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    The more things change the more they stay the same ,
    personal ambitions and egos in play ,following J Max’s lead

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    J Max's Sandwich

    Would have rather had John Park.

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    Not The Mayor

    Congrats to everyone who voted for cityhood. This is what you’ve accomplished. I think now is the perfect time to admit you were wrong in achieving any of the goals set forth in forming a city.

    Long live District 1!

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    Enjoy it while it last RCW. Ashford Green was your political death noll.

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    John Doe Brookhaven

    A Cherry Blossom In Every Yard!

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    HS so what changed? When you figure out, let us know. Actually, Brookhaven HOA is worse than anything a malfunctioning county government could dish out.

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    C&S Lollipop

    Better run to the Pony while it’s still there.

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    LOL NTM, I think you grossly misunderstood the purpose of creating a city for both development and personal purposes. With the appointment of a non-elected mayor, RCW, you will soon find out! Thank you my D1 brothers and sisters! The demand for redevelopment is in D1 and Mayor RCW will make it happen for our city!

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    Randy Watson

    Somewhere, in Hazzard County, even Boss Hogg and Roscoe are blushing at the cronyism of today’s events with the mayor selection and anointment, er, appointment, of her district successor.

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    Wow. Frank Underwood couldn’t have pulled it off any better.

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    Lysol Adverse

    Why Linley Jones? Couldn’t RCW just vote on issues like JMD did for D2 until November? I smell a rat.

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    John Pastore

    Worse: Sworn in by the appointed enabler.

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    Brookhaven Resident

    I’m a D1 resident and I will do my best to make sure that Ms Williams has the shortest mayoral tenure she can have. Ashford Green plus Pink Pony equals getting voted out!!! Who is going to run against her. You’ll have my vote!

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    Eddie E.

    Ain’t that the TRUTH!!

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    The majority of this sitting city council (minus John and possibly Linley) believes Redevelopment Powers is a good idea. They believe the avoidance of property taxes by out of town real estate developers is a good idea. They believe government intrusion into the real estate markets (affordable housing quotas, transportation nodes, big box retailers for the sake of gentrification) provided by eminent domain is something we should rally around. When they ask the State legislator to put it back on the Summer 2016 ballot, who do you want them to ask? J Max Davis, who lobbied for it in secret, or Catherine Bernard who defeated it? Tell all your friends.

    If there is a brighter, more competent person in the race, vote for them. If not, vote for Catherine.

    Catherine Bernard Represents You.

    This issue is real. Her campaign has big momentum and is gathering supporters one house at a time.

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    Eddie E

    That we will all quietly acquiesce to the faux legitimacy of everything in the lead photograph demonstrate an immediate need for massive change in State Government to prevent any other groups of Citizens from being forced to suffer the same fate!

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    J Max's Sandwich

    Funny how district 2 can go 6 months unrepresented, and district 1 can’t go 6 minutes.

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    Not The Mayor

    I just love there is already a “Rebecca Chase Williams, Mayor Pro Tem” placket on the desk of the council. Nice to see our tax dollars could pay for that before she was even sworn in.

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    C&S Lollipop

    I’ll tell you what scares the bejesus out of me. Anytime RCW is out of town, Bates is our Mayor Pro Tem.

  20. 20


    It is “Funny” that the law was followed in both cases.

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    Game of Thrones

    How will this Game of Thrones end? Will the Ponyslayer take up arms again against her nemesis? Will the monarchy be completed with the approval of Eminent Domain in 2016? Will the former King be elected to a higher power? Who will sit in the Iron Throne come November? Winter is Coming………..

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    Lysol Adverse

    I just checked out Linley’s political contributions, both personal and business. It all makes sense now. Funny that JMD was the only candidate to NOT list her as an attorney. SMH… can’t even fill out a form correctly…

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    John Pastore

    Try codified rule.

    Unlawful codified rule at that.

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    John Pastore

    Not nearly as true as the glee in…

    You are still looking at the front door put in front of everyone and not the backdoor put behind everyone’s back.

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    John Pastore

    John Park’s “nay” vote was —to say the least—most reluctant. He had to repeat it twice for his own colleagues in government alongside to believe their ears. His quickly seconding Bate’s as pro tem signaled he was really on board

    One thing for sure, he didn’t refuse to appoint and state any of many ample grounds.

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    John Pastore

    I hope she does. Nt the end, RCW expressed regret for the city and its police department taking the money and land exacted instead of enforcing the city’s ordinance. To now attempt to close the PP would require a return of any installments taken sinceand the land which would be tantamount to admitting to extortion by the city.

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    Charlie Brown

    Park said Williams does not represent the interests of District 2 nor the interests of the entire City of Brookhaven.

    Is that a quote? Because it doesn’t have quotes on it. Can BP staff clarify?

  28. 28

    John Pastore

    “I just love there is already a Rebecca Chase Williams, Mayor Pro Tem placket on the desk of the council.”

    Wasn’t because she always was? To succeed Max Davis if anything happened to JMax? And now Bates in case anything happens to RCW?

    What you should really be concerned about is the who, why and what for of the swearer in —of anyone — to whom we’re not even ‘pro tem citizens ‘

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    Susan, You are right I miss having the Parks department having to pay for a lawsuit, because of racial decriminalization. Having Brairwood park not being kept up. Having no voice for two years, having a “elected official” place in office by others. Having a elected official from the other in of the county Lynwood Park. Having the County CEO inform the local official of a new building at Ashford Park, which CEO Jones did to dist. 2 Jeff Rader. The same Jeff that wanted to have mini warehouses on land that Federal money was use so no builds would be built so close to the Airport.

  30. 30

    The Brookhaven Post

    This is what Park said.

  31. 31


    Lysol,sorry that RCW is following the law.A law that you do not agree with

  32. 32

    Eric Robert

    She was Mayor Pro Tem, now she is Mayor

  33. 33

    D Him

    She lost her Mayor Pro Tem title last December when Mayor JMD didn’t renew the title.

  34. 34


    John, I am sorry that you HATE the law that allow the Governor to name ,who he likes as a judge ,when a opening is present,Hope you HATE all present appointed judges.

  35. 35


    Yet Brook the Pigeon mascot is strangely absent from the scene.

  36. 36

    D Him

    John Park speaks the truth. RCW doesn’t represent anyone but herself.

  37. 37

    The Brookhaven Post

    Here is the exact quote by Park: “I don’t believe that Rebecca Chase-Williams represents the interests of all of Brookhaven – especially District Two.” We updated the story.

  38. 38


    Rember,John Parks agreed the city was not a good idea and in the fall of 2012 held and supported Sany Murray for Mayor ,with signs placed throughout Ashore Park voting percent on phone poles( one was in the front of my house,even though ,we had a Max Davis sign).Williams was both for the city and for our former Great mayor.

  39. 39

    Eric Robert

    Setting amounts for affordable housing in exchange for the development rights? Development is necessarily heavily intertwined with government. I agree the Redevelopment Act is getting the government to heavily involved but housing quotas and smart development by keeping higher densities near transportation nodes is a good idea. And I certainly hope no one is actively seeking big box development inside 285. That certainly is outdated thinking.

    The one thing I have seen little attention to is the alternative to the Redevelopment Act that Brookhaven has hired a law firm to guide into place. The Enterprise zones. Also a bad idea

  40. 40


    Susan, My point exactly,nothing has changed except for the people in different positions,each looking after themselves and not the constituents

  41. 41

    D1 resident

    Bates will be too busy preaching the benefits of his Utopian Brookhaven Innovation Academy (which has about as much of a chance of getting approved as a moratorium of apartment buildings under the RCW administration….)

  42. 42


    Yes, I was unable to attend Becky’s swearing-in on Tuesday because I am very busy with my own campaign for Mayor.

    There’s only one Brook in Brookhaven.

  43. 43


    patrick, I too am saddened by the departure of our former Great mayor. I like the capital “G” in “Great” it lets me know we’re on the same page when it comes to loving former Great Max Davis. Its subtle without being so subtle that people might mistake it for some kind of snafu with your auto correct, which by the looks of the rest of your message isn’t working. But the point is patrick, I feel your pain and that’s why I’m running for mayor.

    But hey patrick, you know what I do when the words fail me? I sing a song about Brookhaven (thanks Becky).

    There’s only one Brook in Brookhaven.

  44. 44

    Not The Mayor

    Post, how much tax payer money went to pay for the song about Brookhaven?

  45. 45


    Thank you Brook, Patrick needs all the help he can get.

    And Brook, in addition to your wonderful song, please don’t forget those special moves RCW exhibited in the video. Hey, what is your campaign slogan? “A diaper for every Brookhaven pigeon for a cleaner Brookhaven?” You’ll fit right in at city hall!

  46. 46

    Mayberry or Get Out

    Brook please desist from using any likeness or name of the tourism mascot. While I no longer work for the city of Brookhaven I still feel a maternal need to protect the image from being used in a non “family friendly” manner. While initially I was worried about the size of Brook’s breasts it was pointed out that they are not sexy since you are a pear shaped bird. Nevertheless we have to be careful about what kind of people we let project the image of Brookhaven! You never saw Andy or Barney act this way!

  47. 47

    Eddie E.

    Looks like Councilman Park was correct on all counts!

  48. 48


    Yes Mayberry, in Brookhaven image is everything.

    I too was a victim of insensitive comments made at the Cherry Blossom Festival. I was called all kinds of names, but I don’t allow another’s ignorance to hurt my feelings. Instead, I run for Mayor so I can educate the masses via an expensive public relations firm.

    I am pigeon, hear me roar.


  49. 49


    Becky’s priorities:

    1) 10-story tall, horrendously expensive monuments to her greatness.
    2) Spending more of our tax money to have someone design a fat, green pigeon as the city mascot (pigeons are considered rats with wings by all cities infested with them); some PR company is laughing all the way to the bank.
    3) Spending even more of our tax money to commission a silly song about Brookhaven.
    4) Spending untold tax dollars to put on a city “festival”.
    5) Spending more of our tax money to plant dozens (hundreds?) of non-native saplings while approving wholesale devastation of our old growth native tree canopy.
    6) Bulldozing apartment buildings on Buford Highway in an effort to make Brookhaven unaffordable for anyone other than like-minded lily-white reactionaries.
    7) And last, but by no means least, imposing her fundamentalist religious views on all city citizens.

    Her vision for the city resembles a kindergarten classroom much more closely than it resembles a forward-thinking city attractive to the very sorts of residents she seems to think should live here.

    Lets elect an intelligent mayor capable of actual leadership in November, not some Martha Stewart wannabe.

  50. 50

    John Pastore

    “The majority of this sitting city council (minus John…)Redevelopment Powers is a good idea.”

    Untrue. John has hardly been exempt from what people say but actually do.

  51. 51

    D1 Brookhaven Resident

    Lots in District One are fed up with her. I don’t know how she gets reelected. If she’s counting on D1, it will be an uphilll climb.

  52. 52

    Eddie E

    “We can be heroes, just for one day”

    Might want to bring it into context with the Till Lindeman/Apocalyptica version.

  53. 53

    John Pastore

    Which anyone, and city’s video, attending both this Town Meeting and the Counsel’s Hearing of the Town House Project for Caldwell Road Appeal for approval is patently untrue –qutie the contrary.

  54. 54


    With Linley Jones being appointed to D1 now maybe she can get her neighbors to finally act responsible and do something about those ratty fences on Johnson Ferry and Ashford Dunwoody!

  55. 55

    South Side Bill

    As bad as JMAX was is RCW worse?

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