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    extreme jealousy!

    Police Chief King say this type of thing has operated in the shadows for way too long. Huh?
    In the shadows? Sir, it’s not in the shadows!
    Anyone can drive along Buford Highway and KNOW there’s an entrenched criminal element at work out here.
    That is precisely why Buford Highway is known as the ‘seedy’ & ‘undesirable’ part of town. It includes Brookhaven Chamblee and Doraville. I can’t for the life of me understand how any of this can be acceptable to elected officials and local homeowners & has been for at least 25 or more years.
    I understand Brookhaven is trying to be aggressive w/ their redevelopment plan, but unfortunately there is a very strange mindset throughout Chamblee that this less than stellar area is just fine w/ the locals.
    Companies have turned away. The infrastructure is crumbling and it’s high time all 3 juridictions begin to work together and turn this region into a positive destination instead of an area people simply avoid..

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    Brookhaven Post, I’d appreciate an article on the recent “de-annexation” by the “newly annexed” area reported in the AJC. The AJC article said the businesses and DeKalb had agreed to part ways with Doraville and implied that Doraville needed to agree. Right, wrong or…?

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    I just realized the article I read was in the Brookhaven Post. Same question, is the de-annexation a done deal or is there another step?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    The county has presented their resolution to Doraville asking for Doraville to create a similar resolution allowing these businesses to deannex. It is not a done deal unless Doraville agrees or the legislature decides to deannex it. It was a legislative annexation as the General Assembly has the power to do. We are told there is a group of businesses who will be lobbying the legislature to deannex as well. Hope this answers your question adequately.

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    That does answer the question. Thanks.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Youre welcome.

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    Interesting coincidence. Newly annexed area of Doraville asks to be de-annexed and Doraville police then come in and establish that the area is a hotbed of crime. I’d feel better about this is the police had come in first before the de-annexing request.

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    Dunwoody Police says they’re not doing a good job

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