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    Thomas Porter

    Perhaps even more surprising (not really) is the fact that the Mayor wasn’t involved nor informed of the decision by the City Manager. Why have a mayor who is unaware of rather significant issues in their city? Yes, I get that this is a “City Manager form of government”, but there are issues that should be part of daily conversations between the two. I guess they don’t chat much.

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    Laura Ross

    As I have long suspected, Max Cleland may be the mayor but he is only a figurehead. Marie Garrett is the real power in Brookhaven.

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    I *think* See-Click-Fix can deliver everything they’re asking for… might require tweaking the settings, or *gasp* Read The Manual!

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    The downside to See-Click-Fix was that it turned people into whiny tattletales. More than a few neighborhood spats aired out for all to see in their embarrassing glory. More than a few personal taste matters argued. Some defied logic, such as the person who complained that giant cockroaches would come out of the sewers at night. They should go to New Orleans if they want to be really offended; the American cockroaches have their own floats during Mardi Gras.

    And whatever the new system will be, it should not allow anonymity; you can keep your name private, but someone at City Hall needs to know that this is a real person, not a troll standing beside a manhole. And if the troll keeps posting, then they should be blocked. Free speech has its limits in this situation; there needs to be credibility.

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    Psssst, it’s J. Max Davis. Max Cleland is a former U. S. Senator from Georgia.

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    Nice to see that a “quick and systematic resolution” seems to be baked in to the app!

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    Psssst, an honest mistake. As they both love themselves more government for political self promotion.

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    Personally, I think there is value to anonymity when it comes to reporting sensitive and legitimate code violations. If a complaint is made to the police by someone in your neighborhood the police are not going to tell you who it is, even if they know (you can call the police anonymously). If the complaints border on clear neighbor grudges that is where editorial control comes in. Besides, Brookhaven should be more concerned with addressing legitimate complaints, not who is making them. It is a private website. There is no such thing as free speech on a private website. Delete or block those that misuse such systems.

    The real issue with SCF or any similar service is that making Brookhaven accountable has a cost. A cost Marie didn’t like.

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    It does make for an interesting “compare & contrast” discussion.

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    Eddie E.

    Which number do you call about potholes that were just repaired but are coming apart again?

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    Laura Ross

    A senior moment. I used to do a heck ova lot of graphic design for Max Cleland back in the day!

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    I liked see click fix but if the new system is better I will be glad the city adapted. As far as silly Saul’s comment, I am pretty sure the new system will have a cost as well and wil require accountability.

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    Would have been a better idea for the CM to once again stop the rediculous need to control everything and realize that what she knows about her job is one thing. What she knows about Brookhaven is another. No clue in that department. Should have just left the SCF solution in place and actually do the job of addressing the issues. Or did we cut the contract of the Public Works vendor so much that there was no money left for this silly kind of accountability stuff. The answer is yes.

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    If we had sound city management SCF would remain in place until such time a better suited system could be vetted and put in place. Stopping the original reporting system, asking citizens to report in some manner to the city, then starting another reporting system just shows poor decision making by our city manager. Not to mention the hassle for the individuals responsible for responding to the city manager’s reporting system du jour. It also shows weakness on our city council’s part that no one, especially our mayor, spoke up and pointed out these facts and demanded better program change scheduling.

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    Eric Robert

    See Click Fix was great. The decision to get rid of it was not. The decision to get rid of it before there was a replacement was even worse and makes me wonder.

    “SeeClickFix did not allow city staff to adequately track progress on projects to see what work had been completed. The old system accepted anonymous complaints and did not allow city staff to directly interact with residents,”

    I find the above explanation questionable. Not track progress? Direct Staff or Vendors to post progress. Or its more a reporting tool, I would assume there is an internal reporting system.

    Anonymous Posts? Surely there is an on/off switch for allowing non registered posters from posting.

    directly interact with residents? Really? There was great interaction with staff. Or tell people to register and include their email.

    Personally I never saw any thread get that far out of control or that long.

    Hopefully this new program works.

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    I’ll tell you this: If I gave my clients a tool to be able to provide requests and feedback to me, and then I suddenly took the tool away with no similar replacement, I’d probably be fired.

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