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    Eric Robert

    Is it available via a laptop? I don’t see it in the App Store yet, so I will reserve judgement. Though I’m still disappointed in how the See Click Fix matter was handled by the City.

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    Kathie Coy

    I found it in the App Store today and downloaded it.

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    A few minutes ago, at Town Brookhaven, I was asked by a reporter from WABE FM (NPR) if I minded being interviewed regarding the new app. I told her I wouldn’t use it any more than I would coomunicate with this government anywhere except court and gave her my reason why with several examples. She declined to then make the interview. It had become obvious that what I had said was as over her head as it is NPR’s while her assignment was to hype the app and the city’s governance anyway.

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    Jerry Colling

    The reporter should check sources, because many of those cities do not use or endorse the system, like San Francisco! Also, did the city go through a selection process for this? Whoever Ben Song is, it seems like a shady deal was made here.

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    I find the app to be very slow and it doesn’t show ANY requests in the area for me. Anyone having success with it?

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    Brittany Mother

    I am not impressed with Citysourced and the app is not rated very highly. I deleted it for some of the reasons you mention. SCF was much better and allowed for citizen participation. Maybe that is why SCF was dropped.

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    Genie Stringer

    Downloaded today. It never asked for my city, so I guess it uses GPS. Only two reports had been made: one for graffiti (handled) and one for a pothole (not handled). I reported dead branches overhanging the main path at Brookhaven Park. When I tried to move the location identifier on the map, I couldn’t. I find it odd that more things haven’t been reported. I loved SeeClickFix! When I clicked on “latest news,” I got reports from all over the country when I thought I’d learn about CitySourced issues in Brookhaven. It’s not impressive so far, but time will tell.

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