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    Laura Ross

    I don’t own a bike but I want to get one. This will motivate me to try to save some money for one.

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    Great idea and will be good for Brookhaven. Anything that improves the safety for cyclists will be much appreciated.
    Glad to see Brookhaven cops stalking Ash-Dun in the mornings for all the guys that drive on the wrong side of the road and in the bike lane to get thru the light at Nancy Creek.
    Some of their antics are unbelievable.

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    extreme jealousy!

    This is great for B’haven!
    I wonder if the city is maybe considering a wide pedestrian trail along Clairmont, that would connect many neighborhoods from south to north.
    They could partner w/ PAth & Chamblee, include art, benches, trees and greenspace and become the beginnings of our own Beltline style trail tying into the 400 PAth Beltline connector now & the North Fork PAth when it’s complete .
    Hopefully the smart people will surprise us soon.
    ps,..Laura, you can pick up a good tooling around town bike for 125 bucks at Sports Authority, Target, probably Costco too.

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    The bike lane on one side of the road is along side the sidewalk, the other bike lane is between car lanes. Was this by design? If so, does anyone know why?

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    I believe John Park has a plan (Brookhaven Beltline was apart of his campaign)

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    Eddie E

    So if two people with two doublewide strollers and two dogs are walking abreast, will they use the bike lane, the parking lane, or just stay out in the middle of the traffic lane as usual?

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    Electric vehicle lane? I hope not.

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    Eddie, our city council is developing an ordinance to clarify your concerns. But, only after they clarify our nonexistent golf cart ordinance, pending the guiding thoughts of Councilman Mattison. This might not be an issue if the dogs are in buns and properly dressed. Otherwise, there could be a heavy police presence with such disregard for citizen disobedience of pedestrian laws on public streets.

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