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    Ida Beth Barner

    Maybe we need a third political party to present candidates who are not just for show. The current parties have given us candidates who can’t be elected or ones who look good but are unqualified for the job. I want to ask all good honest decent men and women to stand up and serve. Find a way to support your community whether its as a volunteer or as CEO , we all have a responsibility and a stake in how the community succeeds or not.

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    The people that are needed are well-known civic leaders that can be trusted by the citizenry. Under normal circumstances, the citizenry would be right to be skeptical of buisness leaders–or even someone from institutions with their own agenda (say, Emory or DeKalb Medical or financial groups). However, things are so bad, we’d even accept those guys.

    What definitely won’t work is a qualified group of analysts that have no previous public presence. Nor would past openly critical leaders such as the county commissioner that ran the working group on restructuring the govt.

    Be good to find folks that would cut across north-south and racial lines. Also Republicans would be out for the same reason. Does that exist? How about some Asians of various backgrounds–maybe an Eastern European?

    Perhaps retired leaders that are so close to their deathbeds that they would be looking for absolution from previous misdeeds under the Maloof or Levitan admins. How else to avoid people looking to get back into power like those that currently feed the media to screw the current crowd.

    Yes–why not some folks from other counties–as far away as possible–a Democrat from Hahira–does such a thing exist?

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    extreme jealousy!

    Great letter, Steve, right on target! I agree w/ your sentiments and understand your frustration. Watching this area continue to deteriorate unchecked, I too get mad!
    All the surrounding counties have made the economy & development priority # uno!
    Gwinnett Partnership and Cobbs Edge have proven accomplishments. Fulton is luring in companies from Alpharetta, Roswell & all the way to the airport. Even Henry County getting in on the action.
    You are so right that companies do do their research,…they are clearly avoiding Dekalb. I too keep an eye on company and headquarter relocations, manufacturing , call centers and huge distribution centers that have been attracted to the Atlanta area. Smart counties have corted them and LANDED them, gaining jobs, people, revenue and a future.
    Without an economy, you’ve got nothing!
    Spent the day over in the Westside/Vinings part of town. The building activity is amazing!!
    Almost every block is seeing new buildings and revitalization. The decorator/warehouse shopping district along Huff & Ellsworth is being vacated & transformed into a new mini-city. With the new multi million dollar state of the art Golf Putting Complex nearing completion, I was told there are some midrise commercial buildings and hotels being planned for the surrounding properties. The Beltline cuts right through the Westside and the Quarry Park is getting to the serious discussion stage. The area is prime to attract an educated workforce, high tech businesses and high paying jobs.
    There is visible effort to create the Westside as a walkable, bikeable trendy district.
    And then I come back to Chamblee and see years of neglect and a county, city government & citizenry in denial.

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    Guess I should hit “Reply All”. I have known Steve for years and will say that he is one of a small but growing group of “change agents” on the Southside who want to make a difference in DeKalb County. We have a great opportunity to make a small step forward by selecting a reform candidate for the 5th District County Commission seat in a special election next month. I live in North Central DeKalb ,most readers of the Post probably live in Dunwoody, Brookhaven or Chamblee,but we all have an interest in this election. Why? This is a “Swing” vote on the Commission and if a moderate, “Game Changing” candidate is elected a first step forward could take place in DeKalb. It’s a short campaign, so check on line for the candidates(Champion,On Common Ground,Crossroads)positions on the issues. No WE can’t vote but Nancy Jester and her backers are probably supporting a reform candidate financially and we can do the same. DeKalb’s story could start to change next month!

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    I heard a sad comment about Dekalb last week. “Dekalb board of commissioners brought to you by Clayton County” Clayton seems to be trying to clean up their act and we… well just waiting for another headline about an official under investigation – I think there are one or two that haven’t been investigated yet.

    Steve, thank you for writing down what most of us are feeling, hopefully we can right the ship in the next election.

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    Memorial Drive Business Owners

    Steve Bradshaw has no real support in the Black Community. If his own people don’t trust him, neither should you.

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