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    Love this place and Sherlocks but stopped going years ago due to the reasons she mentions.
    Hopefully that whole area gets looked at for improvements with the proposed improvements for Marta.
    Take a look at Vino Venue in Georgetown, similar concept, works well there.

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    Man of Chamblee

    They should consider Chamblee. Looks like they know how to attract good businesses.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    Agree, it was great store.Their wine recs were always top notch and it was nice to pick up those harder to find cooking items locally. But you definitely had to time your trips there. That parking lot is painful coupled with the traffic.

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    Man of Chamblee

    Seems logical to me the Cook’s Warehouse may want to look at the new Whole Foods development or the Parkview developments coming in to Chamblee. My guess is the target demographic would be closely aligned with those. Just an idea but it could be a successful spot for the Cook’s Warehouse.

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    extreme jealousy!

    You might want to understand their customers. They will probably look to Streets of Buckhead, Roswell, Avalon/Alpharetta or new mixed use on Roswell Rd. in Sandy Springs.
    You do understand Chamblee’s demographics, right?

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    Get out much?

    Cook’s Warehouse is a destination for foodies seeking cooking classes, specialty ingredients and supplies. Chamblee is a destination for foodies seeking fabulous, authentic, locally owned specialty restaurants. Seems like a perfect fit to me.

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    Charlie Brown

    Hate this…I loved Cook’s Warehouse and Sherlocks and no way I’m making it to Ansley Mall to shop there.

    I wish they’d take the Blockbuster space at Johnson Ferry and Ash Dun…of course, there is a probably a reason that space hasn’t been filled in almost a decade…It has nothing to do with location.

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    Parking is even worse at the Blockbuster location. No new business will ever go there as the lot is packed with the existing tenants. The new development a few yards down from Blocknbuster (where Pure taqueria is building) might work for a Sherlocks.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you all for the good dialog. Please keep it up. I’ll be pushing out an article later today on some other new businesses coming in to Brookhaven. It’s nice to see good conversation.

    Thank you all.

    Stay warm out there!

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    Mary and Theresa are absolutely the best…love them and will miss them.

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    Their current location is actually one of the better ones in Brookhaven for ingress and egress because you can exit out the back of the parking lot to a light to make a left turn onto Peachtree, Whereas getting out of City Dog Market and Souper Jenny…well let’s just say I’ve almost been killed trying to turn left and won’t bother patronizing those places anymore. Not worth it.

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    I heard Blockbuster were still paying the lease up until a few years ago and now it is used as a tax write-off for the owners for some “charity” they run.

    Would be a good spot for nice restaurant.

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    Chatted with the staff on Saturday evening before close – Sherlock’s is trying to negotiate an extension to the lease for themselves and remain in the location.

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