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    Thank you Doug Dillard for recognizing the manipulated and confused voters that make up district one. I wonder if they are capable of making up their minds for the upcoming special election and fall city elections.

    “Let’s all hop in our golf carts, cruse to the clubhouse, entertain ourselves with views of Brookhaven totties at the pool and a stiff drink to get all of this figured out in time for vote day. Jesus, what did we just do to ourselves?” – Brookhaven’s Inexperienced Best

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    Becky for Mayor 2015


    We will chat about this when I visit your doorstep and win your vote.

    Nighty night.

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    Tom Reilly

    Unprofessional, arrogant, and irresponsible. You owe “Saul” an apology.–Tom Reilly

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    Tom Reilly

    “First, you make your decisions, then your decisions make you.” “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” The “suburban mentality” is what brought and keeps most of us here. Those 300 commuters will be doing just that–commuting [elsewhere]. Nearly 150% more square footage. Two ten story office towers instead of one eighteen story office tower. Looks like Doug Dillard got his Lake Hearn complex after all. Bad move, Brookhaven.–Tom Reilly

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    No more development

    Rebecca – you lost a lot of votes from District One tonight. Better run for mayor now because you won’t win reelection in District One.

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    So where was it announced in the run-up to vote on a new city or not that we were deciding between “land use decisions based on a suburban mentality, not on an urban mentality.” Give me a frigging break. If that choice was transparently expressed before the general vote, we wouldn’t have the city Brookhaven today. So the yes voters are finally being told they were duped.

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    Not A Brookhaven Citizen and Proud of It

    You all need to get over the whole “Tree-Love” and listen to yourselves. Is that all Brookhaven seriously cares about is development/tearing down trees? You live in Atlanta for *tree*-sake. If you don’t want development, move somewhere else. Development will be your J Max Sandwich in years to come when you ever decide to try and pass a bond for “Bates Mattison School of Liberal Arts” or better parks that our lovely Dekalb County let go down the J Max Jacuzzi Drain.

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    Eddie E

    Apparently, Doug decided he had billed all he could on this one.

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    No more development

    The fact of the matter is that Bates and Rebecca are ultra pro development. Look who has been contributors to both their campaigns – none other than Doug Dillard. And I would venture so far as to say that neither gives 2 cents about the success of Montgomery School because it takes away the need for their utopian “Brookhaven” online school. An overcrowded Montgomery sets up the “Bates academy” even more. It’s so obvious. Please Brookhaven voters – sweep these folks out.

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    Eddie E

    Anyways, everyone who voted for ‘local control’, this is what it means.
    Not enough staff and not enough attorneys to fend off the ‘will of the dollars’.

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    Tom Reilly

    Other cities have mountains, beaches, historical monuments. The Atlanta metro area, including Brookhaven, has the largest urban forest in at least the United States. We need Nature a lot more than Nature needs us. We don’t want Atlanta. We don’t want “Buck Head Northeast.” Interesting places to visit, but we don’t want to live there. We want careful, responsible, honest development that will enrich our lives. We want real homes, and real trees, for real people that want to live HERE. Parks, police, and paving were and are our priorities. We elected our public officials to serve those ends.–Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation.

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    Thomas Porter

    District 1 will now understand the onslaught of development and will be inconvenienced for years to come.

    So long Mayor and District 1 Councilwoman – this was your Swan Song. This is what the Mayor was hanging in to approve before resigning. How about a comment Carrie?

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    Greg from D1

    This is a tragedy.

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    Out of control

    Not sure if this vote is an indictment of our council’s ethics or intelligence. Do they realize that they just approved something that was 50% larger than what was originally proposed?

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    extreme jealousy!

    Where is the ‘plan’ for REAL traffic solutions??
    Many of the neighborhoods along Ashford Dunwoody were being planned before 285 was opened in 1969! The best way to protect the neighborhoods is to BEST utilize use along the major corridor for the traffic that is bumper to bumper every day and will continue to worsen in the coming years due to planned explosive growth in Chamblee & B’haven.
    The Perimeter area is one the highest dollar commercial districts in the Atlanta area, so the density there is a non starter. So time to plan around it and for it!
    The plan should be to facilitate traffic flow along Ashford Dunwoody as a cut through corridor, while putting in place a green ‘protective barrier’ for the neighborhoods and putting to rest any future rezoning of properties along Ashford Dunwoody once and for all.
    If there were true visionaries, the scenario might resemble this:
    The city of B’haven, w/ the county & the county DOT, the ARC, the Dekalb school board, the neighborhoods all working together- find the necessary funds to buy out ALL single family properties from 285 to Blackburn Park (while most are in the low 300’s-about 40 properties). Plan the most lush, tree’d linear park and parkway one can imagine.
    Create a 4 lane parkway similar to Perimeter Summit, w/ treed median, w/ added pedestrian features including separated bike lane, sidewalks and protected neighborhood barriers consisting of trees and landscaping. Use land towards Nancy Creek to build addition to Montgomery Elementary.
    I expect to be finger wagged that I don’t have a dog in this fight. But I DO!! I sit in this traffic every day trying to get from home to work & back and I see NOTHING being proposed inside the perimeter that are real solutions!
    WHERE is the Dekalb DOT?? Mired in the maze of Dekalb Corruption?
    There seemed to be confusion of who conducts traffic studies.
    Below is link to Cobb County DOT site. The county seems to initiate the studies and play the major role in planning. THEY are taking the lead in planning for the future.
    I could find nothing for Dekalb DOT.
    In Dekalb, the citizens are the losers.

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    Brookhaven Resident

    The fact of the matter is we have a city council who would rather sacrifice quality of life for its citizens for additional tax dollars to line their pockets for their “pet projects” (Brookhaven Innovaton Academy?). I voted for the city, voted for J. Max, and voted for Rebecca. I regret all three of those votes. I didn’t realize we were going to have a council that cow-towed to developers at the expense of our neighborhoods, our children, and our schools.

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    Why Becky, you know you have my vote, you a going to win any way! And the circus continues!

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    Brittany Mother

    Amazing that you live up here and yet you didn’t have the insight to know and understand want would eventually be guiding the direction of our area under cityhood. All you had to do is talk to and take a closer look at everyone associated with creating Brookhaven. Just look at your mayor. Please be more diligent with your candidate research for the elections this year.

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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Well – There is at least one positive development here. Now District 1 people can relate to all of the pain and suffering inflicted on District 2 since incorporation. The city should modify it’s logo and incorporate a chainsaw and bulldozer – possibly some tree stumps too. That is the true nature of what at least 3 of our council and mayor represent.

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    Crabby Old Lady

    Here sweetie, some reading for you. The links are clickable and you can actually call the numbers listed if you have questions. BTW, if you look at the map you’ll find a road that will take you back to Cobb County.

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    Soto would vote for Miss Becky if he lived in the #1. Soto knows Miss Becky will for lane the Ashford-Dunwoody so Soto don’t waste time in the stuck traffic while driving taxi specially on the food truck days.

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    extreme jealousy!

    What’s w/ all the whining and hand wringing? I don’t get it. Cities would jump at the chance for quality new development.
    It means new money coming into an area , new people and more jobs!
    Look at Chamblee,..nothing being built. Chamblites should be the ones whining and crying.
    How can this be a tragedy, as one put it? Atlanta is in a growth period & B’haven is a natural benefactor, so embrace it & support necessary projects that will ease discomfort.
    What needs to be supported more are better roads and connector projects that will help traffic flow.
    Atlanta will never be a true transit city… the cost is just too prohibitive, so the next best thing is to find better ways to connect walking and biking from neighborhoods to commercial & retail areas.
    Support new schools or in Montgomery’s case, a new expansion.
    I have never heard any indication from the mayor or city manager that make me think they don’t have the interests of the citizens 1st. Quite the opposite seems true.
    The biggest problem for the Chamblee, B’haven region is the Buford Highway end is missing out on any meaningful new development.

  23. 23

    extreme jealously!

    Uh-oh, here come the ‘community organizers’, negative about any growth, revitalization or CHANGE!! I used to think the ITPers were the innovators, but see now that many are very stuck in old ideas and outdated mindsets.
    I say bring on new development, but more importantly the means to build supportive infrastructure must accompany.
    Thanks for helping point out how far ahead of Dekalb the Cobb DOT is! Good job!

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    Stop the Bulldozers

    If the council and mayor truly had citizens best interests at heart, they wouldn’t have approved a development that was 150% of the size of what was originally zones without having a plan to ease the traffic and taking into account the local neighborhoods quality of life.

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    Stop the Bulldozers

    Not if I can help it. I will actively campaign for anyone that runs against her. ABR. Anyone But Rebecca…Looking forward to how her personal PR machine and husband editor spins this over at the Dunwoody Crier….

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    Eddie E.

    How is having the place I chose to live being destroyed to suit the pocket of developers making me a ‘benefactor’?
    If I’d wanted to live in such a place, I would have moved to Buckhead long ago because Sam Massell has made his intentions of destroying Buckhead known for a long time.

  27. 27

    extreme jealousy!

    Buckhead destroyed?? OMG, I don’t thing the homeowners in Buckhead agree w/ you! Eddie, seems you might be happier out in Villa Rica or Conyers. Development is happening in Atlanta,..just need to find the funding to build the infrastructure to support it.

  28. 28

    Eric Robert

    Tom true, which is why it makes more sense to develop this parking lot than it does to tear down a forest and build another subdivision of McMansions.

  29. 29

    John Pastore

    “Rebecca – you lost a lot of votes from District One…”

    The vote was unanimous. That would include John Parks of District 2; who will loose a lot of votes, not already lost, too. That is if votes really count anymore.

  30. 30



    John Park was NOT AT LAST NIGHTS MEETING. He is on vacation.

  31. 31

    extreme jealousy!

    By the way Sam Massell got rid of the late nite bars , shootings, stabbings and riff raff . That was a big win for homeowners in their 3 million dollar estates and million dollar bungalows. We could use a little Sam Massell backbone along Buford Highway.

  32. 32

    Stop the Drama and Misinformation

    Stop the Bulldozers from tearing up an asphalt parking lot? 150% the size of what it was zoned for? What are people talking about. This effectively down zones what the property was zoned for previously. We sit between two of the largest office/retail markets in the biggest metro area in the Southeast and you think we should just build low density development?

    Yes there are many places in Brookhaven that should be protected for those who prefer a suburban low density lifestyle. But certainly NOT ALL OF IT!

    We are not talking about developing a greenfield or wildlife habitat. Mr. Porter I thought you would at least understand why growth will come to Brookhaven and that this spot is the place to put it. Keep the density in the identified activity areas and keep it out of the lower density residential areas.

    This development will not destroy anything. It hopefully will be a step towards making Brookhaven’s portion of the Perimeter Center more vibrant.

  33. 33

    Not The Mayor

    Why dont you just buy the land and then you can decide what to do with it? You are constantly blaming “developers”. Do you even know how a developer is defined? What the difference is between that, and investor, and a builder, are? Are you allowed to work for profit at your job? Or are you working for free for the benefit of the community? Why should “developers” not be allowed to? Its called progress. Lynwood and Briarwood used to be gross, look at it now

  34. 34

    Ted Gordon

    It is valid to speak of overcrowding at Montgomery which is going on now and will continue with more development. No need to build another school. Let’s not forget that the other neighborhood school in the area was Nancy Creek elementary. The Kittredge Magnet school was moved to the Nancy Creek school location. Magnet schools do move. Kittredge at one time was on North Druid Hills Rd. I suggest it is time for the Nancy Creek Elementary school to come back and serve local needs. The Magnet school does not serve local needs as I understand. People come from all over to get to the school. Logically it should be in the center of the county.

  35. 35

    John Pastore

    On vacation? From what? Runnunjg for mayor?

    How convenient.

  36. 36


    No-one should be surprised to see John Hancock, Dillard, & Ashford Green listed as contributors when Rebecca Chase-Williams files her next fundraising disclosures. What RCW has yet to understand is that she just lost any hope of support from anyone who lives in the adjacent neighborhoods, has kids in the adjacent elementary school (which is already at 110% of capacity), or anyone who has to navigate rush hour traffic at that interchange.

  37. 37

    Tom Reilly

    John Park on vacation explains an awful lot. So the only votes cast were Rebecca’s, Bates’, and Joe’s??–Tom Reilly

  38. 38


    Misinformation is littered throughout your post. Check your facts. The original zoning was for 750,000 sq. ft. Of office space. They got that PLUS the residential units for a total of 1.1 MM square feet. That is almost 150% more than what was originally zoned. Dillard put one over on our planning commission and city council. Or did he?

  39. 39


    The neighborhood around Nancy Creek Elementary would love to have our peaceful little school back. When Nancy Creek was consolidated into Montgomery and converted to Kittredge, the amount of rush hour traffic in the surrounding neighborhood tripled. Not only did the traffic increase, but half of the Kittredge parents drive through the neighborhood as if they are on an expressway and late for work.

  40. 40

    Stop the Bulldozers

    And J. Max, who at least questioned why the proposal had ballooned to 1.1M from 750,000 only to be shut down by his fellow councilman and councilwoman. This was a preplanned vote. They went in thinking that they couldn’t reject both the town homes and Ashford Green so they decided to accept one of them. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong one to accept.

  41. 41

    Thomas Porter

    SD&M: I do know that near the perimeter is where growth belongs, my comment is that District 1 has generally been spared from construction relative to the rest of the city, and now, those residents will feel the impact especially during its development. I presume those residents who are impacted will respond in their voting.

  42. 42


    Yeah, Cobb, the county the has been actively fighting MARTA for decades is so far ahead when it comes to transportation.

  43. 43

    Not The Mayor

    So you have the right to live there and your kids attend that school but others dont. Makes sense. What year is the cut off for moving in?

  44. 44

    Jack Smith

    Montgomery will be impacted by several high-density residential developments in progress. The 283 apartment unit Olmstead development is Chamblee is finally underway for example. The out-going principal of Montgomery was barely able to house all the kids in physical classrooms last year. Next year will be interesting. Montgomery’s district is contained in both Brookhaven and Chamblee. There is no public plan for addressing the growth

  45. 45

    Eddie E.

    Yes, Sam Massell wrecked what made Buckhead unique.
    I sure hope he stays away from Little 5 Points!

  46. 46

    Eddie E.

    ‘constantly blaming the developers’
    Sorry but I just don’t think a pat on the back for making a bad situation worse is in order.
    And, obviously many people view progress through different filters.

  47. 47

    Stop the Bulldozers

    And how much earlier will our children have to wake up to make the commute to MES. We go less than 2 miles and it takes us 20 minutes today. What will that be like in a year with 300 more units. Short sighted decision by both the planning commission and the city council.

  48. 48

    Vote out RCW

    They have her by the purse strings. Please Brookhaven, vote her out.

  49. 49

    Charlie Brown

    Approval from the planning commission: No
    Approval from the group representing Montgomery: No
    Approval from all of the surrounding neighborhoods: No

    So council and Mayor says…go back and work it out with those groups. Developer doesn’t have one more public meeting. Developer gets what they want. Nicely done, everybody.

  50. 50

    enuff govt already

    I suspect what passed will have a bigger impact on B’haven with less benefit while the the 18 story office building would of been a better benefit ($) for B’haven with less of an impact (service demand).

  51. 51

    Not The Mayor

    How many of those approved when your house was built? Answer: the exact same amount

  52. 52

    extreme jealousy

    Yes, WAY ahead in transportation. Take a look at the DOT sight. They are actually SOLVING transportation problems. Dekalb’s infrastructure is pretty much in the dumper. Rail isn’t the ONLY thing in this world. Cobb has great entertainment venues , wonderful parks with bike trails and natural habitats, the best schools , and safe, walkable neighborhoods with an educated diverse population,… all ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT a corrupt government!!.

  53. 53

    extreme jealousy

    Don’t think you’ll have to worry about seeing Sam down there, or me either for that matter. There are so many better options around Atlanta than trashy hippiedom.
    Guess you have no real understanding why people fought these developments and why zoning issues are important. It’s to PROTECT their investments! Try opening a late night bar, a strip club or a liquor store up there at Ashford and Oak Forest!

  54. 54

    extreme jealousy!

    The kids, if any that move into the Chamblee Olmstead development should be assigned to the Dresden Elementary District. THEN maybe people would wake up. Chamblee is in denial.
    Dresden is the nail in our coffin! Shame on Chamblee & Dekalb!

  55. 55

    Pauline Smith

    Hmm. Again. The same ol same ol Jealous. What have YOU done for your community? How have YOU contributed to its success? Who died and crowned you queen?

    52% of the Dresden Elementary School students have “limited English proficiency.” 97% of the 862 students here are classified as “economically disadvantaged”, and 99% get reduced lunch.

    YOU should be ashamed of YOURSELF Jealous. Shane on you.

  56. 56


    So why did you leave?

  57. 57


    PS: I will gladly take our one MARTA stop over a thousand miles of road.

  58. 58

    extreme jealousy!

    I’m concerned enough about what’s happening in our community to speak the truth. What success? There is no success.
    Anyway, I was responding to someone that was concerned Olmstead students would burden Montgomery even more. Most people understand importance of quality schools & most would agree it is wrong to corral our neighborhoods into a school that can’t give our kids the quality education they deserve. Our taxes should afford us a better option.

  59. 59

    extreme jealousy

    A huge mistake, I assure you!!
    I have learned pretty quick how screwed up Chamblee and Dekalb are.

  60. 60

    Eddie E.

    You mean an area of Atlanta that actually draws tourist income due to an interesting character area?
    Funny how things develop into what people in the area want when they aren’t ‘guided’ by overarching financial interests.

  61. 61

    Tom Reilly

    Any time that you make a zoning decision, you are doing one of two things: Either establishing a precedent, or reinforcing a precedent. The precedent established here can march down the entire length of Ashford Dunwoody Road–unless we stop it now.–Tom Reilly

  62. 62

    Eddie E.

    Definitely a point of agreement.
    Of course, a full traffic study might have been a good idea.

  63. 63

    Brookhaven Madness

    That is what bothers me about this decision. It was extremely short sighted. Disappointed in staff, planning commission, and city council. They don’t realize the precedent that they have now set. Passing a 50% increase over the original square footage without even a traffic study? It is an unfathomable lack of responsibility by all involved. And Tom Reilly, you are right. It will set the precedent of a 4 lane Ashford Dunwoody Road and lots more development.

  64. 64

    John Doe Brookhaven

    Cobb doesn’t have a corrupt government? The Braves’ silent stadium deal begs to differ.

  65. 65

    Silver Lake

    If DeKalb pulled a stunt like this without a traffic study Dick Williams’ star reporter RCW would have several articles detailing the injustice to the area along with a multitude citizen comments. But this is Brookhaven and we won’t trifle with such petty nonsense.

  66. 66

    Eric Robert

    Ture Not The Mayor, but i think the point people are trying to make is that if School overcrowding is an issue, which it appears to be with or without these apartments, lets look at converting Nancy Creek back to a neighborhood school rather than building a new School. A commuter school like Kittredge has some flexibility in where it can be located and it probably made more sense to do it in a location on a road with more capacity like where it was before (North Druid Hills Road)

  67. 67

    Brookhaven Joe

    What are the processes for impeachment?

  68. 68

    J Max's Sandwich

    If what I am reading is true, John Park was on vacation, so they took the vote to make it look unanimous. I know he is just one of five, but a unanimous vote sure looks a whole lot better.

    Btw, anyone who votes Becky back into office, you get what you deserve.

  69. 69

    Not The Mayor

    Pat on the back? This place is currently a giant parking lot! What are we losing? Moreover, why does profit have anything to do with it. This is a supple/demand issue. Look at Brookhaven 2000 and 2015….it is 1000% cleaner and better. And most of that has very little to do with becoming a city. Its because of developers. If people didnt want to live here they wouldn’t develop here

  70. 70

    Stan S


    The critical decision made Tuesday was the Council vote to deny the application to replace the single family R-100 property at the entrance to Oak Forest. Town homes, or cluster homes on the east side of Ashford Dunwoody would have created pressure further south.

    The Comprehensive Plan supports the current low density residential character of the community and the council members showed strength in denying this change.

  71. 71


    Silly senseless comment. My “right to live there” is established by home ownership. My kids don’t have the “right” to attend that school because it was turned over to the magnet school and my kids were relocated to Montgomery… a great school that was immediately over capacity when the schools were consolidated. You should pay attention. As for the cut off to move in… there are several reasonably priced homes available. Buy one and share in all of the same “rights”.

  72. 72


    Wrong Stan. The critical decision – that your planning commission also, in its short sightedness, approved, was giving John Hancock 50% more square footage that was originally zoned for. And not listening to any of the constituents – community, neighbors, or school families.

  73. 73

    District One and Done

    Stan, you and the rest of the betrayer a if you neighbors will be out of office soon enough. Even after Trbecca Chase Williams appoints Linley Jones to District One Councilperson after Rebecca is appointed Mayor. Fools errand. Made by fools for fools. Shame on you Stan. Shame on you.

  74. 74

    Eddie E.

    Parking lot or not, the bad situation relates to traffic, safe access to the school and negative impact on the adjacent property owners.
    I liked Brookhaven better in 2000. I don’t know what you use to gauge ‘cleaner and better’ so some metrics might be in order.
    Are you part of some sort of organization that pretends developers deserve some sort of public service award?

  75. 75


    Too bad this wasn’t a proposed Kroger gas station location, right Stan? Now get out there and fix those ratty fences on Johnson Ferry and Ashford Dunwoody!

  76. 76

    Not The Mayor

    I do agree with that Eric. Dekalb Schools are failing on multiple fronts and overcrowding is one of them. Fulton on the other hand had managed the growth in fine style, just look at all the new schools in Milton, Johns Creek, and Sandy Springs.

  77. 77

    Not The Mayor

    You were mostly complaining about traffic Dad. This article isn’t about schools. The city has nothing to do with the Dekalb County School system and if you think otherwise you are nuts. Why do you think we went after a new charter school??? Dekalb county couldn’t care less about schools or anything else in Brookhaven except for raising tax rates.

  78. 78

    Joe P

    Looking at all the comments below, except for calling for RCW head and position on the Council, no one has offered a suggestion besides extreme jealousy! for what may be needed to be done on ADR. Some alluded to pedestrian and streetscape improvements, bike lanes, and concern over Montgomery Elem School. So what do you want (which is the purpose of the corridor study)? Many seem to want to take us back to the 20th Century. Do you want to cul de sac ADR at both ends? That is the only solution to stop the cut through traffic on it. What about the cut through traffic filtering through the neighborhoods? Like that? Would improving ADR reduce that? Would moving ADR to the west at MES allow for expansion of the school and parking that is woefully inadequate? What are your ideas? Do you really like the status quo? The road is an arterial;it supplies access to and thru the area for residents (multimodal) and emergency vehicles. Again what are your solutions?

  79. 79

    Tom Reilly

    Hi, Joe!! I share your frustration–and your implied desire to always offer both a criticism and a solution. Some possible solutions: Never let tactics [means] drive your strategies [ends]. NEVER LOSE YOUR CREDIBILITY [we were asked to excuse the unexpected increase in square footage by comparing residential square footage to commercial square footage, by comparing “apples and oranges.” A square foot is still a square foot, no matter what fruit cocktail you try to make with it]. Give your public either a pleasant surprise, or no surprise. Every time you make a mistake “admit, apologize, and atone” because once you lose your credibility nothing else matters. Reduce the density!! Remember who hired you, and why. “No” is a real word, and has a real place in the real world. Remember we all deserve a past, AND a present, AND a future.–Tom Reilly

  80. 80

    Other Agenda

    Is this a relevant theory? City leaders and especially Bates are so gung ho on their Utopian Brookhaven Innovation Academy, that they want the neighborhood schools to get so crowded that the BIA is guaranteed customers and will make zoning/property decisions in order to overcrowd and impact the good local schools (in a backhanded way to make them seem less attractive). Far fetched?

  81. 81

    Joe P

    I do not work for the COB, DeKalb or GDOT. I do work part time for ARC in their land use division, Livable Centers Initiative. I did not have a stand on the rezoning but I understand the impacts it would bring to transportation, infrastructure, schools, drainage, etc.

  82. 82

    Joe P

    But if this was not rezoned, additional development will occur in the vicinity, even if not in the COB. It will place additional burdens on ADR and the systems. So I ask again, what is acceptable to the community for this corridor? I feel I have not lost my credibility asking for a corridor study WITH HEAVY CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT.

  83. 83

    Joe P

    So what is needed for MES? More classrooms/facilities ( and I do not mean trailers? More/ adequate parking for meetings? Another school elsewhere? Planning and predicting has never been a strong point for ANY school Board. What is required?

  84. 84


    Joe, why don’t you let us know what your expertise actually is as it relates to development and traffic, your relevant education and career wise who you have worked for. Would you share your current employers and the advisory positions you hold? Having a knowledgeable, informed voice has its benefits.

  85. 85


    That is a problem; many citizens feel that regardless of their input no one listens.

  86. 86

    extreme jealousy!

    Again, like Joe says, traffic WILL get worse, development WILL continue, so NOW is time to address traffic. B’haven should begin process of buying avail properties. There’s always a price that makes moving palatable. Design for a 4 lane Parkway – include a green neighborhood barrier, a linear park, separated bikelanes. The road could have turn lanes, keep moving lanes and thru traffic lanes. All lights need to be synchronized properly from 285 to Buford Hwy. immediately!

  87. 87

    extreme jealousy

    I can’t understand why anyone would fight a new school or an updated, expanded more modern facility. MES could expand nicely south of existing school, as part of design. All the surrounding counties are putting more focus and funding into replacing older outdated models.
    What wouldn’t be fantastic about a Brookhaven Charter??
    Dresden Elementary needs to be razed to the ground. Chamblee desperately needs options for quality education in order to see residential development.

  88. 88

    extreme jealousy!

    And to add,..if Chamblee and Dekalb insist on having certain elementaries for the immigrant population, then designate them as such and redraw districts to remove the single family neighborhoods out of them!! As school districts stand now, our annexed neighborhoods don’t stand a chance!

  89. 89

    Other Agenda

    Because any school conceived and designed by this city council would be a disaster and split up the community even more..

  90. 90



    If you would like to make a statement that has traction, stick a Catherine Bernard sign in your yard. Send me a private email at I’ll bring you one.

    Catherine Bernard Represents You.

  91. 91

    Greg Trinkle

    I voted against the city. My perspective has changed somewhat but that means change needs to come in November.

    One of the big selling points for the city is for Local Control.

    “Referencing those in opposition to the development, Dillard said some people, who likely voted to form Brookhaven as a City, are conflicted. “I’ll bet you, those that were registered to vote, when you had a vote on cityhood, voted for the city. They are having a hard time making up their minds, whether they really want to be in a city or not, because they still want to maintain land use decisions based on a suburban mentality, not on an urban mentality,” Dillard expressed.”

    I don’t recall where Local Control equated to Urban verse Suburban mentality. What is wrong with suburban mentality in connection with formation of our city?

    Local Control is for the people living in that area to have a say in how our land use decisions favor.

    I think the problem is that our city manager and council base decisions on the people they want in our city verse the people that are currently residing in our city.

    November is the time to correct this.

  92. 92

    Tom Reilly

    You just gave me goose bumps, Greg!! BTW, ladies and gentlemen, meet the real Doug Dillard!!

  93. 93

    Eric Robert

    Joe P as started above should the overcrowding be deemed a long term situation then they should convert Nancy Creek back to a Neighborhood School. I

  94. 94

    Tom Reilly

    I understand that there is an extra thirty day “grace period” before this Ashford Green decision is finalized!! Would it be possible, especially in the light of recent feedback on this decision, to continue the conversation before everything is “set in stone??”–Tom Reilly

  95. 95

    Tom Reilly

    If we have an extra thirty days before the Ashford Green project is finalized, could we not do a traffic study which could lead to adjusting the “extra” square footage??

  96. 96

    Eric Robert

    This is true. Especially because of where we sit, geographically, we can’t stop traffic from coming. It also means that any capacity we add to Ashford Dunwoody will quickly be soaked up. So Joe P the answer isn’t so much what can be done to Ash Dun – the Answer is how do we change development standards to better utilize the infrastructure. I say start with zoning based on the # of new parking lots. Cars are the issue not people.

  97. 97

    Eric Robert

    Tom, I don’t think so because while I was a little surprised by the additional square footage approved, I don’t think its the end of the world. I don’t think it dooms Ash Dun road traffic wise since (as others have said) even if nothing else was built here traffic is going to be bad.
    There is just too much development around us that we have no say in. And I don’t see what significant improvements could be done to Ash Dun that i would support.

    But that’s why I moved here, and I think that is what gives our homes value. The ability to avoid Ashford Dunwoody and even 285 at the rush hours and still get to where we need to go. Perhaps that should be the Brookhaven Slogan, “if you lived here you could be home now”.

    What could be done for the Brookhaven neighborhoods adjacent to the Perimeter CID is to build alternative connections from our low density neighborhoods to the PCID area and train stations.

    Sandy Springs is getting GDOT to include a pedestrian linkage in the 285/400 interchange along the 400 corridor. That may well be the future for a lot more people. We should get the same treatment for 285 corridor after all it is the 285/400 billions dollar interchange.

    Chamblee Dunwoody also needs a better bike/ped linkage to Ashford Dunwoody along 285.

    Oh and don’t forget completing the trail through Keswick so that the Blackburn Path trail goes all the way to the Chamblee MARTA Station. The Ash-Dun/Johnson Ferry Corridor could have good walkable and bikeable access to 3 different MARTA stations (Chamblee, Med Center and Dunwoody). There is no way we can pave our way out of congestion and thus more people will be seeking to buy homes that are either near the jobs or near alternative modes of ttransportaton. We should embrace that since it will be good for our property values.

    That’s where the study should be focused on, not the usual move more cars improvements which basically makes us a doormat or cut through. Lets look for improvements that support the goal of “if you lived here you could be home now”

  98. 98

    Joe P

    I have a BSCE in Transportation from GT. I have 40+ years of experience in urban design, transportation and statewide transportation planning I’ve worked part time for ARC laisoning with project sponsors and local governments, ARC and GDOT. Donated my services and expertise to the Brookhaven MARTA Station Charrette, the public works committee, …

  99. 99

    Joe P

    chair the citizens committe for developing the Comp Trans Plan for Brookhaven, and have served on the Citizens committee for redevelopment of the MARTA Station (Dist 3 rep). I have led many a project design team including active public involvement. I led the PI on JFR and Abernathy Road solution to 40 years of disagreement and developed a concept that most agreed with.

  100. 100

    Joe P

    Other main projects I worked on was leading the design and mediation for Freedom Parkway, PI for 17th Street and Atlantic Station, and was the lead designer on SR 400 extension. I could go on, but… the need and desires need to be defined, to identify and discuss alternatives, examine ideas, analyze them, and then reaching consensus and permission can/does lead to successful solutions.

  101. 101

    Joe P

    The neighborhoods and esp the school are important factors as well as safety and transportation for all modes here. If the school is overcrowded, how do we address that? Enlarge? another school elsewhere? Nothing? What are our options and how do we as a community address them??? I do not have children, but I listen…

  102. 102

    Joe P

    Should the corridor have an improved transit component to serve the Brookhaven MARTA Station and the Perimeter demand? Bike lanes? Bike path? Both? Obviously sidewalks offset from any roadway. Think! Dream! Ask! instead of why, why not! We have a highly active intelligent community, but that does not mean all will get exactly what they feel is necessary. Negotiate the best plan!

  103. 103

    Joe P

    “extreme” had an idea which could make space for Montgomery expansion: Build a 4 lane with a landscaped median, sidewalks, bike lanes and or path , wider sidewalks and move the road to the west. Perhaps offset from the sidestreet homes by a row of townhouses with access from behind or a vegetative buffer. That would provide a screen to the existing neighborhoods to the west. The property gained on the east could go towards expanding Montgomery or space for a vegetative buffer. Of course homes on both sides would need to be removed, but what if? Any other ideas besides do nothing?
    I may have started a firestorm with this, but what are alternatives? Communicate, civilly I hope!

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