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    Catherine Bernard is exactly what House District 80 needs. She is a fierce litigator. She is passionate about small government ideals. She has served the underserved and understands real world problems caused by the heft of government. She has the ability to garner votes from both sides of the aisle because of her open mindedness not sullied by partisan group think. She is a free and critical thinker.

    Catherine Bernard Represents You.

    Please join me and my wife, Cyn, on Wednesday evening, May 27, for a backyard meet and greet.

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    Tom Reilly

    I’ve met her as a candidate [conversing on the bench in our front yard], worked with her on the Brookhaven Redevelopment Referendum, know several of our mutual friends and acquaintances [people that I both like and , more importantly, trust]. Catherine Bernard would be a real asset to Brookhaven’s future.–Tom Reilly

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    Agreed. I appreciate your support of this candidate. However, how ironic is your statement about smaller government? Very.

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    Tom Doolittle

    Interesting opening question for anyone getting into the contest.
    “What role would you have taken in the campaign for Brookhaven cityhood?”
    “What role should a state representative play in such a local municipal matter”?
    “How aggressive would you have been in shaping the city’s agenda in matters such as public financing legislation”?
    “If you had been a leader in the cityhood campaign, what role would you have taken in advising local office holders after a city was formed and how public would you have made such advice?”

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    I think I need to hear about how Libertarianism works in 2015.

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    She has my vote. Smart woman with a good head on her shoulders.

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    I’ve that’s the case then — selfishly — I’d rather her be running for Brookhaven City Council.

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    Thomas Porter

    Very competent, absolutely dedicated, even tempered, and, most importantly… a listener! How uncommon.

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    Easy for her to answer, she’s repeatedly insinuated that the City of Brookhaven was a mistake and even told citizens it was created to provide jobs to bureaucrats.

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    I had a chance to meet CB several years ago and found her to be extremely competent and having a bright future.

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    It does not matter if you’re democrat, republican, independent, libertarian, tea party, cafe latte party, etc., Catherine is the ideal candidate for District 80. A constitutional conservative, fiscal conservative, and a voice of reason. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, combined with courtroom realities she has seen along the way, which have impassioned her legislative endeavors. This comes from a good place! I know her character and ethics through working with her on the redevelopment powers referendum and watching her advocate for everyone’s rights when it comes to no-knock warrants and other constitutionally ineffective issues. She cares, she knows how to lead, she follows through, she knows to accomplish, and she is brilliant beyond measure. We need her.

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    Tom Doolittle

    I don’t suppose it would pay to bring all that up. However, the questions allow a candidate to describe how a state office holder should approach and be involved in local issues. Given the level of “activism” shown by Dunwoody and Brookhaven legislators office holders using the state house for purely local legislation, candidates need an opportunity to say they support that kind of role or would avoid it and just do the state’s business.

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    Jennifer Baker

    Catherine would be a great state represenative. Her drive and passion for the law would help move the State of Georgia forward .

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    With that said, I still won’t vote for her.

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    Many observant Brookies are disappointed with the direction and motivations of their city leaders. One thing for certain, Brookhaven is a bureaucrats dream come true. Just look at the city structure and salaries.

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    How so? Thoroughness is appreciated. Take your time. I will. Work is busy.

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    Not in favor of yet another attorney getting into government but she looks to be the best bet in the field.

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    Pam P

    Thank you, Tom. I believe your comments are well thought out and salient to the point at hand.

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    Is J Mack going to jump in this race?

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    Brittany Mother

    Word on the street is yes. I guess time will tell.

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    Dazed & Confused

    Why does Catherine Bernard appear to be so desperate to represent an area she has only lived in for a couple of years? In her last attempt to unseat an incumbent Republican (that’s the cool thing to try and do if you are a Ron Paul-Libertarian in Georgia) she received less than 30% of the vote AND didn’t raise a single dollar from her own zip code 30319. Don’t judge a book by its cover…read the fine print before making a decision in this race. Just ask those who once voted for Charles Gregory in Cobb or Sam Moore in Cherokee. We don’t want to become the laughingstalk District at the Capitol like those Districts became.

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    …and so it begins. 🙂 The tried and true negative campaign from a currently un-announced candidate. This is going to be fun. It worked last time, but it won’t fly this go round. Congrats to Mike as he moves forward. The last campaign is history, in the books. over! Please everyone remember, anonymous names are most certainly from outsiders with either compensation or power at stake.

    We should just use FM’s metric above as our gold standard for the HD 80 seat. It is elegant in its simplicity. If there is anyone running against Catherine Bernard more “extremely compentent” or with a brighter future, vote for them.

    If not, vote for Catherine Bernard. She represents you. Period.

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    Prissy Mae Millendorf, Brookhaven Socialite

    Well I declare. Even more amazing is the political moves Mike Jacobs made when he first ran for that seat. Mike beat out our little ole homeboy Jay. And he did it as a Democrat! Then Mike changes party and is welcomed with open arms by the Republicans in the area. Can you believe that? Why it was the talk of the country club for a long time! When Mike changed parties he really alienated folks around the Toco Hills area so he had to redraw his district and move in order to keep his seat. Even with all that baggage Republican folk kept voting Mike in to office every two years! My, my, that boy certainly is a slick one! You can dye that zebra all black but the stripes are still there, but folks bought Mike lock stock and barrel. Now you want to criticize little Catherine Bernard? Why, you sure are funny! Maybe that explains your dazed and confused state!

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    Brookhaven Bob

    Is Jealous going to run? With all her positive ideas and energy I’m sure that she would be a great asset for our state.

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    B'haven Birdie

    J-Max will have fun explaining the Century Center debacle when he goes to Chamblee city hall to ask for votes!

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    If only she had “listened” the first time around; and since.

    She certainly represents Drew —word for word— though.

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    J Max's Sandwich

    Jealous should thrown her hat in the ring on top of a bulldozer heading straight for “all them brown people, juke joints, and women of the night” on Buford Highway.

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    Some Constitutional conservative. Voted for Barack twice. I know that will make a lot of you happy. I don’t much care for her being misrepresented.

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    If that’s the case, I would be happier.

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    LL/Dazed and Confused/Anonymous Internet Troll

    You think throwing out that tired old argument about her voting for Barack Obama is going to sway a voter base that looks like The Breakfast Club of political categories? Here’s a news flash. You’ve already lost. Better yet, have your person enter the race and debate Catherine. Then you can internalize it and move on.

    Let’s review the dismantling of the Redevelopment Powers Referendum from last November? RPL is the biggest big government tool in the country, second only to the Ex-Im Bank. Hmmm? Remember that? JMax, Rebecca, Joe, Bates and the City Manager lobbied for it. Catherine Bernard defeated it 60/40. That number is consistent all the way up to Perimeter. Catherine just cast a ballot box vote. Our city government tried to legislate, in secret, the ability to distort the local real estate markets with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

    Catherine Bernard represents you. LL represents a lost cause with no substantial platform.

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    Tom Reilly

    I helped Catherine Bernard defeat the Redevelopment Powers movement. I voted for Barack Obama as POTUS. I have never had any reason to regret either decision.–Tom Reilly

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    After reading so many of the comments from this thread, I will closely follow CB’s campaign platform with an open mind.

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    Man is not free unless government is limited.

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    “Libertarian”? In this burg just as much a mere label as Republican, Democrat, Independent and Impartial. It’s not what politicians proclaim themselves to be that makes them what they are. It’s what they do.

    One thing they all have in common here, no matter how expeditious the label:

    They are all politicians.

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    My wife, Cyn, and I are hosting a meet and greet for Catherine in our backyard Wednesday, 5/27, 6:30-8:30. As a Republican, I fully endorse her stance on small, limited government. She is a fierce litigator who is extremely competent regarding legislative creation and debate. She has served in the Republican National Convention as a delegate and member. I was able to watch her persona during her leadership of the Redevelopment Powers Referendum rejection last November. She is a passionate conservative with real world experience regarding the problems of the underserved, the decay of social norms under big government heft and the distortion of free markets by crony capitalism.

    All of her experiences I mentioned above are concerns across the political spectrum. Georgia State House District 80 is possibly the most politically diverse district in the whole state, if not country. We have real soul because we haven’t been redistricted into one homogenous, boring group. You will discover she has appeal with…enter establishment party label here… including you. Georgia State legislation is extremely complex. She has the competence to negotiate with other legislators regarding our District. If the open minded nature I am describing gives you pause, all the more reason to meet her. It is refreshing.

    Finally, this will be a short campaign season. No amount of spin, false statements or innuendo will change her political ideology. She is a free and critical thinker. She is a Republican, yet makes her own decisions influenced by her voter base and no one else. When you stand in the ballot box you’ll have to ask yourself, “Who has a brighter future?” “Who is the most competent?” Catherine Bernard represents you…All of you!

    Please join us Wednesday evening, 5/27, 6:30-8:30. Our house is open to all political dialogue based on its merits, but it’s a family show. I expect all cell phones placed on silent. Cellular conversations (text or voice) should occur away from the event. Note taking is fine, but must occur with paper and pen. Be on your best behavior. 🙂

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    The meet and greet is still on rain or shine. We’ve moved the event inside. Come meet the best candidate in the House District 80 race.

    Catherine Bernard Represents You.

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