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    Eddie E.

    Will someone in authority please chat with the Google folks and explain that part of Brookhaven is in 30341, or will we just be left out?

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    Eric Smith

    AT&T has been installing fiber optical cable through out Brookhaven the past several weeks with the intention of offering gigabyte service to the house late fall / early winter this year. I live at the corner of Osborne Road and Windsor parkway, and spoke with a construction team that installed a new cabinet for fiber switches adjacent to Uverse cabinets on this corner. The team lead advise me that AT&T will bring the fiber optic cable into the house. Just this past week, another team was stringing fiber from the telephone poles on Windsor Parkway. I confirm with that team lead that they had been doing the same throughout Brookhaven, Chamblee, and Atlanta.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Good info. Thank you Eric. Seems like with Comcast, AT&T and Google Fiber we all may have options for ultra high speed soon.

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