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    He ran for congress one time and didn’t campaign. Look forward to seeing his non-campaign.

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    Riley O'Connor

    Say what you will about the current crop of Republican aspirants for the Presidency and other offices, we’re seeing a new field of thought that hasn’t been there for quite a while. At least one 80th District candidate represents the Rand Paul school of Republicanism, and presumably Mr. Collins represents another school of modern Republicanism. Add to that another potential candidate being of the old-school. There’s even a beleaguered Democrat at the edge of the circle, so we’re likely to have a run-off.

    Unless one of the candidates gets exposed for bad behavior and things run away, this might actually be a campaign of ideas.

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    Pancakes House

    I agree. But I can say I’m looking forward to the Bernard Davis debate most anxiously. Wonder if he will have the guts.

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    Lindy's Daughter

    A non-campaign sounds like how a person of integrity should become a public servant.
    Campaigns are where you have rich folks paying a power hungry person to run for office. If they win, the official gives his big money people preferential treatment and ‘green lights’ for their projects.

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    Laura Ross

    I personally know Loren. It would be refreshing to have an actual skeptic in the Georgia House.

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