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    Eddie E

    Since the pile of salt is only a few yards from the headwaters of a pristine stream running through a southern Old Growth Forest habitat, I certainly hope that permitting and inspection of the storage has been followed closely.
    It would be quite a shame to damage the watershed adjacent to the salt pile and put Dekalb County Taxpayers on the hook for remediation since apparently NOBODY is currently responsible for the protection and maintenance of the ‘staging area’ property.

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    Enough Eddie!

    You really may be the most negative minded person to live in Brookhaven. The rest of us successful and happy people here have reached a limit. Every article has a post from you that criticizes something or someone. You aren’t important and no one cares, please face facts and deal with it.

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    Eddie Fan

    I don’t agree. I find Eddie’s post to be interesting and informative. I appreciate that he cares about the environment and in person he is kind and pleasant. Some people have passion and that’s not a bad thing. If you don’t like his posts maybe you should stop reading them. This is a site for everyone.

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    Eddie E

    If you don’t care for me it is of no concern.

    However, I challenge you to find fault with the obvious facts I present above.

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    I agree Eddie Fan…Eddie E offers a perspective that is real.

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    Earl Gray

    What does being successful have to do with anything? You sound very pretentious.

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    And I agree with “Enough Eddie”.

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    Enough Eddie!

    Eddie: I can find a lot of things wrong with all your comments. The least of which is your claim that no one is responsible. I realize through most of your posts that you have no idea how many things work but RoadWorx is a private company so first of all they are responsible. Since Brookhaven hired them to bring in the salt and approved of the location they are also responsible should this catastrophe strike as you have envisioned. After the events of last year which endangered the lives of thousands, I can’t believe anyone would go around making such wild accusations that no one is “responsible”

    EG: Your comment linking successful and pretentious is everything wrong with America. My point was 99% of people in Brookhaven are happy, which Im sure you understood but decided to read into in order to make a beyond shallow point. You know what though, we are a very successful hard working community and I am very proud of that fact.

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    “My point was 99% of people in Brookhaven are happy…”

    You are more than likely correct with your assumption and per cent age of happy Brookhaven residents. The next election will confirm your assessment of citizen satisfaction.

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    Two whole truck loads of road salt? That should take care of pre-treating and solving any subsequent issues we have in the #1 Brookhaven District!

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    Eddie E.

    I get your vicious outrage, but put it back in the can.
    RoadWorx has the contract to repair potholes and treat against icy road conditions.
    Dekalb County owns the property.
    Who holds the lease on that property? Who are the parties listed on the lease.
    Who filed the permit for storing a persistent herbicide on the property?
    Who inspected the storage?
    Who approved the permit?
    What is the compensation to the County for use of the property and what additional costs were assessed for the storage of components potentially hazardous to the watershed directly downhill from the storage?
    This ain’t rocket science, it’s standard municipal code.
    And my questions are entirely germane to use of the property.
    Consider me a !%er, because I have volumes of simple details with which I, as a taxpayer, am not satisfied.
    And for those who just don’t car if the rules are followed, what was it you didn’t like about the County?

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    Eddie E.

    You ignore the disaster if District 1 residents can’t make it up the hill to Starbucks!

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    Enough Eddie!

    Saul: I 100% agree with you. I think there will be MAJOR changes in the coming year. I can’t personally can’t believe the money spent on those ridiculous monuments when we have so much more to tackle. Gebbia said at a meeting that he wants to install a clock tower and monument at the intersection of Rox and N Druid. Unbelievable.

    Eddie: The problem is you don’t know the answer to any of those questions yet you insist there is “no responsibility”. Seems very premature. I have no outrage at all, I just dont understand why you seem to think you control all operations of the city. I understand you are a tax payer and want to express your concerns, more than justified. However, there isn’t even a clear problem there and you are out looking for one. Like so many of you posts,its all just “what if’s”. Ignorance of a topic is not a good reason to go around making false statements and point fingers.

    Ill tell you what, I will give you the same opportunity someone else did when they asked you to come up with the differences in Brookhaven and Dekalb Tree ordinances and you failed to come up with anything other than research of other states. Even when someone posted an article with the main differences for you. Why don’t you take 48 hours and get the answer to all those questions you asked. Then personally inspect the property and PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt there is the POSSIBILITY for this impending doom you are predicting. Clock starts now big guy, GO!

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    Eddie E.

    ‘clock starts now’.
    You just watch your clock ok.
    I’m asking simple, legitimate questions as finding records on why the RoadWorx company is even on the site as well as all the other questions I posed.
    Apparently, none of the permits I mentioned exist. If they do, I would love to see them.

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    Eddie E.

    Oops, missed a point.
    There is no secondary containment in the rapidly assembled shed (which probably shouldn’t have been built).
    I have inspected the property. All that is there to protect anything is aging silt fencing.

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    Enough Eddie!

    Apparently the permits dont exist? Shouldn’t you know this before making your accusations? You dont know one answer to any of your crazy questions yet you continue to go around pointing fingers about a topic you are ignorant to. I thought you knew it all Eddie!!! Guess not 🙁

    From now on you and I are best friends.

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    Has Mayor Davis spoken out about what the city is doing for public safety on the roads over the next day or so during the wet and freezing weather? Is Brookhaven making any effort to pre-treat our roadways for police and fire accessibility?

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    Eddie E.

    I know that a business should not be parked on public property that is not zoned for the business.
    I know that salt should not be stored at a streamhead.
    I know that there was NO public meeting to determine the appropriateness of any of the land use that I am questioning.
    AND…..I have learned to never assume that Brookhaven has gone the extra mile to ensure everything is in order…..

    That much I already know for sure!

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    Eddie! Now you have me concerned about how all that salt being stored. Is it in a building covered from the elements and with a special leak proof floor making for complete removal of all potential stream contamination? Please don’t tell me it is just dumped on the pavement with a tarp covering it! Mayor Davis! Do you have any answers to my questions? Do you realize the potential damage that can be done to our woods with improper storage of this salt?

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    Eric Robert

    If secondary containment is required and it doesn’t exist then that is a problem.

    Frankly driving by and seeing the picture, the whole thing seems a bit amateurish which makes me a little uncomfortable about it being stored next to the headwaters of the stream.

    And a small private company run out of someone’s house I don’t think offers the same level of protection. Maybe fine for paving potholes and such but in terms of storing chemicals and salts there is some concern.

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    The company operates out of a home? Where do they store their equipment?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    We have asked about the storing of debris and equipment at this location for months. We are told that RoadWorx has an agreement with the Airport to use this property as it is currently. We were told that the debris from road paving that is scattered around the site would be ground up and used for road paving underlayment by the middle part of January to the first part of February. (it depended on some truck that was on another job and once it finished would be in Brookhaven to take care of this)

    This story was simply meant to say that there is salt on hand should the City need to get it on the roads quickly. Apparently they did not need it this go-round.

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    Eric Robert

    Thanks for the update. Though it would be interesting if that shed they built to store the salt was lacking in some features that are recommended for making sure excessive salt runoff doesn’t leave the site.

    Susan I imagine they do like here and lease spots to store truck and materials. Or some of the north metro cities they service provide space for them. Not a problem if done properly.

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    Eric Robert

    By the way, If there was a problem with how that site is being used Brookhaven as their employer could get them to make changes.

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    Enough Eddie!

    Im going to say it one more time: educate yourself before making accusations. Then read the comment from the brookhaven post that debunks 95% of your ridiculous argument.

    The business is on airport property which IS zoned for business and no meeting is required for the county to lease the property to that business.

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    Not The Mayor

    The home is just their address for purpose of official business mailings. Tons of businesses do this because they have several satellite locations and want checks, tax information, etc to come to one central location which is often times the business owners home. Its also prevents having to tell customers a new address if any satellite operations move or close.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    This parcel has generated a high number of inquiry’s with us as well as with the county and the airport over the years.

    PDK Airport Director Mike Van Wie addressed the “lease” issue in the comment he made on a story we posted back in December. (
    December 15, 2014 – 4:50 pm #
    “For the record Roadworx is not leasing the property from PDK. The airport is allowing Roadworx to use the property free of charge for the benefit of the City of Brookhaven. I made it very clear with the City that the responsibility for keeping it clean rests with Roadworx.
    Mike Van Wie
    PDK Airport Director”

    We also called and spoke to RoadWorx owner and provided the following UPDATE at 12:08 on 12/15/2014 – The Post spoke with Lou Erenhalt, President of RoadWorx who told us his company is very environmentally conscious and has plans to recycle all of the materials on the site. Mr. Erenhalt said that there is a company that grinds up all of the concrete material as well as the asphalt to later be used as base layers for other paving and concrete projects. Instead of placing all of the materials in a land-fill, Erenhalt says it will be reused. Once the company with the grinding machine finishes a job in Augusta, the machine will be brought to Brookhaven – “right after the first of the year.”

    The main concern was and still remains with most we talk to is that the site is being used as a construction debris “dump” and “no activity has taken place for remediation.”

    That’s all we’ve got. Hope it helps.

    Again, this post was meant to give some peace of mind that if the weather turned bad enough to treat the roads salt was near.

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    Eddie E.

    Enough, what about the aspects of the article that clearly demonstrate even the POST cannot get adequate answers suggest there is no question about the arrangement?
    What suggests the location is appropriate for the tasks?
    Where is evidence that it has been vetted by anyone?
    Considering that the County and not the Airport has current authority over the property, why is a for-profit business “using the property free of charge” with no clear chain of responsibility?

    I realize you probably assume that anyone with any questions should just be quiet assuming the ‘City Knows Best’ but given the absolute absence of any evidence, legitimate questions remain.

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    Eric Robert

    Exactly! That’s why for a while Ford Motor Company sent everything to Alan Mulalley’s house!

    Seriously though, I agree 110% that there is nothing wrong with using a home address. I was merely pointing out that I didn’t think “Enough Eddie!’s” assurance that as a private company they would be responsible was 100%. , Businesses, including those in the development industry, declare bankcruptcy all the time. I would argue this could make it easier/(less expensive) to fold up shop should a liability issue arise. I am not saying that is a risk at all with Roadworx but am merely making the point that a private business could have less to lose if there was a high liability incident due to a mistake vs. if it was a county or city government.

  30. 30

    Enough Eddie!

    I wasn’t saying that there was a 100% assurance just because RW is a private company. I think we know that is far from the truth, private or gov. The point was that Eddie E continues to make off the wall comments and meritless accusations. He claimed there was “no responsibly” when in fact responsibly would like with RW, Brookhaven, and if it came down do it, Dekalb county because they own the property. This is a far cry from the zero responsibily that was his original claim. Or that business could not operate there or that there had to be a public meeting. Not one of those is true. Eric, you seem to do your research on all topics, whether you are for or against them, and that is very appreciated by those of us who frequent the post for Brookhaven News. I just wish others would be as diligent before making claims and assigning blame. I guess Im just arguing with a wall.

    How anyone could claim PDK airport, with 2 restaurants, several FBO’s, mechanics, and a fuel company is not “zoned for business” is beyond me. The city was simply trying to be prepared and as far as anyone can tell, there has not been once ounce of wrongdoing. I’ll be honest in the fact that I am not really a pro city guy, it seems to have only been a lost of wasted time on lawsuits, unneeded monument conceptuals, and money spent for not a lot of return. But, to go around saying there is no responsibility, an airport wasn’t zoned for business, or they had to get public approval to stockpile salt for a pending storm is nothing short misleading.

  31. 31

    Eddie E.

    The former Runway Protection Zone is NOT zoned for business. The Airport on the other side of the road is. When did I say it is not?
    According to the County, the Airport no longer controls the Runway Protection Zone so it might be of value to the Citizens of Dekalb County to determine what entity holds authority over that property.
    The property comprised of the former Runway Protection Zone is of special interest for protection from unnecessary environmental degradation, therefore inappropriate uses through ‘special arrangements’ should draw scrutiny from EVERYONE. At the very least, the regulations in the following link should be followed:

    While the regulation does not specifically require secondary containment, it does forbid dispersal of contaminated stormwater and limits the disturbance of the material to loading and unloading. The simple fact that business is involved does not shield them from appropriate scrutiny.

    As a taxpayer, I wonder why any for profit business is given free access to PUBLIC PROPERTY? Is there a list available of businesses that can access county assets at no charge?

    Your assertions that somehow I am pulling things out of the sky is without merit and the concerns I express are concerns to many.

  32. 32


    Eddie, that parcel of land west of Clairmont, the protection zone as you call it, is zoned manufacturing. That is what is shown on Brookhaven’s zoning map. I assume that is how it was zoned in unincorporated DeKalb. Very valuable land that parcel is and unfortunately it may take a miracle to keep it like it is now in the future.

  33. 33

    Eddie E.

    Many are hard at work to ensure it stays just the way it is.
    No doubt many more are hard at work attempting to destroy it’s special status.

  34. 34


    I personally am glad people like Eddie E. are bringing up potential issues of concern. Even if the concerns are of no consequence, it doesn’t hurt to have someone raising an issue on something as important as the environment.

    Speaking of Roadworx operating out of a home…I don’t have a problem with that but they really should invest in more professional signage. Maybe they’ve upgraded in recent weeks, but for a time last fall they had very homemade looking signage on their trucks, leading some in my neighborhood to mistake one of the trucks for a neighborhood creeper. They even called the police before someone clued them in that this was a legitimate city contractor.

  35. 35

    MC Neighbor and voter

    List of agencies using city assets at no charge:

    Atlanta Colts Youth Association
    Murphy Candler Youth Softball
    Murphy Candler Little League
    CHOA and Executive Park – $252k in year one, nothing after

  36. 36

    Enough Eddie!

    Congrats on your first real piece of research Eddie. Im so proud of you!! Where was this 4 days ago!?!?!? Even if we recognize your concerns are of “no consequence”. But good job anyway!

    BTW: manufacturing is “business” (3rd time you have been proven wrong today) and the city/ county allowed this because it is in the interest of the tax payers to have the salt on hand to save lives. Clearly you are waayyy more worried about that .00001% chance salt gets into the stream than the life of a person.

    Did you stop and ask yourself what the cost to the taxpayer would be if the area wasn’t there at no charge to RW and they had to lease or purchase something else to store salt??? OR we can let them put salt there temporaily for the benefit of the whole city at no charge and they won’t charge us extra for that lease they would otherwise need.

    Also, Im still waiting on you to PROVE there is no responsibility for the area as you initially claimed. Let me know!

  37. 37


    Uninformed MC neighbor and anti-city voter-

    A non- profit , all volunteer , children’s softball or baseball league that spends hundreds (yes hundreds of thousands ) of dollars a year maintaining fields and improving city facilities is not an “agency”. It is a non-profit, all volunteer organization offering a valuable service to the children of our community for which they also pay $10 or 15,000.00 a year.
    I wasn’t aware Children’s Healthcare was using any city assets free of charge. Isn’t there a special tax district or something they will be subject to?

  38. 38

    Eddie E

    Well, the zoning might change once the property belongs to Brookhaven.
    Anyway, who am I to challenge any part of the universally accepted Brookhaven Zoning map, a bastion of technical expertise recognized statewide.

    I am not challenging the need for clear roads, just suggesting that SOME THOUGHT should go into where the road crew and SALT are located.

    Was ‘free space’ part of the RoadWorx bid? Was it offered to the other bidders?
    Since it is County property, are the other Taxpayers in the County polled to determine if this is ‘highest and best use’ of their asset? While we’re at it, why is it that the City doesn’t own it’s roads and drainage public works?

    All that is needed to ‘prove’ the chain of responsibility is to provide the documents that allow the use of the property. I don’t have access to those documents and (a little reading comprehension) close attention to the information provided by the POST suggests that those documents are hard to come by. In short there is currently no proof available either way. So maybe you would like to undertake determining there is PROOF that everything is done in accordance with practices generally accepted within the Georgia Municipal Association.

    So much for ‘transparency’ and ‘local control’, one would assume the City would have insisted these arrangements be made public long ago so no hint of inappropriateness would remain.

    But please, continue the condescending bully routine, it is mildly amusing.

  39. 39

    Enough Eddie!

    Calling you out for making false accusations, presenting false data, and being uninformed on a topic is not being a bully, far from it. You need to have merit in your claims if you want to be taken seriously, and name calling is not merit.

  40. 40

    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you all for your comments on this Post. Unfortunately they have reached to the point of being non-productive so any further comments that are not specific to the article itself will not be approved.

  41. 41

    Eric Robert

    Well i think we can all agree that thank goodness we didn’t need to use the salt this week.

    And understood about the staying on track, but the concept of if the Request for Quotes (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP), (whichever it was) included the free use of the property to store equipment and material could be an interesting topic for a future article. Because Roadworx already has the contracts for most of the other North Metro Atlanta cities created by the Riley law firm, I imagine through economies of scale they are able to offer the lowest bid anyway. Hopefully we can re-purpose this property soon.

  42. 42


    The great salt debate has finally ended! And none even got spread. Too funny.

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