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    Thomas Porter

    OMG!!! Chamblee??? I’m overcome with Extreme Jealousy! From reading It looks like Brookhaven didn’t make the list at all (fewer than 500 businesses?)

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    Riley O'Connor

    We’re experiencing a shortage of nerds. Too many colorful characters and too few carnival geeks. I suspect that both you and I are part of the problem rather than the solution to the problem.

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    extreme truth!!

    This list voids any legitimacy right from the get-go!
    Alpharetta, one of the highest income per capita areas in metro as number 1, followed immediately by Doraville, one of the poorest. No criterion for the type or size of business, just number of businesses per population?
    Moultrie, Adel, Tyrone beat out Atlanta and Roswell?
    Good for a chuckle.

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    Doraville is not the “poorest”. Doraville is under huge million/billion dollar development which would not be possible if they were poor. You can’t just assume things like that, you always need back up. You just sound like some uneducated person from a high income area that assumes every other area is bad.

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    One thing for certain, I wouldn’t start a business in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, John’s Creek, Milton or Brookhaven. City governments that go out of their way to tax and are unfriendly to business. I wouldn’t open a business in an area close to one of these cities that could be annexed. I would have a clause in my lease that if the area was annexed or became a special tax district I could cancel my lease with 60 day notice.

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