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    She has done a great job and should be re-elected.
    The common question I get from Chamblee/Brookhaven folks is “where is Doraville exactly”, ” whats there” , “are there any good places to hang out “… I think the City needs to work on its identity and try and create a downtown feel similar to what Chamblee is working on in the Broad Street area.
    Maybe the GM development will do just that.

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    Tom Doolittle

    Good scoop–glad you are reporting on Chamblee and Doraville. The Post has good sources. News media doesn’t pay any attention to these guys.

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    Citizen on the Edge

    I heard that the GM “Assembly” development is contingent upon lots of public financing through a TAD that has yet to be approved by the School Board and the voters.

    Lots of smoke and mirrors in those plans for that real estate in Doraville.

    But the developers are leasing a empty warehouse there to be used as a movie studio so that is getting some positive press. Hopefully that will attract a few more investors.

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    Citizen–what edge you on? Pls explain your view of smoke and mirrors.

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    Was it the ISIS or someone from the Far,Far East who bought the GM site on a one year signature note, registered as Doraville 60 Inc in Delaware, and is now selling the plumbing and appliances to finance the dog and pony show to convince the County to guarantee bonds to build a McMansion on a brownfield?

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    Citizen on the Edge

    see RAJ’s post below on April 29

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