepair.
    But who cares,…we’re just so damn open minded and advanced as a species, right?
    Give me a break!!

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    Carrie Max, that was sarcasm. You scare me.

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    extreme jealousy!

    Carrie, good girl,…replying sarcastically to sarcasm. Some are sooo slooow!

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    extreme jealousy!

    Here’s a really nice mixed use w/ a Whole Foods!

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    Understand that Kroger thinks it can hatch something, which it hasn’t in over 5 years. The city need to consider eminent domain for the public good. That amount of available square footage at a major intersection going unused for this long is absolutely senseless.

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    Well you have at least one vote come November, oh wait never mind.

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    Eminent domain? That is EXACTLY why we incorporated! Now let’s get out there and rid this city of what we don’t like!

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    LOL, maybe this is the opportunity for our city council to trade freeing up the Brookhaven Plaza space for a fueling center at Cambridge Square. They do behind closed doors deals quite well. I see we are making progress in replacing some of those ratty wooden fences across from Cambridge, but we have a long way to go. Especially with that black plastic covered one.

    It is my understanding that the old Brookhaven Plaza Kroger space is being actively marketed but you’ll not see anything like a food store going in that space.

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    Jack Smith

    Thanks for the Info. Below about the chemical.

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    New to the area

    Just moved to the area. Is the Whole Foods development moving along or where are they in the process. Would not only love to have a WF’s but would also like to see Peachtree in Chamblee look a little nicer.

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