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    Off the charts smarts! Meet your new HD 80 Representative. Catherine.Bernard Represents You!

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    Thanks for your perspective. I anticipated growing pains in forming our new city but we are well beyond that. Fresh representation is required.

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    Thomas Porter

    I think Catherine will make a GREAT state representative, she has the mindset and demeanor for the position.

    To make it simpler decision for many though, the only other candidate capable of winning is J Max Davis. I have too much respect for my fellow citizens to vote for him and hope you feel the same.

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    thank you ,Catherine for saying the same thing that i have said ,in that My State Rep. will not provide information that is needed by those of us that vote. It is a shame that the voters of the Ashford Park voting percent will have to go 18 more months with a State Rep. that you states remains quite.

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    Thank you Thomas, For saying that this race comes down to only two people Catherine and ” the only other candiate capable of winning is J Max Davis.”

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    Eddie E.

    What an odd comment.
    You have one of the most honest an transparent Representatives currently in the General Assembly.
    You might want to consult an Opthalmologist as ‘partisan blindness’ helped get our state in the mess it currently finds itself.

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    Eddie, I am sorry, but i do not like that my State Rep. did not sign off on a House Res. for a person that passed away in 2013, just because the departed was not a Democrat . But six house members did :three from Dekalb 2 rep. and 1 Dem. ,2 members from Fulton County and one from White County.These six house members payed tribute to the Late Jim Tysinger for his thirty years as a State Senator,24 Ashford Park Percent was in the area the he covered. He never covered Fulton or White Counties.But my house member was at the Capital to pass a house Res. to honor a basketball team from Tucker.Please check the record for Feb.2013.

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    Eddie E.

    What an odd reason to hold a grudge.
    To each his own.

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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Why does this remind me of the Anchorman and Ron Burgundy ? Clueless Ron Burgundy actually was smarter, funnier and more ethical than the Rotund One but I keep on thinking of this analogy when considering Catherine as a candidate versus her adversary. I. Actually I think she is a serious candidate and has views that I agree with. I’ll vote for her – just a little humour/levity.

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