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    J Max's Sandwich

    Any of the others going to respond, or just hide their heads in the sand.

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    Class Act

    Mr. Park,

    I hope you run for Mayor of Brookhaven.

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    Riley O'Connor

    I think that we’re beginning to understand why Jim Eyre resigned from the District 2 post. District 2 keeps asking questions…….

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    So? As late as “March 6, 2015,” you “left it at her [anyone else’s] discretion on how to proceed”?

    Despite your sworn obligation, as a public servant, to the Public and, not, as Trey has already, and aptly,y put it: “to each other.”

    To Garret and not the constituents you purport to represent.

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    South side Bill

    Clearly RBC was a lousy appointed mayor. Bates & Gebbia shame on you. This is clearly above RCW pay grade.

  6. 6

    John Pastore

    Yet, like Park, he ran for office instead of court —on more than ample grounds then and still— to represent the district which never wanted to be in the city but was gerrymandered into the invention of the city anyway?

    Why should anyone, in fact, be wondering — then and still—just why Eyre resigned?

    Why should anyone else be taking any flak trying to find out?

    Eyre can speak.

  7. 7

    Riley O'Connor

    And, when you think about it, the taxpayers of Brookhaven paid for every one of those redactions. The City’s attorney had to sit down and look at those documents, analyze them and then make the deletions. All with the goal of minimizing the embarrassment of the City’s officials and elected representatives. And I’m sure that he did not do this gratis.

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    Eddie E.

    While I’m still no fan of Brokehaven, I do appreciate having an honest representative from District 2.

  9. 9

    John Pastore

    Preferably ‘Duluth.’

  10. 10

    Eric Hov

    Kudos to Mr. Park for recognizing the problem here before others and expressing his concern internally. He didn’t leak these to pat himself on the back later they were released by the city as seen in the attachment to the original story.

  11. 11

    John Pastore

    Shame in them all.

  12. 12

    John Pastore

    “Leak”? No, as you describe, he did not nform his constituents.

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    Eddie and Eric, I agree with the point both of you are making. JP would get my vote for mayor due to his honesty and ethical grounding. So my question is this; will the folks who now have J. Max Davis signs in their front yards take them down? PS great job Brookhaven Post.

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    Sad that we have only one elected official – John Park – who has matured beyond high school sophomore level and who actually takes his job seriously. This is NOT a popularity contest; this is our government, embarrassing as it has been and continues to be.

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    Not The Mayor

    This is the exact reason so many of us voted no for city hood. More government is never the answer. With the exception of Mr. Park the people who we have put in office are proving to be even more dishonest than I feared. Lies, redacts, cover ups, and this is is just one story we know about. I would love to get to the bottom of the MC batting cages issue. Im sure that will be overly redacted as well. Bottom line is we need to get everyone who is in there now, except Park, out of office and out of public business.

  16. 16

    John Pastore

    “JP? Thank you, but the very price to, as this city government has even the gall to call it —qualifying— fee,” is in itself sufficient cause for any truly ” honest” citizen sue this city into decommising rather than vie for any of its supposedly public offices.

  17. 17


    Eddie, you are right about John Parks.

  18. 18


    Yes, have any others provided a statement? What about our former mayor?

  19. 19

    John Pastore

    Red, Was that your fourth grade assignment in American Civics?

  20. 20

    John Pastore

    Patrick, What does this say:

    “I [Park] did meet with her [Garret] March 6, 2015, and left it at her [Garret’s] dscretion on how to proceed.” ? —John Park

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