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    Endorsement Matters Not

    Still doesn’t change the fact that he’s an unprofessional liar that ran our city into a ditch and then quit to benefit himself.

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    Just another reason why he shouldn’t be elected.
    Reaching into the bottom of the barrel to keep us entrenched into the same old crap. HD 80 wants change! Fresh faces, fresh ideas, and honest representation.
    Vote no for J.Max Davis!

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    Thomas Porter

    The question is: Do you want to live where business is given free rein to selfishly impact your daily life for profit, or, do you want to live where there is a good balance of business & private life?
    Davis represents the former, I opt for the later. This endorsement validates his position & history.

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    I guess ethics and transparency are not in the GCC’s vocabulary but scratch my back I’ll scratch yours is

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    Ga Chamber to endorse a candidate in a small town election? It shows how strategically important Brookhaven is for state leaders–any guesses on why.

    Starting to smell real bad. Luckily for truthseekers its getting darn obvious.
    Brookhaven–PDK–GM–Doraville. Whats the strategy from the top? Brookhaven–Dunwoody–Milton County?

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    Disturbed in D1

    DeKalb County Sanitation has also endorsed him for his volunteer service on Saturday in front of Soccer Fest, picking up the front -runner’s lawn signs that were lawfully placed.

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    Of course they did! He took care of his business pals during & after incorporation, so now it’s their turn to pay him back for destroying our quality of life in Brookhaven.

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    Tom Reilly

    I had lunch with J. Max on his last day as Mayor. As we then discussed, there can be no doubt that he has laid many foundations for the City of Brookhaven. We will build on his legacy no matter who takes his place.–Tom Reilly

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    This first time endorsement by this organization says a lot about the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Chris Clark. The Dixie Mafia lives. Go CB!

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