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    Thomas Porter

    Ex-Mayor: I truly hope this was the last elected office you hold, you’re a joke and an embarrassment.

    City Attorney: You should be dis-barred, you have violated every ethic & public trust.

    Current Mayor: shame on you, what would be your response if your buttocks were sprayed by that spherical caricature?

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    Eric Hov

    Very good job Brookhaven Post! Rebecca’s and Bates’ comment about Open Records taking time doesn’t answer the question as to what justification they had for redacting the allegation of the victim. It would seem to be clearly subject to disclosure under the Open Records rules and it would have used up much less staff time (and money) to comply the first time around.

    At least Bates didn’t try to turn it around as if it was the Post’s fault for asking, like Rebecca seems to be doing. Either that or she entirely misses the point.

    The fact no one has tried to even offer a reason for the decision to redact that the statement that the victim felt it was sexual harassment speaks volumes.

    The public comments when this story first broke and the heavily redacted documents were released are also troublesome.

    I am not prepared to draw conclusions as to what happened or what the intent was during the lysol incident, but I am certainly very unhappy with the way in which the city has made disclosures. And it does undermine the ability to trust any answers provided by city officials.

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    Not The Mayor

    Chase Williams really said that? After an obvious cover up and changing of emails? Im not surprised at all. She has got to go. Untrustworthy

    And actually Rebecca, you do work around our “schedule”. Because that is the law and because you are responsible to the tax payer. Everyone should take note of our new mayors thoughts when it comes to honesty and transparency. This is the monster we have created.

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    Eric Hov

    Interesting comment from City Manager Marie Garrett in the attached documents about the batting cages that the local community has concerns about. City Manager Marie Garrett states:
    ” I have also been directed by the Mayor to bid out the batting cages for MC Park of which the consensus of Council was not to pay for batting cages until after the master plan for MCPark “

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    J Max's Sandwich

    What’s next, proof that he shook down a business from day one for a bigger bribe?…..oh yeah, he did that as well.

    Who was right by his side on that as well…you guessed RCW.

    Shame on both of you.

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    Yeah, they covered it up to protect the names of the victims. BS. No doubt in my mind why it was covered up and who our “city” attorney is working for.

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    Not The Mayor

    No way Davis wins senate now or Williams gets reelected as mayor. Not that either had that much chance anyway. I know of very few people satisfied with either of them. I hate this situation happened but end the end the city will be better off without these two.

    Good catch Eric, I just read that. Amazing what comes out when they dont expect it to.

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    Most City elected officials think that the City Attorney can protect them from their own stupidity at taxpayer expense while in office. Don’t blame Tom or Marie but they should also keep in mind”don”t put any thing in an e-mail you don’t want to see on a billboard” Good job Post.

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    Looks like Garrett’s salary may have been justified after all. Though, if she ever gets fired, I foresee a lawsuit because of “a hostile work environment”.

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    Brittany Neighbor

    Very informative. Good job, Trey and Brookhaven Post!

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    John Doe Brookhaven

    This is the same woman who asked, rhetorically, “are we just supposed to do what the citizens want?”

    She’s either a dimwit who doesn’t get the point of representative democracy, or a complete cynic, and I’m going with the former.

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    Brookhaven D2 Resident

    Becky Chase Williams – You are DONE! The wicked witch is dead! John Park, now is your opening!

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    It’s sounding like a clean sweep for the election is the only way to get some transparency.

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    Eddie E.

    ‘Mayor Williams says she doesn’t think the Davis incident was a cover up’ she just wishes people would stop sticking their noses int what is clearly the Overlord’s Business!!!

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    Mr. Kurrie I hope it was worth your reputation to protect Mayor Davis. I wouldn’t count on anything he promised you happening now.

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    One Time Mayor

    For those of you that are concerned about the former mayors fall from grace. Do not be concerned, he was not that high up. For those of you concerned about the future of the former mayor, please ensure he is not elected to a higher position as that fall from grace will be much harder to take.

    In regards to the temporary replacement mayor: Sad, sad, sad.

    Other notes: John Parks is looking like a better representative of the human race every day.

    Marie Garrett is looking more human every day, and may not be such an evil critter after all.

    J Max did apologize, so it should have just gone away. Because an apology is all it takes to make a mistake better.

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    Phillip Bird

    Where is Carrie Max when you need her?

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    Doug D

    I would like very much to say that I am surprised. But I can’t. The only word that comes to mind is disappointed.

    Not at all what I wanted when I chose to support a City.

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    Brookhaven Post: Excellent job pursuing this story. As a citizen I am grateful to have this knowledge.

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    “In hindsight, it would have been a whole lot easier for everybody if everything was turned over all at once.” —-Bares “Always ” In Hindsight” Mattison

    Just “easier”?

    ” I still want to protect the names of the employees involved because I don’t see the public benefit from disclosing them.”

    Wouldn’t anybody?

    “Still”? Still, hardly a valid pretext to deny the Public their records on every record involved.

    “We need to be cognizant of the Laws, …”

    Just how many times have we —-the Public— heard that before?

    “But that’s what we have a City Attorney for.”

    Scapegoatiing just the attorney?

    In any case, City.Attorney or no City Attorney,, each and every counsel person, would ” still” have to follow the law.

    Isn’t it even prerequisite to having and maintaing public office?

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    Still not sold that Marie is all that innocent – way to eager to bite the hand that gave her the highest city manager salary and she is on tape dismissing the community and members of council’s wish to minimize apartments on Dresden. She and Bates appear to be wanting to take high density to the next level down Dresden with another mixed use development. The video is during a Development Authority meeting. She goes as far as to suggest that zoning is changed so that there will be no need for public input going forward and that the city build a large parking garage that they could get revenue from on Dresden.

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    “I’ve asked for a review of our Ethics Policy and whether there is something we could, or should be doing to prevent things like this from happening. When I found out about the documents I told the Council that it should be disclosed immediately.” —Joe Gebbia

    But was overruled? While still no excuse, how? By vote? By whom?

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    “…Councilman John Park sent emails to both Kurrie and the Council expressing concern over the City’s refusal to disclose the records. Park said in a statement, ‘I believed that the City of Brookhaven was not in compliance with the Open Records act…'”

    As in a cover letter?

    In any case still no excuse —when the Public certainly had the Right to Know of even the cover-up then in progress; and Mr Park still had the irrevocable obligation and freedom to inform —at minimum— his constuents —publically and in full.

    “I asserted that my name should not have been redacted…”

    See above.

    *… because, as an elected official, I have no right to privacy and I have nothing to hide.”

    Nonetheless did.

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    Please don’t only voice your comments here. Forward this to everyone you know. There are many that only know and believe what they have received in the mail from the city. (Esp. in Dist. 1.)
    You know, the nice all is good and we are wonderful newsletters and quarterly mailers.

    Connect them with the Brookhaven Post. It doesn’t take much effort to get informed. They need to know the truth about what has been going on before casting their votes.

    We can make a difference!

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    Let’s see how William’s husband, Dick, spins this in his front-page editorial in tomorrow’s Dunwoody Crier.

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    George Chidi

    This story is what reporting is supposed to look like. This is what a journalist is supposed to do.

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    Eric Robert

    jj2x, true, I am trying not to take the City Manager’s statements as absolute truth since after all there is no absolute truth when it comes to this stuff. But the handling of this disclosure is certainly a doozy even without any of the City Manager’s statements. Even the attorney’s investigation stated the alleged victim used the “sexual harassment” term. So why try to hide that to the point you make public statements that those words never should have been used to describe the complaint? I am confident that was not the intent of the mayor, and I don’t know what actually happened. But I do know that the person made that allegation and that the way the email was redacted and public comments made are the problem.

    With that said I think J. Max will win the House seat.

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    John Pastore

    JMax? Jacob’s? In either case: Hardly “the Overlord”.

    But you’ve been told that many times before —to no avail.

  30. 30

    John Pastore

    Not just the ex-Mayor.

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    The sad part of this mess is not the former Mayor and some Lysol – he comes off as a buffoon “having some fun with the girls there in the office” and being, to his chagrin, being misunderstood. “Ladies, that’s not sexual harassment, just a bit of good natured condescension on my part that I would never engage in with a man. Or if I did, they’d know I’s just funnin’ with’m.”

    The sad part is that the City’s attorney, with it appears the Council, other than Mr. Parks, the new Mayor and the City Manager, thought it was okay to break the law to avoid embarrassment to the former Mayor.

    Now I have a better idea of why the Post did the article on Georgia law on executive sessions last week. I wonder what else the’ve been up to for the past two and a half years.

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    It’s ironic that RCW was once upon a time a reporter. The term “cover-up” has never been more appropriately used: someone physically covered up an entire paragraph to hide it from the public. Yet Rebecca Chase Williams sees no cover up! Wow she has really lost her bearings.

  33. 33


    Bates says “I still want to protect the names of the employees involved because I don’t see the public benefit from disclosing them.” Total BS and Bates knows it.

    The reason their names are being withheld is because the “cover up” continues. If they released the names they would have to admit that the woman the Mayor sexually harassed by spraying her bottom with Lysol resigned shortly after it happened and the other woman has filed a complaint with the EEOC.

  34. 34


    Don’t count on J Max giving up the ‘dreams of his father’. He’ll never see the inside of a courtroom, be fined or disbarred for his daily immature behavior.

    Catherine Bernard is the most competent, authentic person in the race. I added authentic because it’s describes what we want. It’s what John Park is. It’s real.

    If you were a J Max supporter before today, consider Catherine Bernard. She is committed to us, not some go-along-to-get-along milk toast conformity. Meet her. You have a better choice. Get to know your next HD 80 representative, Catherine Bernard. If you don’t, J Max is your next Rep downtown.

    Catherine Bernard Represents You. J Max Davis? Really. Who do you think he represents?

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    Bill Lowe

    This just can’t be true. Brookhaven is a city of ethics. They have a plaque and everything. It may even be gilded.

    How could a city receive such an award and this happen to the leadership? the entity that awarded the plaque could never make such an error could they?

    Or was it a non-accredited ethics bureau that issued the award?

    A crying shame. Crying. Shame.

  36. 36


    Did everyone get the J.Max flier on Sat.? There is a picture of him shaking hands with Speaker of the Georgia House David Ralston. Does anyone know what happened to the case that the State Bar filed with the State Supreme Court against Ralston accusing him of violating 9 rules of professional conduct last year?

  37. 37


    Yes Brookhaven was named “City of Ethics” … but remember it was also selected as “Tree City USA.”

  38. 38


    Sorry for the typos, as too often, I type faster than I think. And don’t proofread.

  39. 39

    Eddie E.

    I just don’t hear those voices.

  40. 40

    Eddie E.

    Do the Mayor and original council have a good working definition of ‘malfeasance’?

  41. 41


    It also says that JMax cut taxes and that’s not true. He raised them twice per Georgia law. He also wants to strengthen ethics rules and give them teeth. Hilarious, since he weakened Brookhavens Ethics Policy in May 2014. He now enhanced education, started the process, and is leading the effort to bring about the Brookhaven Innovation Academy. Sorry Bates, I guess you had nothing to do with that. He worked to re-engineer problem traffic areas. Sorry Rebecca, I guess you had nothing to do with the Ashford-Dunwoody/Johnson Ferry improvements. J. Max, for once tell the truth. Your father would NEVER want you to hold his seat based on the path you have chosen to take to get there. Shame on you!

  42. 42

    John Pastore

    “…other than Mr. Parks…”

    Baloney. He has just admitted he had left it to the discretion of Garret —which continued the civer up— to procced on the matter and not to the discretion of his own path of office!

  43. 43


    Carrie Max is busy campaigning, but “she’s” only an email away:

  44. 44

    John Pastore


    So? Not only do you continue to allow the very issues of racism and partisan politics —as exploited as they certainly are— make you deaf to reality, as any diehard racist and crack-pot campaign manager, you’d have others deaf too.

    You are not so blind that you can’t read too? Are you?

    More than one government is involved; while —Guess what?— governments are not races.

    But what should anybody else know?

  45. 45


    Stop the madness. Clean house.

  46. 46

    John Pastore

    When the very concept of Districtct 2 had, along with the city itself, be invented and gerrymandered to be included in the City of Brookhaven, because the majority of its residents did not (as blantantly as the referendum forced upon them proved), what kind of sense is it to instead represent not only the interrlinking —interlocking really— of District 2 with other districts, but also cities beyond?

  47. 47

    John Pastore

    “…path of office!…” should have read “Oath of Office!!”

  48. 48

    b'haven Birdie

    It’s only true if you read it in the Dunwoody Crier. The editor has an inside source for Brookhaven news…

  49. 49


    John, I hope you remember that Brairwood voting percent,voted for the city as did one other percent near Brairwood ,voted for the city.

  50. 50


    Funny that you would talk of a “shook down of business” on the city level ,but remain silent on the county level,I am sorry, I forgot the two are not democates.

  51. 51


    Not the Mayor, Davis is not in a race for Sene( we have a very great Senator in Fram M.,in dist. 81 we are without a good State Rep.( for the next 18 months)

  52. 52

    J Max's Sandwich

    I am not saying what dekalb did was right, but what j max did was even worse. He went on a moral crusade for cash.

  53. 53

    Eddie E.

    John, as usual, I don’t know what you are talking about.

  54. 54

    John Pastore

    I hope you remember how you just avoided answering the question.

  55. 55

    John Pastore

    And by that I don’t necessarily mean the City Attorney.

  56. 56

    The Brookhaven Post

    Morning. Please direct comments back to the topic at hand and please keep them on topic. Thank you. Have a nice day.

  57. 57

    John Pastore

    Then why your statement “I just don’t hear those voices?”

    Did you read the document? So as to begin to “know”?

  58. 58


    Patrick, you just don’t get it do you? We all know that DeKalb has flaws. We were also told that by creating Brookhaven we would have a superior government representing us without the baggage that DeKalb created for itself. All you had to do was look at and listen to the people selling Brookhaven and you would know they were not being truthful. And look where we are. We now have a crooked county government AND a crooked city government.

  59. 59


    Well, that just leaves J. Max more time to hang out at the Pink Pony. At least in there he can look at a nice tooshy and not receive any complaints. I mean, it’s not like he ever tried to put that place out of business. Oh, wait……..

  60. 60


    Yes, JMax did raise taxes. I just love how he denies us the true understanding how the roll-back of taxes actually works.

  61. 61


    I wouldn’t call RCW a reporter, she acts more like a propagandist.

  62. 62


    Maybe Bates prefers not to have the names of the employees involved released because he doesn’t want nosey reporters and citizens asking them for details about what actually happened in JMax’s Lysolgate.

  63. 63

    Woof Woof Woof Woof

    J Max Davis claims 2 things as experience for HD 80. His dad had the position. He was a walk on at Georgia. J Max Davis wouldn’t make it on any major SEC gridiron for one day.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Somebody produce a program with his name in it. I have all mine and I was only on the scout team.

    This guy is unbelievable, literally.

  64. 64

    Done With Rebecca

    She has clearly lost it. She doesn’t represent her constituents desires (Ashford Green, Pink Pony) and for a “fiscal conservative” she loves to spend $$$$. She’s been disingenuous at best when talking to her D1 constituents. She completely threw the kids of MES and the perimeter neighborhoods under the bus with her advocacy of Ashford Green for her buddy Doug Dillard – when there had not been a traffic study and the proposal was radically changed (and upsized) from a proposal that was split by the zoning board and faced strong opposition from the community. How much money did she personally waste by trying to impose her values on the citizens with the Pink Pony fiasco? And now, she claims that the city council does not “operate on the Post’s (or the citizens) schedule”?!? Who does she think she is? Come on Brookhaven, you can do better. Who has announced they are running against her for mayor? They’ve got a great shot.

  65. 65

    John Pastore

    The only ‘redevelpoment’ required is to legally raze this city’s government and, if each district decides on their own and by popular assembly cares to renew and be included, then renew and be included. Not so for such intrusive entities as any State Committee to Legislate New Cities, State Commision to Nominate Appointed Judges and “The State Court for DeKalb,” including its purview to EVICT! Each of which should bite their own dust and quick!

    And, in every case, with Federal Marshals to accomplish.

  66. 66

    Randy Watson

    “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.”
    -Dean Wormer

  67. 67

    Eric Robert

    I disagree with Rebecca on a number of issues but don’t have a problem with the Ashford Green Decision and wish she had supported Mr. Park on this issue. Granted for those concerned about traffic the first proposal with 500 residential units and only one new office tower. Then again trying to fight traffic by lowering density by 25% on this site really in the scheme of things won’t work since the whole Perimeter Area is developing and traffic does not stop at city limits. Personally rather than have it all cut through our neighborhood I’d like to get some of the tax dollars also. As to Montgomery, there is plenty of evidence that these types of Apartments do not attract school age children and that there will be no more than 10 kids added to Montgomery. Montgomery is a victim of its success, more families are moving in to the existing single family homes because of the schools. The answer maybe moving Kittredge and turning the school back into Nancy Creek a neighborhood School. Off topic but I would love to see the PTA lead the charge to get the school system to give back the 2 mil millage increase they did during the down market.

  68. 68

    enuff govvt already

    Embarassed but not surprised. I’ve asked before what else have they been less than truthful about? Good job BP, unfortunately there isnt a good journalistic watch dog for all of these small city govts.

  69. 69

    Eric Robert

    Sorry left out a phrase – in the 2nd sentence. The first proposal which was opposed by the PTA and some neighbors was the one for 500 residential units and one additional office tower. But what we ended up getting was 2 additional 10 story office towers and 300 apartments – or more square footage and more trip generation.

  70. 70


    You really have no clue Eric Robert. You may feel this way, but VIRTUALLY NO ONE IN D1 DOES. So, you and Becky can sit around and discuss how right she was after she gets voted out of office in November.

  71. 71

    Brookhaven Madness

    And you can thank your D1 councilwoman for pushing that ridiculous proposal through.

  72. 72

    Brittany Mother

    You are so wrong about Becky. These people up here just love what she is doing. They feel the same way about Jerry Max. Jerry Max will be elected next month and Becky will be elected in November. Says volumes about D1 residents.

  73. 73

    Brittany Mother

    They must pass those awards out like they are dog poop.

  74. 74

    Brookhaven Resident

    I’m a D1 resident Brittany and people are teed off.

  75. 75

    Brittany Mother

    These people are the same as when they were telling us how glorious it would be to create Brookhaven. Now you are finding out how selfish, self centered and divisive they have been all along. As far as I am concerned there are a lot of people up here just like them and they are getting what they deserve. When I am out in the Brookhaven area and someone I know casually asks where I live I am purposely vague. D1 residents are not thought of very well in other parts of Brookhaven. Or for that matter, Chamblee.

  76. 76

    Eddie E.

    Unfortunately, if Trey had the time to cover all the Cities, ALEC would probably buy him out and close him down.

  77. 77


    What taxes did he raise and if so were their offsets or are u just telling part of the issue???????????????? My taxes did not go up.

  78. 78


    Herb I suggest you research the details of tax roll back and related Post articles. Your taxes could have been lower. Another engaged citizen.

  79. 79


    Who is going to be held accountable for this? (From the AJC article) “Text in the email was moved and covered with white space, so that the email appeared much shorter than it actually is. What was made to appear as the first paragraph was actually the eighth paragraph of a longer email complaining about a hostile work environment allegedly created by the mayor.”

  80. 80

    John Pastore

    There were two projects in the works,: Ashford Dunwoody’s & CALDWELL RD’S!

    Re: the CALDWELL TOWNHOUSE PROJECT, Funny, Mattison/Bad Cop, and Park/Good Cop, voted to approve. Gebbia and RCW voted to deny.

    Why the outcome TO DENY ?

    Because PARK was forced to RETRACT his vote! .

    Despite Park’s attempt to stop further commentators (me) to speak—it is getting late and we have other jobs’?

    Because my argument, they knew was coming :”….voting to approve being tantamount to making themselves liable to reckless endangerment”!

    Sufficient TO DENY a project within HIS (not OUR) District no less!

    Must you think it did not cross their minds just how the Ashford-Dunwoody Project could be approved in the face of a Reckless Endangerment suit?

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