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    And in the background, the lilting song of the chainsaw.

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    Thomas Porter

    This award is as cynical as our Mayor.

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    Have lost ALL RESPECT for the Arbor Day Foundation.

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    This just proves that our current Tree Ordinance is just fine. The belly aching about trees is off the charts.

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    “‘As a new city, we are very grateful to our residents who have nurtured our trees through all the years, and we will continue to honor that tradition.’”

    I’m going to re-read 1984, the novel by George Orwell. Maybe then the Mayor’s statement make sense.

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    Sally E

    It is beyond me that the Mayor is making such false statements.

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    Yes, the Arbor Day foundation has been sucked into the grand conspiracy that is Brookhaven. “No City Brookhaven” lives!

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    China White

    Hi Carrie,
    Why do you not like the City? You are the Mayor. What has turned you so upside down? Since you will be running for District 80 State House seat when Jocobs becomes Judge are you now going to distance yourself from the mess you have made just as the sitting house rep and basically the rest of the legislators have done with Brookhaven? You should not hate your mess and keep making excuses. You should embrace it. For after all, isn’t this what you wanted? Or was it really just a ploy to get your buds at Murphey Candler all of their special interest money?

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    Eddie E

    What does it cost these days to buy off the Arbor Day Foundation?
    Will it show up on the books?

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    Eddie E

    Pretty much covers all three of the Tenents of Ingsoc.

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    China White – I love that color! Know the Mayor, like the Mayor, live near the Mayor, support the Mayor and Council, love the city and most everything the city has accomplished, but, like the “not the Mayor” who posts here on the reg – not the Mayor either. It is fun sometimes reading all you anoniposters sounding so certain of my DNA, my IP address, my actual address, and how I dress.
    This city is a beautiful hot mess and I love Murphey Candler and those volunteer money grubbing Murphey Candler moms and dads. Brookhaven – the city created to reward little league cronies. Hilarious! ( really did just laugh out loud)

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    Oh Kee Doke! 😉 What ever you say!

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    and can it be taken from Tourism funds?

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    Kerry McBrayer

    The designation of Tree City USA is misleading. To become one a city applies online and states that it meets their standards. Look at their website and see how weak the standards are. They apply mostly to trees on land owned by the city. They emphasize tree planting not protecting. A lot of the cities with this title are bare, prairie-like places that are just starting to grow a few shade trees.

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    Tree planting is bad, how? what cities are bare and prarie like? If they are on the prarie isn’t that their natural state? Arbor Day Foundation is weak because they have standards for management of trees on municipal property and require tree plantings? K. Mc Brayer , what foundation have you started to promote tree preservation? How mch money have you raised to buy property and protect trees?

    On an earlier point but sort of related-
    I guess it comes down to how far you think government should intrude into private property choices and how much private property choices should be allowed to impact neighboring property owners. I suppose you should also consider just what is an “impact” and does that “impact” trump another property owners inherent right to personal choices on their property.
    A lot of blog posting time could be converted into raising money to buy lots and preserve the trees rather than sitting back and watching lots go up for sale, taking zero action then complaining when somebody takes down the allowable number of trees. Relying on government to do what you choose not to do is weak. Start a tree “development” company and make private pocket parks and sell memberships to them like they do in New York.
    A friend in real estate has told me there are at least 2 recent purchases of several acres in Brookhaven where property has been bought specifically to preserve trees and natural areas. I know another person who lives close/adjacent to Oglethorpe Univ. and bought a small neighboring lot ( less than 1/2 acre) for exactly this purpose. These individuals don’t blog and post to complain about tree loss.

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    Papa J

    On November 4th we will be looking forward to your amazing volunteer work when being Mayor is no longer a distraction.

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    Carrie, make the Brookhaven Tree Huggers feel good. Tell them where these properties are so they can see for themselves. Or, is it a secret? And, if so, what is the secret Brookhaven hand shake?

    A whole bunch of trees coming down on Harts Mill soon. So sad, too bad. No more homes for the little birdies Carrie.

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    Eddie E.

    “If they are on the prairie, isn’t that their natural state”……….Great comparison.
    However, we are not on the prairie, nor are we flat, so let’s reflect on what is our natural state and why it is incumbent upon all of us to cooperate rather than constantly attempt to dominate that which is natural.

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    Eric Robert

    I agree some of the criticism is over the top, but hey this is the internet – that’s part of the fun of comments. They are the Sean Hannity/Neal Boortz of internet. Anyway, Brookhaven getting this designation does lead me to believe the Tree City group should set its sights higher and make getting the designation more challenging.

    I mean honestly, we can argue about what is the right balance of private property rights between neighbors or developers and the community relative to Trees – but it seems pretty clear that Brookhaven’s initial tree protection plan has fallen short, and though improvements have been made its still weaker than what we had with DeKalb.

    And as to government property I am unaware of any efforts underway by the City to plant over story shade trees such as Oaks along our streets or in our parks. True they have planted hundreds of Cherry Trees, but due to their shorter lifespan and size I don’t view them as a long term commitment to replace the trees we are losing to age and development.

    Another opportunity could be in how Brookhaven directs commercial parking lots to be built. Instead of the same old small landscaped islands with curbing that ends up only allowing a Bradford Pear or Crepe Myrtle to survive Brookhaven could adopt ordinances designed to allow parking lots and tree cover to co-exist. After all with Georgia’s hot summers who doesn’t want a tree to park under.

    These are the things this Tree City group should be pushing. So I don’t blame Brookhaven for seeking and accepting this recognition. I just wish the Tree City group made getting the designation a little tougher, right now I feel its a bit of a hollow designation.

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    Tom Reilly

    A step in the right direction–congratulations, Brookhaven!! And let me hear a little less about private rights, and a little more about public responsibilities.–Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation

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