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    Daniel Harrison (cut and paste)

    …more accomplishments.

    Hired his own father in law to renovate the police station
    Sued a thriving business on the first day of cityhood to extract a bigger bribe
    Harasses a Buford Highway business daily
    Had his secretary do city business because he couldn’t create enough work product at his law firm
    Has a sexual harrassment complaint and an EEOC complaint pending
    Presided over the dismissal/resignations of 1 parks director, 1 finance director, 5 community relations directors, 1 city attorney, 1 community development director, countless admin staff
    Lobbied for Redevelopment Powers Law without mentioning anything about it during the cityhood campaign
    Presided over so many secret executive sessions as to have dinner brought in to all of them
    Gave Murphy Candler Park Little League exclusive use of the second largest park in the city within a consent agenda item (i.e. without public input)
    Forgot to get $1,500,000 from DeKalb County from Comcast franchise fees (we’re still owed $600K)
    Negotiated, then renewed the highest salary for any City Manager in the state.
    Still doesn’t own Brookhaven Park
    Still doesn’t own Osborne Park
    Thinks Golf Cart legislation is a priority in a city of 50,000 with narrow roads because he drives one
    Promised a city of 5-7 employees that now approaches 100
    Blew $600k of tourism money on a failed Cherry Blossom Festival
    Still won’t rescind his vote to annex Century Center
    Annexed Executive Park and CHOA that goes cash flow negative after year one

    …but who’s counting?

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    Brittany Mother

    I am waiting for the call for donations to assist with a good-bye party for Brookhaven’s first mayor.

  3. 3

    J. Max's Sandwich

    You hit it right on the head. Don’t let the door hit ya….

  4. 4

    Eddie E.

    Ahhhh, the joys of ‘local control’.

  5. 5


    Thank you, Mayor Davis, for all your hard work that led us to being such a great City. The launching of Brookhaven is a pure success story and everyone in this City is better for it.

  6. 6

    Phillip Bird

    I for one will not miss you at all and I am hopeful for a better Brookhaven without you running the show.

  7. 7


    “…Brookhaven’s Council members would appoint his replacement…including sitting Council members.”

    “Welcome to ‘corporatist’ governance.”

  8. 8

    Thomas Porter

    See ya! Thanks for sparing us for the rest of your term!

  9. 9

    Ida Beth

    Thank you Mayor Davis . I wish you good luck in all future endeavors. I think the big test of whether a politician did a good job is whether you are better off when he leaves office and I am definitely better off. I am proud to be living in Brookhaven and sorry I didn’t vote for it in the first place. My park is flourishing and my home has more than doubled in value. I think the Cherry Blossom Festival was a huge first class success for a first time festival and I am looking forward to next year. Thank you J. Max for the great job working out the problems of a first time mayor in a brand new city.

  10. 10

    steve walker

    Straight out of the ultra liberal, anti City rag A: Times

  11. 11


    Thank you for Brookhaven Mayor Davis!

  12. 12

    Eddie E.

    Truth from any source!

  13. 13

    Thomas Porter

    Hunnh? You mean thank you FROM former Mayor Davis! Bless your heart.

  14. 14


    I am looking forward to a new day in Brookhaven, one where we are not under the thumb of JMD.

  15. 15


    And clowns are always clowns. Good luck with your law practice former mayor Davis. I grinned just typing former.

  16. 16


    Really Steve? Are you actually saying none of the above is fact? That was a long nap you must have taken, right? And don’t knock the A Times. As long as you don’t let it get wet from sitting in the elements too long it makes an excellent fish wrapper.

  17. 17


    Thank you Mayor Davis, you were a mayor that helped to set a sound footing for city.Good luck in your race for State Representative, you WILL be better then the State Representative from the Ashford Park percent.

  18. 18

    J Max's Sandwich

    Thank you mayor for our new mascot…the pigeon. /s

  19. 19


    When the sitting city council asks its legislative representative to put Redevelopment Powers back on the 2016 summer ballot, who do you want them to ask? J Max Davis, Jr. or Catherine Bernard?

    Catherine Bernard Represents You! She is against real estate market distortions created by tax payer obligated debt and politicians who don’t know anything about real estate. J Max Davis, Jr. lobbied for it, in secret, provided no explanation, didn’t and won’t accept responsibility and still thinks it’s a good idea.

  20. 20


    Chad just can’t seem to get his facts right and loves to conjure up “secrets”. If you want ineffective, nutty, and embarrassing representation at the gold dome, follow Chad’s flawed advice.

  21. 21

    Anyone But Carrie Max

    If you want a man who posts as a woman and pats himself on the back every chance he gets, vote Carrie Max Davis. He ” thanked” himself here yesterday. I find that type of behavior to be bizarre.

  22. 22

    J Max's Sandwich

    Carrie/max…it was obvious which side of TAD you were on.

  23. 23


    Perhaps you’d like to meet Catherine on stage for a debate and discuss it in the open, publicly. You can defend how, you, the chief executive of our city allowed RPL on the ballot without any knowledge, consideration or approval.

    Nutty, flawed and embarrassing, indeed.

  24. 24

    New Blood Needed

    Chase Williams or Mattison will hopefully only be short term in this role. We need new leadership.

  25. 25

    Thomas Porter

    C’mon Carrie/Max – accept the challenge! You spherical caricature.

  26. 26

    John Pastore

    “Straight out of the ultra liberal, anti City rag A: Times”

    Nepotism must then be a ‘conservative’ value?

    Amazing how mere labels must justify all.

  27. 27

    John Pastore

    What we need is a return to the conformaties of genuinely democratic governance not only for ourselves and children but also new officeholders of any stripe

    The remedy can only be legal.

    Until that is realized, everyone might as well be whistling Dixie.

  28. 28

    John Pastore

    “When the sitting city council asks its legislative…”

    Try their constiuents: “the People.”

    “Catherine Bernard Represents You!”

    No one running for that office not committed to decommisioning the City of Brookhaven legislatively, or by outright lawsuit, represents me.

    Nor can anyone tell me who must.

    Certainly no one who congratulates Mike Jacobs for the travesty of Mike Jacobs having been appointed a judge.

  29. 29

    John Pastore

    If Catherine were sincere as even a past candidate —and attorney at law— she would not be lending legitimacy to a goverment which has none. And instead “listening” to why it does not and be advocating just how to relieve the People of this government.

    For over two years more than sufficient information has been made available to her —as past candidate and still attorney— to have relieved us long ago.

    Instead yet another primrose path.

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