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    Just going to make it hard for sanitation workers when folks forget. Twice as much garbage.

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    Riley O'Connor

    So, what do we do if we don’t want the big blue recycling container because we like our current small blue recycling container?

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    Eric Robert

    My neighborhood has been in the one day a week pilot program. Its great. Reduces the number of trips garbage trucks have to make which keeps them off the road, saves gas and reduces wear and tear.

    The bins make it simple, just remember to keep the wheels on the curb side.

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    John Doe Brookhaven

    Yay, fewer collections for the same tax dollars! Good work by the city of Brookhaven to make sure this municipal responsibility stayed with DeKalb, so they could shift blame easily.

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    Woowee, it will be stinky on those hot August days.

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    Must you use the bin or can you still put like a single garbage bag out for pick up?

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    Apparently you can do the latter. We’ve been on the pilot for a year and my “guys” still empty the cans by hand, even though this program was sold in part to reduce injuries. Many people on my street who have larger households accumulate enough garbage once a week to overflow the bin anyway. (And yes, they do recycle as well.)

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    This is terrible for garbage customers. I get they want to reduce rolling trucks through neighborhoods but one day a week service is terribly inconvenient, especially if you get stuck with a particularly inconvenient for you day of the week. I’m going from Tuesday and Friday pickup to Monday morning pickup so now I can’t put out garbage when I leave town for work Monday morning as I won’t be there to collect bins. I also can’t go out of town for the weekend and head straight into the office Monday morning as I have to get the bins to the street or have another week of rotting garbage pile up.

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    Ardent Hollingsworth

    Typical bureaucratic cluster-fudge. For starters, the .pdf doesn’t work. Still no roll cart delivery as of 8JUL15 (I live in a triplex — so, do we all happily share just one roll cart between us? You’re kidding, right?).

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    over it

    Half the service for the same cost… Woohoo Dekalb can pay for Ellis’ trial.

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    I am disabled and the huge bucket is killing me! I have a driveway hill. Been on hold for 47 minutes. They need to get the trash at my garage door! It is way too heavy now! Such wonderful service! Dekalb s…cks!

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    Let it pile up. I do. One large bin is too heavy. I shall put bits and pieces out as needed. See what the coyotes and other animals do. Rip off! after I finally got a rude rep, 47 minutes on hold, she told me a form will be sent and my doc has to sign and notarize. I am NOT paying for an office visit for that! Dekalb is garbage! All I asked is for them to roll it to the curb. I am in pain!

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    So they can pocket more money doing nothing!

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