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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    Doubled the size of the TAD? Did so without any public involvement? Created almost $250M of bond capacity for a city with $4M in revenue? Then claimed because the property is included in a TAD the taxpayers will never be on the hook for payments.

    This deal took 3 years to put together, fell through at least once and is already decreasing land that could be taxed. The phantom occupants will pay the bond instead of taxes?

    When this thing hits the skids, Doraville is busted.
    Question from the audience: Mayor, I thought taxpayers didn’t have to pay the bonds on this property?
    Mayor: Well, if we don’t, we can never issue a general obligation bond. So we are cutting the police force by half and cutting all other services temporarily so that Doraville can once again be the great place we believe it is. Our fabulous pensioners have agreed not to take us to court in return for a “fair” 30% reduction in their benefits.


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    B'haven Birdie

    why aren’t there any new tenants announced besides the movie studio owned by Integral?

    Is no one else interested in this project?

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    Asbury Automotive bought a 20-acre parcel along Motors Industrial. Hard to figure how a dealership fits with this nuveax walkability thing.

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    B'haven Birdie

    so Doraville wants a TAD for a new car dealership?

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    Dora The Explorer

    Do you have a link you can share?

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    Eric Robert

    Yea, a car dealership sure does fit into creating a town center. Though I suppose if its tucked into the corner at Brands Mart and 285 it could be considered transitional.

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    Tom Doolittle

    The whole approach to the development is to have different areas be purchased by different end users. Integral PREPARES what they call “pads” readied for purchase.
    Integral then proposes to “control” the whole development–that is approve what the site owners propose to build as fitting in with the whole development’s theme.

    So really, one question would be whether Integral will need purchases so badly they “give up” a degree of control and you get crap from new site owners.
    The city should have a third party making sure this doesn’t happen.
    Also–I question whether the city fathers (ie: citizen advocates) even know the 20 acres has even changed hands.

    Why should AJC and ABC want to report on this level of detail? Because those publications, via reporting about Integral ownership and development plans have quoted state government officials and nearby city (Brookhaven and Dunwoody) as positioning this as a precious strategic presumably would be first class.

    Major media should thereby assist such strategic partners keep up with the aspects that would confirm their initial suppositions.

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